7 Ways To Embrace The Length Of Your Natural Hair At Any Stage!


I was at an event one day when I saw another natural whose hair was beautiful! She was rocking a TWA with a white headband. “I love your hair,” I said. “Girl, I like yours too, but your hair is longer than mine!” At the moment, I didn’t know what to say.

I thought I might’ve missed the “length” memo. “I still love yours, though,” I said. Since then, I’ve had a few similar experiences. What I realized was that as naturals, many of us are constantly comparing our length because many of us are not content with it.

I can definitely relate to the desire for my hair to be longer. Shortly after doing my first Big Chop, my hair went through that awkward phase where it was not super short, but I couldn’t put it in a ponytail or puff yet. This time around, I’ve learned to embrace the stages my hair goes through. Here are 7 styles/techniques that have helped me do it:

1. Finger Coil it!

Finger Coils can be done on almost any length of hair, especially short hair.  I think they look the best on short to medium natural strands. Apply a gel and twirl your hair until it starts to coil.  They are sometimes called comb coils, depending on what technique is used to create them. Finger coils can last up to 2 weeks.

2. Tuck and Roll using extensions!

Tuck and roll styles with extensions are great protective styles. Get 2-3 packs of synthetic braiding hair. Braid or Twist them. Part your hair into 3 or 4 sections, and use a gel like Eco Styler to smooth the hair. Secure the sections with hair ties.

Connect the extensions to your sections by using the rubber band that comes with them.
Divide the weave into 2-3 sections and braid or twist each section. Began wrapping the braids around your own hair. Use bobby pins to secure them. You can loop one braid to another section and bobby pin it to create a crisscross pattern. Hide your hair by stretching a loop of one of the braids or twists to cover it. Then, use a bobby pin to secure the hair.

3. Twist it Out!

Twist-outs are great if you want to stretch your natural hair and create more texture. They can be done on hair of almost any length. I did them on my TWA. If you’re having trouble gripping the hair, try decreasing the size of your twisted sections.

If you want to create a curly twist-out, use perm rods or pin curls to do it. Twist-outs can be done on wet or dry hair. However, if you want them curly, your hair will need to be damp or wet to set the curls. Moisturizers, water, setting lotion, and leave-in conditioners are good products to apply to your hand beforehand. Flat-twist your hair downward to get a neater twist-out!