Thermal Relaxing a Child’s Hair With A Feather Flat Iron – Thoughts? [Video]

Best Natural Straightening Process For Natural Black Hair Using The Worlds Best Flat Irons.



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  1. Natasha Amos

    Where was this when I needed it as a lil girl…this is sooo great!!!! Less damage,and it straitens better than electric flat irons!!! Still has a traditional feel. I don’t see why this would be bad. As long as your not applying heat every day this seems very efficient and a healthier alternative. Even as an adult I’d love to have my natural hair straighten with this styling tool.

  2. Tiffany Moore

    Now how about something to ease the crying during the wash and dry before you get to the straightening, that what I need.

  3. Mary Miller

    Ooooooor we could teach our little Queens to love & care for their own texture…just a thought…

  4. Phoenix McGee

    Why is it called “thermal relaxing” and not just plain old flat ironing? Is it supposed to last longer or something?

    1. carline

      That’s a good question. I would like to know that too.

      1. Alma Ruddock Post author

        I think really it’s because the hair is unlikely to go back to the original curl pattern. Remember a few years back when people were doing “heat training”? Kind of the same thing. Basically, it’s kind of like “controlled” heat damage.

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