Perm Rod Set on Tapered Natural Hair in UNDER AN HOUR #1 [Video]


Products used in this video: Creme of Nature Argan Oil Shea Moisture Mousse Gorilla Snot Gel


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Janelle Straughn

Love Love Love this style and look.

Hope Venetta


Monique Goldsby


Rachelle Nicholson

Very cute

Mary Mkenya

Karoll Ngirita love this

Natatsha Murray

I love that style, it’s so cute

Leandra Ramsey

Tiara L. Brown I can see this style on you! Embrace your natural hair beauty!

Tonia Lpht

I love it

La' Toya Louis


Rachel Williams

Beautiful curls

Lisa Blackson

Like it.

Courtney Maree

Tiff Mo Tawanda Gladman I love it!!!!

Courtney Maree

I only looked at the pic. It makes me want to do the big chop agian.

Tiff Mo

. You will do that again??? Crazy lol

Courtney Maree

I have been thinking about it, but I’m afraid. My face is so fat I can’t do short hair.

Tiff Mo

My face is just as fluffy as yours lol But you have a lot.of hair to be cutting off and starting over

Courtney Maree

Lol, fluffy I like that. It will grow back and grow fast.

Tawanda Gladman

You don’t really have to cut it to achieve this style. Courtney you should let me try something like this on you.

Aleshia Brisbane

That is so pretty

Chaneka Dean

Mmmmm Ashley Webber this is cute!

Ashley Webber


InTo Be Natural Bailey

Allye Bailey show this to Alyssa! Whe would love this!!

Kembria Hayes Peace

Denise Hayes.. 4 months and I will be perm free 1 yr and I think this is the one Im gonna cut it for!

Denise Hayes

Yesssssss ????✊

Ebony Gwenn Martis


Kayla Jones

Shaunte Renee Douthitt THISSS

Shaunte Renee Douthitt

I follow her on YouTube…. ❤❤❤ her hair

Jewel Powell

Wait…that is a natural style? Hot dang, this is fly. Defined to a dime.

Stacey Williams

Naomi Taylor I want this

Felicia Garner


Kourtnee Palamore

That braid! Yes

Robin Stewart


Donna Thompson

Luv it! This is how I wear my hair but I have mild relaxer!

LaDonna Thomas

Just did the big chop 2 weeks ago!!! Loving my curls!!!

MeiMei Simms

I cut my hair short and have not used a relaxer in years love my natural hair……

Raynisha Renee Jackson

We’re about to see!

Esther Bozho

Christine Muocha get your hair like this

Christine Muocha

I saw I like the way she twisted the back

Sonia Smith Gravely

Samantha N. Hodnett like this one.

Paul de Vine

Real cute…

Dana Woods

Gorgeous love lt!

Daniella Mallory-Owens


Krystal Yvonne

Love Kasongo

Dannyell Allen

I think you would look good like that

Tiffany Jacquot

OMG this is how I want my hair!!!!! I love this!!!

Mary Evans

I knew u wld ❤this..????????

Sheila Means

That is so cute on her.

Kirk Corbin

One beautiful woman

Maureen F Hector

Love your hair…must try the perm rods.

Tolisa Simpkins

Chelsea Danielle Bryant heyyyyy…Yassssss! Thought of you

Chelsea Danielle Bryant

Lol! I like I like! ❤

Ashley Williams

I like her hair! Whitney Smith

Whitney Smith

I love it!

Dee Matthews

That braid tho lol

Angeline Mimi Mqakelabe

Love missKenk

Fleure Tte

Waouh trop beau

Elaine Lewis

Love it

Marilyn Childers

Pretty hair

Nicole Roberts

yessss I’ve started rodding mine too and it’s real cute

Aaron LeRey Byers

Ashlee Nicole this is the hair I sent in the group chat last week that you liked

Ashlee Nicole

Cool. Ill have to watch the video

Aaron LeRey Byers

I didn’t realize it was a perm set br she did that thing! I need to subscribe to her channel. Hopefully she does some makeup looks too ????????????

Ashlee Nicole

I am subscribed to her Youtube channel. She was one of the first channels I subscribed to when I went to natural.

Dawn Mitchell

Love it going to try this

Esha Whitlow

I love this!!!

Dionne Alfred

Love the hairstyle, looks really good…