7 Ways To Embrace The Length Of Your Natural Hair At Any Stage!

I was at an event one day when I saw another natural whose hair was absolutely gorgeous. She was rocking a TWA with a white headband. “I love your hair,” I said. “Girl, I like yours too, but your hair is longer than mine!” At that moment, I didn’t know what to say.

I thought I might’ve missed the “length” memo. “I still love yours, though,” I said. Since then, I’ve had a few similar experiences. What I realized was that as naturals, many of us are constantly comparing our lengths because many of us are not content with it.

I can definitely relate to the desire for my hair to be longer. Shortly after doing my first Big Chop, my hair went through that awkward phase where it was not super short, but I couldn’t quite put it in a ponytail or puff yet. This time around, I’ve learned to embrace all the stages my hair goes through.

Scroll through our list to get a feast for your eyes and be inspired for your natural hair styling regardless what length your hair is now…

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  1. Janice

    The coils is a nice natural hairstyle, my best sleep is on my back, why do u use so many different products, for your coils??

  2. Anonymous

    Great tired of seeing the pulled back dried up look with a band. Or, the I rolled out the bed look. So many styles but a lot are not used.

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