How Long Is Too Long To Spend In The Hair Salon?

The hair salon is a place that has long since equaled dread for many ladies. Hours upon hours spent sitting and basically doing a whole lotta waiting. Under the dryer for twice as long as it takes to dry your hair. Stomach growling from pure hunger. Kids ringing your phone wondering if you’re still alive. And husband furious that you have been MIA for nearly 8 hours on a Saturday.

Raise your hand if you can relate to one or all of the above. My hand is super high in the air right now. This is not by any means to discredit the professional stylists who keep to their booked appointments, show up on time and treat you like they respect your valuable time.

This, unfortunately, is about the opposite experience which a lot of us go through much too often. While witnessing a woman completely break down and lose her cool in the salon one such Saturday, I began to wonder how much time was really too long to spend getting a fresh do.

There is time associated with having any service performed. We all know and expect that, but are our expectations too high?

One thing I know for sure, we should not be in the salon for 6 and 8 hours. That is ridiculous by anyone’s standards. Let’s examine some of the standard services you may go in for and how long they take. Then we will remove any factors that could extend that time frame and see how quickly you could get in and out of the salon in a perfect world. Ok? Let’s go!

Wash, condition, set and style.

I think it’s fair to say that longer hair for any service will obviously take longer than that same service would on shorter hair. But, all other things being equal, it takes about 15 to 20 minutes to thoroughly wash, rinse and apply conditioner to the hair. Without deep conditioning, you should spend about 3 to 5 minutes with the conditioner in your hair and then have it rinsed out.

We are at approximately 25 minutes on the high end of things.

The time it takes to set the hair will definitely depend on length. With a short cut, you would get your hair molded and wrapped before going under the dryer. That should take about 10 minutes. Then, depending on the density and thickness of your hair, you would be under the dryer from 25 to 45 minutes.  Let’s go with 45 minutes, which puts us at a total of 1 hour and 10 minutes.

For long hair, you may get a roller set. That takes more time to complete that a short wrap, so we’ll allow 30 minutes for rolling the hair up and 1 hour to 1 ½ hours under the dryer. Again, thickness and density play a part here.

So for long hair, we are at about 2 hours and 25 minutes on the high end.

Now, let’s pretend that you are actually taken from under the dryer when your hair is dry and not 45 minutes after the fact. In that case, if you have a shortcut, your hair would be styled at this point.

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About Kaye Wright

Kaye Wright is a short hair lover and pixie perfecter. With 3 instructional eBooks, a short hair blog and a growing YouTube channel, she covers all things short relaxed hair. From the latest styles, to products, to money saving tips, she has got you covered.

About Kaye Wright

Kaye Wright is a short hair lover and pixie perfecter. With 3 instructional eBooks, a short hair blog and a growing YouTube channel, she covers all things short relaxed hair. From the latest styles, to products, to money saving tips, she has got you covered.


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Sherry Dailey


Gayla Deshields

Five hours and over

Angela Carrier

Over 2

Katrina Green

2 hours

Sybil Bell

Two hours and if they arent finished in time the priced should start decreasing every 30min you are in their chair. I bet you they will get them out those chairs on time…

Triianne Pearson

It depends on what you are having done and your stylist. If he/she is professional and does not over book, and does not do things like put you under the dryer unnecessarily, you should not expect to spend more than an hour or two. If you are getting microbraids or something very intricate, plan your day around your appointment.

Raya Campbell


Tee Collins

Anything over a 1.5 is TOO long for me!

Dawn Mariano

I’ve been in the hair salon for 9 hours and I wasn’t getting braids so I could of just went to work

Jevon Hebert


Sandy Lou

2.5 hours

Lasonya Braziel

Two hours is to long. But then it depends on what u getting done.

Pamela Wilder

More than 3hrs, then I’m Pissed!!

Cynthia Jones Goings

When I wore a pixie, I found an awesome stylist who specialized in short cuts and the longest I was ever there was 2 and half hours. She was really good about getting me in and out.


I think 2.5 hrs for a pixie is to long

Porscha Bene

2 n a, half max

Doris Lorraine Woods


Dee-Lila Sharp

I’ve been in a salon for 5 hours. I’m mixed with Afro American and Vietnamese. I have a mixed hair. I live in Australia. Most stylist aren’t familiar hair texture. I found one person who is.
I dye and put a texture manageability system in my hair. So it takes a bit of time.

Mstyah Will

A whole day, just for a perm and trim, for hair shorter than 3 inches.

Doreen Benguche

2-5 hrs, or open to close. Especially if you have an appt and on time. Some not all stylist spend more time talking, running errands or personal issues other than taking care of clients in a timely manner. When I had got a natural afro dude took so long to cut and dye my hair I was leaving at closing. Arrived on time, well I never went back.

Calandra Ellis

Two hours. Period.

Mimi Alex

2 hrs

Deborah Graves

Depending on your stylist and what you are getting done and hair length and texture 2.5 – 3 for me if getting braided again depends the girl that used to do my hair was amazing never over 3 hours for any style and I have a lot of thick hair

Rose March

Anything over 3 hours!!!

Angel Mathews

2 hrs…..

Jamaican Ak

4 or more hours

Bernadette Parker


Al Page


Nika Rene

My limit is 1.5 to 2 hours. That all day thing is for the birds especially if all you have is 2 clients. Since going natural I havent been in 6 years because of the slowness. I do my own and my daughters.

Sophia Pierre-Louis

3 hours or more


My appointment was at 2oclock, I have a pixie cut AND I AM THE ONLY CLIENT! 5 hours later I’m STILL HERE!!!!!! 😤