Illusion hairline and illusion part – Lots of glue but OMG the RESULT! [Video]


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Madelynn Martin

Grow your own hair

Simona Gadi

Okay before that glue and all… What is that thing that looks like duct tape?

Angela Michelle Calloway

He has very good skills … But OMG why all that glue

Louise Saunders

I like it..yes a lot of glue but she takes her time and that’s what matters

Dana Clavery

Hairstyle was cute!!! But the actual steps to achieve sheesh!!!

Robyn VanHorn

I just hate glue bc it’s messy as hell to get out your head.

Quanesha Styles You

Hard gel… neck strip paper and a cap was triple protection from glue! Add proper removal by a lic stylist and a deep conditioning treatment and there shouldn’t be any problems. I wouldn’t suggest this method EVERY 2 weeks either

Jonvea McDade

Glue makes me bald no matter what

Dacia Mackinnon

Hell no!

Annette Trimble

way to much to go through for what pin straight blonde

Kenya Connyer

All that is not glue! She has a protective cap on!!! Ain’t shit gone happen to her edges because they covered with a cap,glue only brake your edges off when you don’t take it out the right way

Kendra Owens

Can you bald is coming quick..

Dr-Shahila Edwards-Grey

Might as well give her a Jefferson cut!!! Two more styling like this and it will be all gone!!

McLean Jokoya

dont like glue never will. And it dont even look natural so its a waste of time

Nena Elizabeth

That hairstyle terrifies me lol

Karma Kemi

not impressed with that at all, still does not look like a natural parting

Sheryl Creary

Not a fan of that cannot be healthy.. rip edges

Felicia Moore

Ummmm, the results don’t make up for the “lots of glue”.

Chermine Belhomme

No too much glue

Risa Williams

And then they complaint about they loosing there hair smh

Kristy Walker

I don’t care how beautiful it look at the end thats “WAY TOO MUCH GLUE”NEVER cared much for the glue stuff……. that’s why I’ll stay natural

Donnetta Goss


Camella Rose Jones

Hell no

Erica Craig

I don’t care how good it looks I Would never put that crap in my hair again

Brittany La Bella

First thought was to to get that out

Deidra Shundreka

Will have glue out in my head

Chaniqua Vernay

Its hard to do

April Wynn

I never heard anyone talking about edges before the year 2014… maybe it’s just me

April Wynn

The style was cute but her hair was badly damaged, hopefully she will try alternative styles

Alisha LaVon

I’ve seen it. But I’m. Not a fan of glue

Rochelle Rochelle

The EDGES have left the buildin!

Breana Love

Whoa…she might as well just marinate her head in glue!!!

Tina Marie Maddox


Maria Acevedo

All that glue

Amanda Grmk

This is all bad. I’ll pass.

Allison Rucker

I love the look, and people have the right to do whatever they want to their hair, but then some wonder why their hair is coming out. There is too much information out there that has shown that this is a great deal of why women of color are losing their hair. I do understand when people has lost their hair due to alopecia and I feel for them.

Lia Stone

There’s a reason this lady modeling the hairdo has no edges… Mhh I wonder if it’s all that glue

Dionna Johnson

Just dumb

Jazmine Turman

no beuno

Twilisha Lynn McClelland

Lol when your edges start falling out tho

Sheneka Edwards

Once you look at the video is very beautiful & natural as well amazing color to

Ashley Nuthak


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