Vixen Knotless Crochet Braids, No Leave Out [Video]


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Nefeteria Moore

How is it vixen with no leave-out?

Malika John

That’s what I’m saying!

Tiffany Clark

I believe the ‘vixen’ refers to the ability to part it in 4 sections

Tiffany Clark

As long as you can see scalp when you part it in the 4 sections, it’s a vixen. Your natural hair doesn’t determine that.

Marwu Cienia Railey

Vixen technique was used and she didn’t leave out any of her own hair

Nicole Williams

And I couldn’t see what she did her arm was in the way. Looks good tho

Kaily Jeter

The girl looks so young to be getting a weave like that? o.O

Deborah Burton

Let’s see style for short hair please!

Positively Winisha


Brianne Thornton

Yessssss ! But I still feel like in the front you can tell it’s all weave. You know me I would want it to look a little better but I still like it

Ci Michelle

You can always do a texture to make it look more natural. Straight hair gets old. I like the curly .

Brianne Thornton

Yeah curly is cute I liked it when I had it before I still wanna do the dark and purple on the bottom

Ciera Dayshon

I saw this! I found another method that’s not this detailed but just as cute!

Chandra Houston

Looks poofter I pass

Catrina Speights

I’m not mad. it’s cute.

Lindsay A. Hackney

If only I could braid in a circle

Ashley Nuthak