How to Get Long Hair in 5 min Without weave! hair hacks [Video]

This is how I get long hair in just 5 minutes without weave!


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Ashley Funicello Spenelli

That’s a fake pony tail

Sherley Gaie

Right. They must think we’re stupid

Lawnnetta Sykes

It isn’t tho

Ashley Funicello Spenelli

Lawnnetta Sykes isn’t real?

Quennie Dixon

watch the video

Lawnnetta Sykes

Ashley Funicello Spenelli isn’t fake.

Ashley Funicello Spenelli

Lawnnetta Sykes FAKE. IDC IDC FAKE lie to those that can’t do hair lmao and keep scrolling baby

Ashley Funicello Spenelli

Quennie Dixon i did???????????? just stop embarrassing yourself and have a blessed one hun. you’ll be ok

Chavon Vette

It really isn’t fake though.

Ashley Alofoje

In the video. Her hair is not actually in a full ponytail. It just appears to be. It’s in a ponytail at the top and pinned in the back.

Candice Williams


Monica Lynn Thornton

It’s OBVIOUSLY a fake ponytail… whatchoo tryin to pull

Amanda Smith

It’s a double ponytail

Amanda Smith

Looks fine as long as the wind doesn’t blow.

Pauline Grant


Genette DeBose

That’s stupid! The ponytail looks terrible

Lanisha Mcghee

It’s all her hair no fake pieces just an illusion. ????

Maya Lanski

I don’t like how this looks. It isn’t blended well