Individual Knotless Crochet Braids – Marley Hair (Messy ‘Fro) – Elastic Band Method

Hack ’em!! Lemme just get my infomercial voice on real quick… “Is it a struggle for you to cornrow, braid, or plait? Or do you simply have no patience for the traditional braiding methods? Well worry and fret no more, because this technique is for you!” Heyyy! As promised, I’m back with a better and brighter video featuring my UPDATED crochet elastic band method. This time I’m using marley and mali braids to get this BIG, natural-looking, hair! I am LOVIN’ it. Hope you do too! Oh and btw, I cut and styled (did a braid out) this hair a day or two later…looks so much better that way. Time Marks:

  • Intro + Product info 0:00 – 3:36
  • Natural Hair Prep 3:37 – 4:50
  • Parting hair into boxes (updated from last video) 4:51 – 8:25
  • Crocheting (basic and knotless techniques) 8:26 – 12:52
  • Takedown Demo 12:53 – 13:53
  • Finishing Touches 13:54 – 14:50 (Btw, I went back and trimmed and shaped it a LOT more…I didn’t realize how much more it needed to cut until I was done filming)
  • Giveaway?! 14:51 – 16:07 DON’T FORGET TO COMMENT GIFT IDEAS! 🙂
  • Night time hair prep 16:08 – END


Q: How long does this style last?

A: I suggest leaving it in no longer than 2 weeks. I don’t think it’s good to leave your natural hair out any longer than that…don’t want it getting dry

Q: Can this hair only be worn down?

A: It all depends on where you make your leave-out

Q: Do the elastics break?

A: Mine have not. But that is only because I doubled and trippled them

Q: Is your hair natural or relaxed?

A: I’m all natural baby!!!

Q: Can this style be done using different texture extensions?

A: Yes! Just make your hair match the texture of the extensions

Q: Will I be making more videos, showing different styles using this method?

A: Yuh don kno! Leave your suggestions in the comments section 😉

*Please remember that I am NOT a professional hairstylist. I just have a huge LOVE for hair. This technique still needs a lottt of improvement, but I figured it would be more fun if I brought you hair lovers on this journey with me. You guys are the best! Your support means the world to me*



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