Cute Bantu Knot Out On 4c Natural Hair

Cute Bantu Knot Out On 4c Natural Hair

Oh don’t hurt em Chizi! We have seen a million Bantu knot outs on blogs, forums and especially on YouTube, and still we are not bored. In the below video Chizi Duru demonstrates her Bantu knot out hair style which looks totally adorable and we couldn’t resist sharing it here.

Bantu knots can be done in a couple of different ways, for instance you can section your hair and just begin twisting the sections in one direction until it curls on itself and then pin in place.

Or a simple way to do it is to two strand twist the section first and then twist ‘the twist’ in one direction until it curls on itself creating the illusion of a knot. Whichever way you choose to do it the results should be some awesome tight curls that can be worn all week if you need to.

For the best results:

1. Section size determines curl size – The more sections you have the curlier your hair will be and the larger the section the wavier you hair will be.

2. Moisture levels – For some reason Bantu knots work better when the hair is at least slightly wet and moisturized but not soaking wet. Let you hair air dry first or use a blow dryer on a cool/warm setting before twisting.

3. Make sure your hair is smooth – Use a Denman brush if necessary but make sure your hair is smooth and the product is spread evenly throughout the section before twisting.

4. Use a styler – Aint nothing wrong with a little hold! So pick out your best styler and use it on each section. Holding creams are probably a little better than hardcore gels, but it really depends on what works best on your hair.

5. Air Dry – Air dry your hair if possible, it will take longer but the results are well worth it. Still a hooded dryer or a bonnet dryer are also really great in a pinch because they use gentle diffuse heat rather than direct heat. But make sure to wait until your hair is completely dry before unraveling the knots.

Check out Chizi’s video below:

Originally posted 2014-02-09 20:00:12.

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Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.

About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.


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Brenda Ann Hutcherson-jamison

I think im going to do this tonite..

Хенли Янукович

my hair are too thin to do stuff like that if someone have a tips i’m here 🙂

Maryse Kiese

Use a Curling Wand

Хенли Янукович

thank you 🙂

Taquelle Reneé

Omg what kind of makeup is she using we r the same tone n i can never get my shade correct 🙁 hers is perfect

Gia May

She just gave me life!! I was on my way back to relaxers!!

Mani Dos Santos Semedo

Don’t do relax anymore, it broke my hair and I was using it for years. Now my hair is almost back to the full length it had.

Gia May

I’m natural, but it’s difficult not knowing what to do and the products people tell me about tangle my hair. Do you know of any?

Misses Capri

How about twists or dreads?

Karen Lynne

comb twists works great as a protective style

Uneka Hontas

LOVE your hair !!

Georgia Keitt

Love our Natural Hair

Arlando Travis

Pretty good

Cherrelle Hughey

I might try this

Tumai Tumz Ishmael

Love it!

Takeela Stewart

Cute. Love it.

Ilsis E. Pozo

This is how it’s supposed to come out. Mine was a disaster :-/

D Marie Cormier


Maryse Kiese

I love the style

Pammy L'shea Timmons

My next style!

Lisa Grayson

mine won’t do this….gorgeous!

D Marie Cormier

Taquelle Reneé….if you are her skin tone….u can try Bare minerals deepest deep mineral powder or Mary Kay mineral powder #4…..I have used both and are a perfect match….and I am her skin tone as well…hope this helps!!!!

Onica Wilson

Very cute

Morgan Mazorodze Chifamba

ChiziDuru she’s amaizing

Stephanie Nelson Williams

This style is beautiful!

Randi Holloway

I ❤️it ! Hope mine turn out

Monique Washington

im going to try this!

Rhonda Renise

I was sitting here thinking about what to do with my hair for work this week and here it is!!!! Thx a million!

Candace Çändÿ Alexander

I tried this

Nay Love

Yea yea! Us Bajan’s call it cork screw!I love it!

Kathe Alston

I like that.

Jonae D Spencer


Cece Forbes

Mine never comes out like this. What product did she use?

Jacquelyne James

This is beautiful!

Warlene Rene

wish my hair were long enough ;(

Keysia Bailey


Prettyface Tashie

This is a try this in my hair

Rhonda Knighten

Going to try it

Jasmine Ebony Paige

the fact that i’m two years natural and still cant get my life together with a bantu knot out

Shawnee Wiley

Practice practice practice, you will get it…and with the right products for your hair, you’ll get it…good luck mamaz! 🙂

Jasmine Ebony Paige

lol I just fro it. It’s burden enough to wash it, moisturize, bantu it…then for it not to come out right. I’m likeeee bump that. I’ll just fro it

Fabiola Nomenyo

you are not alone sister!!!!

Brittany-Monique Joseph

…Lord, I thought it was just me..

Andre N Christrina House

No, this is my third attempt with a bantu knot out. I was getting frustrated being without a perm.

Tina Williams

Got my hair did the same way it works.

Mz'mae da OriginalsuppaBad

One looks like straw curls and the other knots. but if you sit under the dryer or air dry your knots you will have better results. straws curls are good for natural too. i have been off perms for a year a some of my hair is processed. i do this style daily.

Cheron Carter

I love this♡♥♡

Renee Crane

Came out real nice

Vanessa Brown

lovn it

Terry Norman


Angel Lillypad Barnard

That’s bomb

Tahira Rosenberg

This is what I want

Jack Trice

I love this hairstyle, I’ve done this and it turned out great. I also did it with braiding my hair and then twisting it in a circle and it turned out good also. But doing twisting instead of braids is much easier to take down. Ijs

Melissa Standing Strong Pryce

Love it!! Came out so nice. Trying this. My Mommybuse to always do my hair like this as a child. But we call it chiny bumps Lol!!

Michelle Howard

them knots will change your life

Chaknaze Zachery

my bantu knots never come out right.

Gene Dillion

I am so envious of type 4 curlies! They have such beautiful volume and curls.

Cheron Carter

Going to go home and try it. School starts tomorrow 🙂

Shelly Ann Pascoe

Real pretty

Stacy-Ann Shreeves

We Jamaican call it chiney bump! It looks soo good on her!! I’m transitioning so my hair is too light to do this right now.. By the way it’s the same girl.. Some of y’all are tripping smh

Warlene Rene

not as much as fashion. I personally dont like how much time hair takes lol but I love to admire girls who do cool styles 🙂

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