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Hi! My name is Victoria Sallie and I'm a twenty something year old blogger & student living in NYC. I began my transitioning natural hair journey in January 2013, and big chopped in April 2014. I decided to start writing because I wanted to document my hair journey, plus I realized that I couldn't find all the information I needed in ONE place on the internet. Deciding to return back to my natural hair was one of the best choices that I've ever made, and I'm glad to help anyone that has a question. Happy Hair Journey!


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  1. Ajah says

    I just put deep conditioner in and put the cap on sit under the dryer. I don’t do the wet towel thing. At least not at home. At the salon my hairdresser takes a steamed towel and wraps it around my head and I’m just laying back for about 5 minutes then he comes back and either rinses me out or if he thinks I need a little more moisture he put a cap on and it’s under the dryer. I always have great results, no matter which one is used. I’ve wanted to try a steamer, but I’m on the fence and I’m sure my hubby doesn’t want another gadget in the house. lol

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