Do You Only Wear Your Real Hair Because You Are Broke?


I guess we Naturalistas are broke as heck for daring to rock our real hair, right. My fiancé tagged me in a post on Instagram so that I could see the ignorant views some women have on wearing their real hair. The post is of a screen shot of a woman’s twitter message. It implied that the reason why we natural Sistas go natural is because we are broke and can’t afford weaves. She explained that her weaves are expensive and because we cannot afford it, we have no choice but to wear our real hair.

 My weave is expensive. I guess if you’re a broke basis b**** you got no choice but to wear your real hair

Clearly her level of intelligence and grammar is another story all by itself. We won’t go there. But, can you imagine the ignorance of this woman? Her prized hair is not the one that grows from her head but the hair that she paid lots of money for – that came from another woman’s head! How does this even make sense? I must state that I do not know if she was talking about natural hair or relaxed hair that is not in a weave. Wearing relaxed hair is surely not cheap, so I don’t know. Either way, it is still a very ignorant thing to say.

The words in this post struck a nerve with me because I know that this is what a lot of women think. A lot of our black sisters look down on us nappy headed sistas for wearing our hair the way God made us. I remember when I told people I was going to go natural. Some asked me why? What’s wrong? Ummm, nothing is wrong. I didn’t know going natural was going to be a lifestyle change – which I love btw. I simply wanted to not burn my scalp anymore to get straight hair that I was not born with.

Nor did I want to get my scalped pulled and sewn anymore to get long straight hair that came from someone else’s head. I was just tired of it all. Was it a money problem? Hell no! I been perming since I was 7yrs old and weaving since I was in high school and knew that it is just a part of a black woman’s life and so you had to pay for it the same way you pay for food. It was a ritual known to most of us black women.

We as black women need to rebuild confidence in ourselves.

That woman’s ignorant rant is evidence that there, under those expensive weaves that she so gloriously praise, lies deep self-esteem issues  She cannot see the beauty and power and luxury of wearing the hair that grows from her scalp. She cannot fathom the idea of learning to care for her real hair so that her crown can always sit high on her head with brilliance.

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About Shelly Ann Cameron

Hi, I am Shelly Ann Cameron, freelance writer for Jamaican born but call NYC home since 2005. When I'm not at my full time job as a Marketing Analyst, I am blogging about natural hair and lifestyle on my blog I created my blog to document my natural hair journey and share whatever I learned along the way. I am a promoter of healthy hair whether it's relaxed or natural. While I am no natural hair Nazi, since going natural in 2011, many of my articles are natural hair driven.

About Shelly Ann Cameron

Hi, I am Shelly Ann Cameron, freelance writer for Jamaican born but call NYC home since 2005. When I'm not at my full time job as a Marketing Analyst, I am blogging about natural hair and lifestyle on my blog I created my blog to document my natural hair journey and share whatever I learned along the way. I am a promoter of healthy hair whether it's relaxed or natural. While I am no natural hair Nazi, since going natural in 2011, many of my articles are natural hair driven.


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  1. Shanice Sahel
    Shanice Sahel

    Why would you post what trap god Lou has to say on here? Lmao look at her whole twitter page chick is a joke. So I suppose those white girls who poke fun are broke too. Madness

  2. Avis Gardner LBee
    Avis Gardner LBee

    Her facts are all wrong! Taking care of my real hair is expensive!! Good grief ppl need to think before speaking/typing

    1. solena williams

      I agree, either way it is an investment. Whether natural or weaved, depending on the products or hairdresser either one can be costly if you are not fortunate enough to have the skills to take care of, or maintain your own hair. I have diabetes and growing my own hair is very difficult. The older you get the more difficult it is to maintain healthy hair, the gray starts to take over and so does illness in some cases. I do wear weave, but I give my hair and scalp a break sometimes and wear a ponytail. When you do not have naturally long hair some women feel inadequate, I know I do, because I look awful with short hair and it is not flattering to my features at all. I love the looks I achieve with weave.

    1. Fay

      LOL And just because you wear a weave doesn’t mean you aren’t! I make decent money but I could never spend hundreds of dollars on weave!

