Natural RELAXER made in the kitchen???

In this video, learn how to create a simple, effective, ALL NATURAL CONDITIONER that will “relax” your hair!!!


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Stacie Hart

Creamy Crack!!!!

Rivian Jones

Hmmm I may try this instead of a perm or use it in between my stretches.

Tennia Williams

“Perm” Lol! Please don’t take advice from someone that doesn’t know the difference between a “perm” and a RELAXER!

Markisha Tingle

I want to know when was her last perm tho

Tiffany Marie Banks

Im not sold lol.

Princess Augustus


Brikti Hodge Woods

Back in the day they mixed the conk up in the kitchen?

Felicia Strayhorn

I remember the last “natural relaxer or perm” Rio!! Rio!! Rio!! Came out in the early ninety….LOL

Brenda Warner

No more perm for me that stuff thin your hair out and many woman now have cancer because it!!!

Paidamoyo Paradza


Sadé Sharee Showers

Did y’all actually watch the video? She didn’t use any chemicals!

Asha Jamia

I saw this video a long time ago, it’s basically a deep conditioner.

Chelsea Lowe

she would be a great sales person lol

Stacey Redmond

I Loved this……..

Shelbi Peterson

I’m going to try this on the weekend. …basically mayonnaise but I’ll see how it works.

Whitney Griffin Blanton

RIO made all my aunts hair fall out!

Tara Lynne

Did the same to my sister

Jenny JackJack

My mother purchased it but was too scared to use it in my hair. Thank god!

Viniece Adams

Did to a friend of mine and it never fully grew back!!! Miss me with this one….

Carmen Martinez

Wow…that’s a old school relaxer….RIO! LoL….I remember that one.

Latarsha Riddick

It took my aunt’s hair as well! Just because it’s natural does not mean it’s good for you!

Tara Jones

It took my hair out and it was never the same after that

Bryant W. Aisha

I might try this soon…

Kyna D Allen

She made mayonnaise and called it a relaxer… when you use raw eggs in your hair be careful of using heat

Adrienne Johnson


Charisma Mitchell

I’m not sold on this. This woman doesn’t know what she is doing. That lady’s hair is extremely damaged. If the woman in her head knew anything about hair care she would have told the woman to go to a real stylist and get a hair cut and start from scratch. that’s how fried her hair is.

Jennifer Humphrey

I used this treatment on my hair and it felt really good. Of course it didn’t relax my hair but it softened the new growth.

Toni L. Smith


RocksteadyRi Therealest

Okay im all for the avacodo mix but the conditioner is just natural mayonnaise. I guess its okay.

Uriel Townsend

Mayonnaise has vinegar in it…. And no lemon.

Esther TheQueen Pierre

Anyone know if that will work for someone who is allergic to egg?

Felicia Hamilton

I wouldn’t try it.

Esther TheQueen Pierre

Thank you

Tara Hall

She also said the yolk had protein for the hair. The whites have the protein. The yolk has the fat.

Jacci Moore

No way!!

Lindsay A. Hackney

I don’t want anything in my hair that does that and says it’s “natural”. Doesn’t make sense in my mind!

Felicia Hamilton

There was a time when this is all black women had to work with.

Felicia Hamilton

The only disagreement I could see, was her saying the egg yolk is the protein…. the egg white is protein, the yolk is fat.

Valerie Ohiri Yao


Chinette Chizzle Crouch

I can appreciate her enthusiasm however her terms were all wrong its relaxer not perm…i did like the pre poo…..however lemon juice actually strips moisture from your hair(white people and people with finer hair use lemon juice for “highlights” in the summer) and when my clients leave my chair they want their hair to be soft and bouncy not stiff and greasy….jus be careful whom you take advice from

Doreece T Dyer

A simple mayonnaise with lemon as the acid. not a relaxer. Just a protein treatment


I just did this yesterday to stop breakage and add protein to my hair ~ no lemon tho


I just did this yesterday to stop breakage and add protein to my hair ~ no lemon tho

Misha Glasper

Y’all remember what happened to the last so called natural relaxer!

Shellisa Williams

We all called a relaxer a perm before so…