7 Ways To Embrace The Length Of Your Natural Hair At Any Stage!

1. Finger Coil It!

Finger Coils can be done on almost any length of hair, especially short hair.  I think they look the best on short to medium natural strands. Apply a gel and twirl your hair until it starts to coil.  They are sometimes called comb coils, depending on what technique is used to create them. Finger coils can last up to 2 weeks. Below is a gallery on finger coils on different textures of natural hair.

And below you can view a video demonstration on how to achieve the style:


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  1. Janice

    The coils is a nice natural hairstyle, my best sleep is on my back, why do u use so many different products, for your coils??

  2. Anonymous

    Great tired of seeing the pulled back dried up look with a band. Or, the I rolled out the bed look. So many styles but a lot are not used.

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