How To Sew In On A Damaged Hairline


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Jaime Wilson

How about “how to repair a damaged hairline”? With the condition her hair is in, weaves and/or wigs should be the LAST THING being recommended. Sure, it’s a good option for a quick fix if she’s tryna step out, but they won’t help. Get a haircut and start over if necessary. It’s just hair.

Kira Williams

Watch some YouTube videos of women who grew their hairline back.

Chala M. Brooks

Girl yes.

Cb Sampson


Andre N Christrina House

She looks as if she is a child. If she is then the adults damaged her hair, but it can be fixed. Wash, condition, moisturize, clip her ends, and keep it oiled/greased. Hot oil treatments regularly will definitely help too.

Kgaitsewe Mofolo

hey i also have damaged hair, which means ends should be greased wow i did not know will try this. i dont plait my hair as often, i keep it like this 98% of the time in an effort to fix it. thanks at least i now know something i have not been told to understand comprehensively “greased”

Joyce Jackson

That’s why I don’t wear weaves or braids. I don’t want that to happen to me!

NaKisha Harvey

Why keep wearing weaves if it’s pulling out your hair? And that I don’t understand. If it pulls out your hair why keep doing it?

Sandra Ifeoma Orimilikwe

I will start by not doing anything to this hair…it should be left alone to repair…the tension from weaves and sew ins has damaged this hair

Lashonda Taylor

I can understand from the clients perspective, but I think covering up damaged hair is a no no, all money isnt good money, may be a tapered cut, until her sides come back in, and do treatments.

Lorry Beaks

Thats pretty……

Aaliyah Ingram-Jones

Why the hell would you be sewing ANYTHING on an unhealthy scalp like that? The whole purpose of weave is to give your hair limited manipulation so it can grow healthy. Might as well shave it bald and start over. Her follicles are screaming for rescue. SOS damnit. S.O.S!

Jordann Alease

time to give it a rest boo

Lynnet Ruiz

More like how to keep loosing hair

Cynthia Garrett

Why would anyone add a sew-in to damaged hair…wouldn’t that be causing even more damage? Duh…so glad I’m natural & love it. Many women don’t understand that with care & perseverance. ..our own hair can be just as healthy & beautiful as the sew-ins.

Monica Thornton-Anderson

Cut it all off & begin again. TWA are super cute..i cut mine 3 times in 4 years…it grows so thick & healthy now. Start over girl. Please…

Toy Jaynell

Her hair will stay damaged,she needs to do some treatments not a sew in

Nicky Uzoh

Pls what exactly destroys the hair to that extent? Cos dats more important to me dan all d cover up.

Shari McDaniel

Poor thing. Feel so bad. Her hair is in bad condition.

Rosa McMillian

I do hair .