Illusion hairline and illusion part – Lots of glue but OMG the RESULT! [Video]



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  1. Briana Thomas

    I use to do this style when I had a mini fro , with the right protection you can keep your edges…

  2. Markisha Tingle

    Glue only takes out your edges when not removed properly i was a long time quick weave queen lots of glue hair stayed thick mid back length edges intact i just spent the few extra bucks for the remover and the shampoo


      I agree that it can safely be taken out but I worry about the glue being absorbed by your skin or worse still getting an allergic reaction over time, we have all seen the horror stories 🙁

    2. Idyllic Sha Nay

      Hey that gro protect works wonders!!! Lol I’ve had plenty of quick weaves,& I still have all my edges!

  3. Aaliyah Ingram-Jones

    One hot day and all that ish will slide like the Malibu hills in the rainy season. And don’t get caught up with your man…half that weave will be on the bed. ✋

  4. Ayana Havens

    I’m sorry but. If your edges or hairline is thinning… wouldn’t you want to prevent pulling it back really tight? I never understood that.

  5. Erika Turner

    Ridiculous..!! Head full of glue. Cute style but the process of getting it. I’ll pass 2.

  6. Aria Price

    That cap has way too much tension that will get worse the longer the style stays in, plus the illusion part on the top? My head hurts just thinking about it.

  7. Vivian Perry

    Im actually surprised is endorsing this just because it looks nice at the end. All that glue is no good for the hair:(


      Not endorsing in the slightest Vivian. Just puting the info out there because it’s being done. I’m just generally interested in different techniques and hoping that eventually someone will come up with a similar technique without glue.

    2. Vivian Perry

      Ok kool, I guess the title is misleading. I know you guys promote healthy hair whenever I read the articles.

  8. Cb Sampson

    Glue should never ever ever be put on your head this is just common sense people its not cute sorry

  9. Nyca Anthony

    This is why so many women walking around havin to draw on they edges and hairlines…smh

  10. China Rebel Jones

    glue is not healthy thats why i dont use it in my hair anymore for years now….cuz when u take that hair out the side of ur head reminds me of my frying pan it is so shine lol no hair…glue no good.

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