Overnight Hair Growth – 1 Inch in 24 Hours Using Ingredients You Already Have In Your Fridge [Videos]

Editor’s note: I find videos like this fascinating, not least because based on the results achieved, it “appears” to work but also because it allows me to put my science hat on to try and figure out why. What mechanism could possibly cause hair to grow so quickly?

In clinical studies, scalp massages have been shown to increase hair growth, and coconut oil has been shown to have tremendous benefits in conditioning hair. So of course, the nutrients in the eggs and oils along with the scalp massage may go some way in explaining some increased hair growth over a long period of time, but that alone doesn’t explain why it would happen so quickly.

I’m skeptical by nature so my theory is that it is just the increased moisture retention in the hair (because of the protein and oils) that increases it’s elasticity so the hair stretches more. No magic hair growth….

To falsify my theory, I would like to see either one of the following:

  1. Somebody repeating the process every day for consecutive days and still gaining an inch with each treatment. Because hair can only stretch so much, this would prove that it is in fact genuine hair growth and another mechanism is in fact involved.
  2. Or somebody can deep condition their hair with a normal conditioner (instead of the egg mixture), and follow the remaining process of coating their hair with oil to see if the increased ‘hair growth’ also magically appears. This would show that it in fact just increased elasticity.

But if you want to give this hair mask a go, you absolutely should. The worst that could happen is that you end up with moisturized hair!



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  1. Anonymous

    Hair is determined by genes,I see the rastas have long hair probably because they don’t use chemicals and a lot of manipulation and they have a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables

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