I Want To Go Natural But My Husband Doesn’t Like Natural Hair


Husband says: Baby, what would you look like with straight hair?

A month later husband says: Babe, when you gonna straighten your hair again, I really liked it?

Husbands mom says:He isn’t saying, that you have to put chemicals in it, he is just saying he prefers your hair straight, that is not alot to ask. But all I am saying and I am not forcing you, but it would be just easier if you relaxed it.

This problem does not get old, it hasn’t disappeared despite the strides we have made in natural hair. We see women every single day taking the plunge and going natural.

They are happy, they are eager and they bombard us with questions just trying to gain some insight into this amazing journey that many of us have been on for a while.

It reminds some of us of just how special going natural is and whether you are relaxed or natural you have to admire the courage it takes for some women to step outside of their comfort zone and embrace a new lifestyle.

But not woman is on cloud nine, some might want to take the plunge but they do not have the support they need at home especially from their significant other in order to do so.

They do not have a husband, boyfriend or significant other who support their natural hair journey with open arms, support and love or even any one to give them that extra push they need when things get hard.

Even today, in 2014 there are women of color who are facing hostility from their husbands, boyfriends and significant others for wanting to go natural or for going natural.

They even experience moments of denial where they will balk at the journey and even swear they love their relaxed relaxed hair but are secretly afraid of what their spouse who are used to straight hair would say if they ever crossed over. We want to take a shot at tackling this issue once and for all, this is for those women who are suffering in silence with a man who is turning their back on their desire to go natural.

Acknowledge the importance of your appearance to your man

Many of us turn our nose up and say, it shouldn’t matter what he thinks, after all we are all grown we can wear what we want and have our hair the way we want. The truth is we should, but there is no denying that you want your man to appreciate the way we look.

We want to feel sexy for ourselves but we also want our guy to be proud of us even if we are so proud of ourselves that we have very little room for someone else’s appreciation.