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Loolalooh Healthy hair and bodyIntroduce yourself . . .

Hi. I go by Loolalooh on the hair care boards. I’m currently a full-time PhD student. I am also a blog writer and a designer of hair accessories on the side.

How did you first get involved in hair care?

It started back in 2007 when I became frustrated with my relaxed hair. It would always break and the ends would grow thin.

I remember searching for hair care tips online, stumbling  upon a few hair care boards, and then photo-sharing albums. The rest is history!

What made you come to the conclusion that being natural was right for you?

After I saw ladies with my hair type (super kinky) growing long – I mean, long – tresses. Their achievements showed me that it was possible to have healthy, long loose natural hair that could be managed.

Up until that point, I thought I would have to battle with the relaxer for the rest of my days.

I know some people get drama from friends or family when they switch to natural hair, Loolalooh Healthy hair and bodydid this happen with you?

I didn’t get drama, but I definitely got side eyes and more. Some thought I was trying to make a statement or be “militant”. Some thought I was going through a phase that would eventually end. Some tried to convince me that my natural hair didn’t look “right” and that I should go back to relaxers.

I let all the unsupportive comments roll off my shoulders because I had my mind set on going and staying natural. I thought they were the blind ones and couldn’t see the beauty that I saw.

I am currently using the natural deodorant recipe on your blog, it works even better than regular deodorants IMO. Thanks! Did the healthy body side of things come at the same time as the healthy hair?

Loolalooh Healthy hair and body

Oh wow. You’re welcome! I’m glad it’s working well for you.

The healthy body side of things came maybe a year or so after I went natural. I saw the adverse effects relaxers had on “my” hair (not to say that others can’t do fine with relaxers) and then saw how my hair just flourished after I stopped relaxing. It was a big contrast!

So then, I started wondering about the effects of other chemicals – such as those in other hair care products, skin care products, foods, and more. I started switching to more natural products and organic foods. I began to feel and look better.

I am not completely “green” as I still use some commercial products that contain a few chemicals … but I am more conscious about what I buy and gravitate towards less harmful options.

How would you describe your texture?

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