Interview With Celebrity Stylist and Wig Maker Darnell Wold Part 2

Celebrity Stylist Darnell WoldIn Part 1 of our interview we met Darnell Wold a  multicultural hairstylist and wig maker from New York City. Here we delve further into his line of wigs and fashion and his celebrity clientele.

You have a fabulous wig line, and you take great care in bringing quality products to your clients, what are your thoughts on using wigs and extensions as a protective style? Do you have any exclusive wig secrets you can share with us?

Thank you so much. I think using wigs, as a protective style is brilliant. I am a huge fan of the natural hair movement and I think it is wonderful that so many women are becoming more and more educated in regards to their hair.

Fortunately, through the world of wigs transitioning is so much easier because you have more options when dealing with “the big chop” or simply on those days when you just don’t want to be bothered.

Wigs have given woman the flexibility to switch up their style as frequently as they’d like, while not having to lose their hair’s integrity through chemical processing and the damage of heated tools. The majority of my clients are natural and love using wigs for protective styling because they can be completely custom made and everything from the color, texture and curl pattern can be altered to their liking.

As far as my exclusive wig secrets are concerned I must say that there are wigs out there for everyone’s budget. Now keep in mind that in most cases the price of the wig will determine the quality of the unit.  However, this does not mean because you can’t afford a thousand dollar wig that you can’t look just as fabulous wearing a synthetic unit.

There are tons of tricks and secrets to making a synthetic wig look very natural and realistic. For example you can use a tweezer to create a very natural and realistic parting or hairline on a lace front wig. You will use the tweezer to pluck away bulky hairs and thin out the parting to mirror your natural part.

Another great trick is to put a little baby powder or vinegar over synthetic hair to get rid of that plastic shine and dull it down to resemble realistic human hair. You can also take your synthetic wigs to your hairstylist and have the wig restyled and cut however you’d like.

The important thing to always remember about wigs is that they are meant to look realistic and look like they’re growing from your scalp. You want your wig to lie as flat to the head as possible so make sure to avoid and bulky braids underneath your wig cap.

As for lace front wigs the hairline is not supposed to begin in the middle of your forehead. Yank those lace front wigs up and place them exactly where your real hairline would be (unless you’re applying glue or tape). A lace front wig looks most realistic when you leave a pinch of your real hairline exposed leaving you with a very realistic and seamless installation.

What are some of the risks to wearing extensions and wigs and how can we ensure that our hair remains healthy while rocking these protective styles?

There are many risks to wearing extensions and wigs. It is unfortunate that so many people would rather cut corners instead of going to a professional to get their hair done. Now I know not everyone can afford to go to a professional and they have to work with what they have, however saving a few dollars can sometimes lead to permanent hair loss.

The number one problem is tight braids, which can ultimately cause breakage and permanent hair loss. I know a lot of women feel like their hair has to be braided as tight as possible so that it can last and they can get their money’s worth, however they don’t realize the damage this will do over time. Another huge problem is women relying on YouTube videos and self proclaimed Guru’s who have no formal training or education in cosmetology.

I have watched endless videos where these gurus are giving out horrible tips and tricks to thousands of women all around the world. Don’t get me wrong some of these guru’s are great, however a good portion of them will have your edges on amber alert. You do not want to ever abuse lace front glue, bonding glue or tape and you do not ever want to place any of these bonding agents over your real hairline or edges without extreme precaution.

It is important that when you’re wearing a wig or a weave that you are still treating your real hair, hydrating your scalp, conditioning and shampooing your hair, massaging your scalp and most importantly giving your hair time to breathe. Make sure to research what form of extensions works best for your hair type, a braided sew in is not for everyone and can sometimes do more damage than good.

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