Change your hair forever ! MUST WATCH!! No matter what texture of hair you have

I have never felt this passionately about a product EVER. I recommend these two products mixed together to everyone. Regardless of hair type. You will see results !!

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  1. Pamela Smith

    You can use the products even if your hair is natural. Use it as a deep conditioner and your hair will thank you.

  2. Pamela Smith

    On her you tube page, she shows the product with her hair. She may use extensions but most of that is hers. You see it when she big chops it off.

  3. Rivian Jones

    Lawwwd that is a lot of maintenance! I’m going to stick with my perm and get a hood dryer. It’s pretty but I got tired from watching her.

    1. Maurica James

      When I review the reviews on amazon some said it caused a lot of shedding did u see this also want to try but that scared me

  4. SpeciaLady Adams

    Don’t know about the otha stuff but the silicon is the truth there’s a few diff kinds but get the one that she’s advertising the smallest is about $4 goes a long way….its cheaper to purchase most salons charge $5 extra

  5. Brittney Amera Cruz

    I use it. It works on natural and perm my mother in law gets it from the Dominican republic for me.I was natural i hated it so I went back to perm then blow outs. It keeps your hair silky soft and you don’t have to use lot of products to keep the shine or moisture.

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