How To Achieve Loose Waves Using the Instyler

Loose Waves Using the Instyler

The Instyler is a pretty much curling iron and a hair straightener all in one. In the below tutorial, my Jamaican friend in my head, Tina describes and shows how she uses it on her loose textured hair.

Tina has coarse thick strands, so even though she has a wavy hair it can withstand a bit more manipulation and heat than those with fine textured curlier strands.

I liked this video particularly because I watch her videos often and I have always wanted to know how she got her hair to look so sleek with the whole slight loose wave vibe she has going on.

If you decide to use the InStyler and you have natural hair, we would definitely advise to use heat protectant and make sure your hair is thoroughly detangled. Do not use it on the highest heat setting to mitigate the possibility of heat damage and of course don’t use it too often for the same reason.

The same thing definitely applies to relaxed hair, however what is most important is that if your hair is already damaged from heat, if it is shedding or breaking excessively we would advise that you avoid the InStyler or any heated tools all together.

Why women love the InStyler

1. Less likelihood of heat damage – It is designed to use less heat than a traditional flat iron, making it ‘healthier’ for your hair.

2. It’s fast – Like we mentioned, it is both straightens your hair and curls it all at the same time, so you basically cut down on the time you spend using direct heat.

Why women Hate the InStyler

1. It doesn’t work well for all textures – Honestly if your hair is already straight-ish then it might work pretty well but for the kinky curly among you it may not give you the desired results without too much manipulation resulting in breakage.

2. Not great for short hair – The barrel is pretty big and with that said if you are rocking short hair it might not work too well for you.

Why we are iffy on the InStyler

1. You have to be seriously ambidextrous – Honestly Tina makes it look easy but we imagine that with no way to protect your hands from that hot barrel, you better know what you are doing.

2. The reviews are way too mixed – Honestly if you read reviews on the InStyler you will find anything from the unit breaking apart to it not working at all when new. Essentially it is half and half on women who love it and others who do not care for it, we typically prefer to see the scale tip more to positive before wholeheartedly recommending it.

Check out Tina, demonstrating how she uses her favorite hair tool:

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Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.

About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.


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Sharhaj Miller

now ya’ll make me wanna buy one

Mel Brady


Tammy Lee


Felisha Fee-nominal Michelle

i always wandered if the instyler worked

ChyAnne Washington

My moms hair is long like that idk how she does it it just keeps growing and growing while my hair only touches my shoulders :/

Toy Jaynell

I have a instyler it only worked when I was relax,it may work on softer natural hair.its a good product

Toy Jaynell

You can also YouTube the instyler on natural hair

Shay Realist McDaniel

I use the Instyler and I’m a natural…I love it!!!! It works on my hair just fine..

La'Charae Brown

Look nine

Zahna Colmant

I love the instyler. My hair is natural & it worked fine for me.

Lyndsay Johnson

Instyler did NOT work on my 4b/c hair at all!!

Kivernia Joseph

Where can I purchase online? Amazon don’t seem to sell it

Renada Thompson

I need to get that cause those are the curls that I want!

Angel Hall

I hate the in styler. All it did was tangle the shit out of my hair. Worst 80+ bucks I ever spent!


First, I want to say I absolutely love This website has helped me make the decision to make my big chip and go natural. I have very fine 3b curly hair. I think that’s the right code for it. Prior to my BC on 8/27/2013 I had massive heat damage. My curls were limp and dried frizzy, any attempt to capture a curl pattern ended up looking pathetic. My handy tools were the culprits, the wet to dry flat iron and the Instyler. Let me just say, I love both. But I love my hair more. That being said, I wasn’t having a healthy heat relationship. That is what damaged my hair the most. Over the past few months, I’ve learned how to better care for my hair. I’m happy to say my BC left my hair within an inch of my scalp and today its past my chin in the front and at the nape of my neck in the back. Sock buns are my daily routine to stay away from heat and hide the grays. But I know that wouldn’t last long. This week I dug up my trusty Instyler and Ovations heat protectant and went to town. Like I said before I love this thing. I’ve had it since 2008. I only had to replace it last year.

So here’s some of my acquired advice on using the Instyler. I would say the more textured hair require higher heat. Always, ALWAYS!, use heat protection. Whatever method you use, creme, spray whatever your choice make sure its dry, DRY!, before you use your Instyler. This is a NO MOISTURE tool! Trust me, you’ll do more damage. I spray my heart protectant let it soak in by air drying and then start sectioning off my hair. It is by far, the quickest process for me. I can do my whole head in 10 minutes flat. Another reason why I love this tool. Now, I think that’s because my hair is so delicate. Either way, I’m not speedy Gonzalez with the Instyler like I am with the flat iron. In fact I move it slowly through my hair. This is key, even though it’s heat, the barrel is turning, you have to find the right pace of speed for you, but I can guarantee you won’t get the results you desire moving it at lightening fast speed through your hair and you’ll literally BURN your strands holding it in place like you would a curling iron.

To achieve that perfect curl, volume, height or whatever you desire, it’s just a matter of a flick of the wrist.

I’m going to continue on my hair natural no heat no chemicals hair journey and hopefully I’ll continue to have the results I’ve been having. Best of luck to you on yours.

Tawanda Lock

I purchased one from Bed, Bath & Beyond but could not get it to work on my hair so I returned it.

Sherrean Plummer Murray

Beautiful hair

Rosalyn Barney

So pretty!

Tanya E Humphrey

Love mine, been using it for several years now. I usually turn off the rotating feature, I’m not left-handed.

Deidre Campbell

Beautiful hair! Lovely woman.

Andreanette Schaffer

Pretty. !!

Carla Alston

I was too impatient with the Instyler! lol This is gorgeous though!

Caramel Kimmie

I have thick hair it didnt work for me so I uses the colorful curlformer curlers works wellnlove it

Ky Latiese

love that thing…

Cleopatra Jones Best


Hair world