  3. Ni
    Ni'na Griffin

    Brokeee? Seriously my natural hair products are expensive.!!!! Why throw shade… You have no choice but to wear your “expensive weave” cuase you probably can’t grow your own lol

    1. Coco

      Right, right. she probably don’t have anty hair. That’s why she always rock weave. Truth be told I have tried hundreds of styles in my life and have enjoyed everyone that I picked. That’s every woman right try what you like. When I would see people I knew gluing hair in all the time then without the weave. The baldheadedness I knew then that that wasn’t the path for me. Wether my hair was long so short, grew fast or slow at least I had some growing from my own head. I like to change it up, but the one thing I never want to be is bald because of some hair glue. Just think the people who make this stuff don’t know or care to know about black hair what makes it strive or anything all they care about is getting paid and thanks to ignorant b’s like her black women are a dream come true. How can you trust someone just looking to make profit. How are they in control of what we NEED for our hair??? That lye has eaten most of your brain’s for good. Think if it’s burning your scalp and hair out it has to be seeping into your skin all three layers to the brain and becoming apart of your chemical make up. It’s poison. Not saying anything bad about women who perm but I WILL NEVER GO BACK. More power to you whatever you decide to do with your hair. Natural is long journey that only you can decide. I want to know what the perms are going to do when it all ends and there are no more beauty supply stores. We naturals will still be maintaining the way we are now and have been and the others will be in a panic….. I’m just sayn’ what side are you on????

  4. Sharmane Smith
    Sharmane Smith

    Such ignorance need not be acknowledged… I spend more money as a natural then I ever did when it was permed… Between my products, hair color, and my many protective styles.

  5. Keisha Banzai Blandon
    Keisha Banzai Blandon

    Natural hair care is expensive. You know how many products and tools you go through to see what your hair wants and needs? It’s a learning experience and sometimes is really time consuming. Any “basic” women could just buy hair to put on, in, and through their hair or relax it. It takes a strong, patient, persistent women to learn and care for the hair she (and all black women) was born with. Some black women can be SO ridiculous.

  6. Hi-mynames Alicia
    Hi-mynames Alicia

    First of all its “basic” not basis…so she needa use the money that she buys her “expensive weave” with and buy some English credits!! Dumb ole dummy ass girl! !

  7. Hellen Kamau
    Hellen Kamau

    I go short and natural because it’s easy to maintain and I don’t have to try too hard to look good. I protect it with braids.

  8. Diamond Lee
    Diamond Lee

    Did she ever think that maybe we are confident rocking our natural and she doesn’t have any confidence unless she’s made up with pounds of makeup and someone else’s hair?

  9. Ashley Watson
    Ashley Watson

    Very ignorant and its not basis, it’s basic.. her weave probably covers up her insecurities.. I love weave but my hair is more important

  10. Caramel Kimmie
    Caramel Kimmie

    Some of these black women needs to grow-up and the ones who chose to post this negativity invest your money in something more positive like education, spiritual trips ect nobody got time for that. Is that all we (speaking in general) got to talk about is

  11. Kristiana Bridges
    Kristiana Bridges

    Smh… Being natural and embracing it is a process! It’s a beautiful but time consuming stage 🙂 I love my hair !! But I do wear protective styles if I don’t feel like doing it . Oh, were we supposed to address that nonsense above .. Nah, I.won’t even bother to entertain ignorance !

  12. Tiffany Nicole Roberts
    Tiffany Nicole Roberts

    smh, this is so ignorant, i like wearing weave by choice, but wearing my own hair doesn’t make me broke, that’s more money in the bank i have !! clearly she’s broke for spending her rent money on Brazilian weaves !! lol

  13. Terry Matthews
    Terry Matthews

    Us with natural hair who wear braids as a protective style broke? Do she know how expensive those damn breads are? I sometimes think that going back to perms would save me a lot of money because natural hair care is very expensive but in the end it’s all worth it. Bye Felicia!!!!

  14. Cee White
    Cee White

    This is the mess that kills me. I’m natural and the only reason I am is because I got tired of dealing with two textures in a deployed environment. Before then, I stayed having sew-ins because it was easier for my lifestyle and had I not deployed, I would still rock the sew-ins. Women would judge me because I chose to wear weave. For what? Some women, especially black women, are bitter and will find anything to bring someone down. Who cares if it’s yours or not? It doesn’t make you any better if you rock your natural hair or weave.

  15. Debra Manora
    Debra Manora

    wow, she clearly aint confident with her real hair. why spend so much money on fake hair instead invest in some products that’ll help yo real hair

  16. Candice Dollface Lewis
    Candice Dollface Lewis

    Lol she sounds ignorant. She feels the need to brag about hair that she has to pay for? Well I guess. I love having my own. (Shrugs shoulders) us natural women are a “gang” according to some lol. So in that case tell her say it to our faces! Lol j/k but how sad and pitiful. I’m sorry I have to laugh at the madness.

