Taking Out 6 Month Old Crochet Braids [Video]

This is a chatty video of me taking out my hair that i had in and didn’t wash or manipulate for 6 months. Im tender headed so thats my excuse and im sticking with it. lol



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  1. Anonymous

    Jackie Garraway 6 whole months can’t imagine the stench and crust that must’ve came off with it

  2. Anonymous

    How can anyone go 6 months without washing their hair or letting it breathe? Absolutely not!

    1. Anonymous

      Yes u can and cleanse your scalp but Aaalll of your hair isnt being reached especially the ends….also synthetic hair stinks after a whole.

    2. Anonymous

      I got tired of mine after a month. But I kept my scalp maintained with the LCO method

  3. Anonymous

    Ok so I watched some of the video. It’s bad enough she kept them up for 6 months but wasted a whole lot of time on her take down process. She should’ve cut the twists down to the knot and that would’ve saved her a lot of time. 6 damn months makes no sense.

  4. Anonymous

    Her head had to stink. Synthetic hair alone stink. No washing? 6 months is wayyy too long

  5. Anonymous

    I can’t even go 3- 4 days without washing my hair…. I dnt think I should watch the video lol

  6. Anonymous

    This is nasty! That’s like not taken a bath for 6months. Nope she ain’t (yes ain’t) allowed to bring Nuthen to the cookout
    Dior Maclin look at this mess!

  7. Anonymous

    I can’t go pass two weeks without washing my hair.
    That is disgusting.

  8. Anonymous

    Keeping the same set of braids in for six months is not protective styling. Gross. I know she probably has a lot of breakage.

  9. Anonymous

    My first supervisor used to do this.. However, she was a smoker. She washed her hair every 6 months. Her hair smelled so bad

  10. Anonymous

    I’m nasty. Allow me to show y’all my nastiness. Yuck. I was about to be like well maybe she kept them up and washed them but yuck man. She lucky she don’t have maggots

    1. Anonymous

      My thoughts exactly. I was waiting for something to come outta there ???? ???? my stomach hurts after watching this! ????????

  11. Anonymous

    Most ppl really say 2 mths just cause it’s the safe amount. If your hair still looks good, keep it in for 2 mths but you can also wash your hair in between especially if you’re wearing braids for instance. Depending on how much you paid for your hair, you wanna get as much out of it as possible. I’m sure that’s why some women don’t take out their styles for ages ???? If you can afford $500 Brazilian then I’m sure you can afford to take care of your own hair…

    Ppl seem to think that if you have in braids or something that you can’t wash your hair. Thing is it’s more important to get your scalp obviously cause your hair is covered. Buy some braid sheen or use some sort of anti itch solution or something to keep your scalp/braids fresh & your scalp from itching.

    Also if you have in braids or crochet for instance, wash your hair closer to when you’re gonna pull everything out. This ‘pre-wash’ helps to loosen any build up & makes it easier to take out the hair… Likewise if you have in a weave & you’re gonna reuse the hair, @ least take out the hair & wash your own hair before reinstalling @ least once a month…

  12. Anonymous

    This has got to be depression or long term illness. There’s no other explanation.

  13. Anonymous

    If it were me…. well number one I would never do anything like this but I definitely would have kept this info to myself and definitely wouldn’t have made a video. I can only imagine what has built up on the scalp and hair and the stench. I’m sure lots of damage has occurred.

  14. Anonymous

    I didn’t even watch. The most I’ll go is a month to 6wks with box braids. But without braids its every 2 wks.

  15. Anonymous

    6 months is too long, but you can wash just be sure that you dry it (hair dryer bonnet)

  16. Anonymous

    This pissed me off!! 32 yrs of doing hair & im shocked!! She don’t have the sense GOD gave a rock! U should be ashamed first to admit this lazy shit but to video & post it somewhere is horrible!!! I pray No1 try to do this. Nothing should be left in your head for 6 months!!!

  17. Anonymous

    I dont wear that shit some of you all keep that mess in your head way to long ….a week seems to long to me some of you go month.2 months 6 weeks.yuk

  18. Anonymous

    U know. I’m taking mine our tomorrow after 3 weeks. Especially in this heat. Would smell more than the dogs. And they don’t usually smell

  19. Anonymous

    That’s why I don’t get stuff like this done because it’s doing to much

  20. Anonymous

    You can wash you hair in a protective style, she’s just sharing her experience with us so enough of the mean comments from most

  21. Anonymous

    Taking out six months of any braids let alone crochets is a absolute no no‍♀️‍♀️

  22. Anonymous

    She obviously doesn’t care about her appearance or hygiene. Who would keep in something that looked so raggedy and outgrown for that long. I couldn’t walk around my hair looking that bad #1.

  23. Anonymous

    This is just nasty and musty. She had the nerve to actually show her face thinking this is cute.

  24. Anonymous

    I keep my crochet in for two months at the most, but I cowash my hair wt it in, spray oil after it dries completely, when taken out less dirt and grime

  25. Anonymous

    My scalp is itching after 4 weeks with these box braids in and I have washed them 4 times. They are coming out today!!!

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