Relaxing African American Hair While Wearing Fusion Hair Extensions [Video]



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  1. Mimi Janvier

    Yak!!! Laziness
    Why doesn’t just remove the hair extension , wait a week or so and then add the relaxer and the fusion hair extension.
    This looks sooo messy and ugly.

  2. Dabney Ross Jones

    That’s the dumbest, most brainwashed thing i have ever seen. Next extension on your wig! While wearing a protective style weave!

  3. Tierra Chantelle

    Im not licensed but hair has always been a passion of mine..i take care of all my close friends and family hair so i guess im a kitchen stylist as some of yall would say and i would neverrrr!!

  4. Tashone Black

    Let me fill yal in on customer crazy s**t 101. There at people out there, that come after us the license stylist or what ever you may be tells the customer the pros and con’s of doing such a thing they don’t care the still want it done, the get up- they have Evey excuse why it should be done . even if it harms them. That’s why I say that creamy crack is real!!!! #noshade!! #justsaying. The people will say stuff like I use to do this all the time, or my favorite my other hairdresser use to do it!!! Or its OK cause my hair is not laying Dow flat enough!!! That’s what we listen too the this is the results sad but so true!!!!!

  5. Cameshia Le'chette Hall

    Im sorry but have any of you ACTUALLY had this method? Seems pretty judgemental. I’ve had fusion and a relaxer while wearing it before. Ask me questions before you go bad mouthing it.

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