  17. Lisa Scott
    Lisa Scott

    This woman is so ignorant!!! You can’t laugh with her. You got to laugh at her. Smh

  18. Whittney Cain
    Whittney Cain

    I have no weave, but I have a paid off home, 703 beacon score, but retirement accounts, health and life insurance and various bank accounts! Honey, what’s your status.. I’m sure she can’t get a prepaid credit card. Priorities little ignorant girl!

  19. Earlisha Jones
    Earlisha Jones

    WOW!! Well my hair was starting to thin so I decided to go natural and its been thick and full every since.. My choice had nothing to do with being broke nor was I following a fad.. I just wanted healthy hair.

  20. Miriam Correa
    Miriam Correa

    I wear my natural hair because its long and I don’t need a weave to achieve length or volume. Thank you very much have a nice day.

  21. Gershelle Cunningham
    Gershelle Cunningham

    Well, from my experiences, many of women who are natural just so happen to be very rude and anal. ….particularly when its pertaining to hair. Its a complete turn off. I have unliked over five ‘Natural Hair’ sites because asking a simple question will bring all kinds of condescending comments from the woodworks. I think what she said was quite silly and to repost it is even sillier but I can understand her frustration. You dont have to have a chip on your shoulder because you’re rocking an afro. Stop being so nasty towards each other. …and how many of you who are natural have made ugly comments about women who wear weave? Far too many to count….dont make rude remarks about someone with a weave then get offended when she says something derogatory about you.

    1. Lilly

      Point well taken! We can be our own worst enemies!

  22. Dvine Lovin
    Dvine Lovin

    Don’t come for me is so corny.. Heard that before. I know I don’t wear weave cause I wanna rock my OWN hair for a change. I’m in my 30s and it’s time I acknowledged the hair I was born with instead of the hair grown out ofsomeone else’s head. Why praise another’s hair when my hair is just as beautiful and FREE.. I love me a good weave from time to time. Can’t stand self hate. Nothing wrong with our hair..

    1. Micole Spicer
      Micole Spicer

      I agree! Black women must love ourselves and our hair. I grew my relaxer out. It has been a year and I am so happy that I did. I have had chemicals in my hair since I was 7yrs old. #naturalhairrocks.

  23. Dawn Elaina Jasper-Herndon
    Dawn Elaina Jasper-Herndon

    I have this super power where I can grow the same hair she paid FOR FREE! I’ve had people offer me money for my hair…she was probably one of them. I still have my ponytail from my big chop if she needs it….

  24. MEshell Green
    MEshell Green

    Not all people with natural hair look great some people look a mess hair has lint in it, dry dull look. I have my hair natural but you have to take care of your appearance.

  25. Tamika Rogers
    Tamika Rogers

    Ok so here’s something to think about… it sounds to me that this young lady is speaking to a specific person, so maybe we all shouldn’t get so upset! Secondly lets evaluate the real problem behind this post…. Natural vs Unnatural…! We all know that on both sides their are people whom fight to the death about which is better, and that leaves most people upset. On both sides we criticize the other…. SHAME! I have been natural for so many years that I stopped counting past 10! But for a whole 10 I kept my hair under weaves and wigs. I got so many nasty comments from natural’s it was sad… Then about 5 years ago I began to embrace my own hair and the dirty comments began to roll in from the weave wears and perm rockers! So lets be fair and honest we as natural’s can be a bit defensive about the situation, and we don’t know what was said to this young lady! I’m very much over these hair debates… to each its own… be happy and do you! However you rock your hair have some pride in yourself! We don’t all have to be natural! I will say this however, I have noticed that many of my natural counter parts are a bit more enlightened when it comes to self, however I think that’s what upsets me about this post… Reading most of these comments we sound just like what were kinda fighting against!

  26. Ni
    Ni'na Griffin

    I’m natural I also wear a weave from time to time…I don’t see the big problem my weave is easy I don’t have to do anything but stick a wand through it…my natural is so precious and time consuming…so yea girl s/o to you cause you took the easy rode lol

  27. Catrenna Gregory
    Catrenna Gregory

    Thats y women are so stupid now… Wtf does it matter? Blowing out someone else’s candle dnt make u shine no brighter. Ignorance. Perm, natural, extensions or braids… Do u.

  28. Aisha Johnson
    Aisha Johnson

    Why be proud you bouhgt hair? Proud youre wearing either someone elses hair or a man made material on your head as your own? I’m confused by the foolishness and ignorance of her post. Why be happy all your money is on top of your head? Have you paid all you bills? Are you kids taken care of, do you have a savings? I can go on but its pointless, women like this will not understand. Its not bout what on your head, its about what’s in it!

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