Illusion hairline and illusion part – Lots of glue but OMG the RESULT! [Video]


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Mziyce LifeLyrics

I’ll pass,,

Jessica Bigyella Robinson


KimmCody A. Mur

I’ll pass too

Notoshia Dix

Not worth it if you LOSE your hair….

Tanisha Banks

All that glue good lord. That’s why her edges were fucked to begin with. PASS.

Stefany Young

EXACTLY what i was thinking!

Camel GiftedHands Jones

Her edges are on E….EMPTY!

Marcia Worthington

Man that was entirely to much glue

Antionette ST Jean

No edge hairstyles… nope not for me..

Sherry Dailey


Danny Fenton


Briana Thomas

I use to do this style when I had a mini fro , with the right protection you can keep your edges…

Markisha Tingle

Glue only takes out your edges when not removed properly i was a long time quick weave queen lots of glue hair stayed thick mid back length edges intact i just spent the few extra bucks for the remover and the shampoo

I agree that it can safely be taken out but I worry about the glue being absorbed by your skin or worse still getting an allergic reaction over time, we have all seen the horror stories 🙁

Idyllic Sha Nay

Hey that gro protect works wonders!!! Lol I’ve had plenty of quick weaves,& I still have all my edges!

TY' Drumgole

Thee end result was nice BUT all that glue

Angie Jackson

Skills are tight but no thanks. Way yo much glue for me

Dee Janay R

Too much smh.

Kimberly Horton

Cute but lots of glue….cute now but taking it out hmmmmm…

ThickkMadame Scantlebury

No glue for me!

Aaliyah Ingram-Jones

One hot day and all that ish will slide like the Malibu hills in the rainy season. And don’t get caught up with your man…half that weave will be on the bed. ✋

Vee Gibson


Aaliyah Ingram-Jones

Dude will be like “damn even your edges were fake

Joedy Rickard


China Rebel Jones

lol lol true

Tangerine Etienne


Tracy McCoy


Stacy Lucky

Am sorry.. Girl, no way

Darla Hendricks-Walker

Not good how sad I don’t care how good it looks her hairline is suffering.

Monique Lee

Naw I’m good

Brenda Hiett

The glue is not safe

Shaketta Shannel Singleton

I didn’t like this one.
The cut was very nice though

Ayana Havens

I’m sorry but. If your edges or hairline is thinning… wouldn’t you want to prevent pulling it back really tight? I never understood that.

Kristy Nichelle Bell


Lilian Adesheila

Looks complicated and unhealthy. #epicfail. #nothanks. #pass.

Erika Turner

Ridiculous..!! Head full of glue. Cute style but the process of getting it. I’ll pass 2.

Aaliyah Ingram-Jones

Right. Just get a sew in and move on!

Kase Renee' Cannon

Perfect finish but I agree too much glue. I just can imagine the take down.

Rodriguez Sleepyeyes Ana


Aria Price

That cap has way too much tension that will get worse the longer the style stays in, plus the illusion part on the top? My head hurts just thinking about it.

Giánni Lynette

Nah ✋

Tanage Moore

I never liked or had a quick weave, hmmmmmmmm.

Denise Taylor


Aramis Chant'e

My head started itching just watching

Vivian Perry

Im actually surprised is endorsing this just because it looks nice at the end. All that glue is no good for the hair:(

Not endorsing in the slightest Vivian. Just puting the info out there because it’s being done. I’m just generally interested in different techniques and hoping that eventually someone will come up with a similar technique without glue.

Vivian Perry

Ok kool, I guess the title is misleading. I know you guys promote healthy hair whenever I read the articles.

Velli Velli Velz

I thought the same

MsCam Striveforbetter Inlife

Smh by the end of the year she would not have not a lick of hair

Angel Pollard

That looked awesome

Jamie Elaine Reed-Anderson

Too much stress on her natural hair, by the time she is 40, her hairline will be t the nape……a of her neck

Cb Sampson

Glue should never ever ever be put on your head this is just common sense people its not cute sorry

Roxanne Pinkston

Glue ons wigs were originally for the theater. Not for daily looks….ugh

Raven Marie

That glue my gawd. I almost gagged and died multiple times watching this.

Ashley Long

That cannot possibly be good for your hair or scalp

Candace L. Martin

Hairline is on life support, the glue is not helping! LORD!

Lisa Mahaffy-Williams

A hot ghetto lookn mess!

Nyca Anthony

This is why so many women walking around havin to draw on they edges and hairlines…smh

Christina Marrow

And they wonder why they dont have any edges. Js

China Rebel Jones

glue is not healthy thats why i dont use it in my hair anymore for years now….cuz when u take that hair out the side of ur head reminds me of my frying pan it is so shine lol no hair…glue no good.

Natasha Brown Idahor

I’m not buyin’ this

Latoya Campbell

Nooo too much glue

Crystal Marincess Compton

Why though??

Lundy Bee

Oh my edges!!! Looks great though

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