Do You Only Wear Your Real Hair Because You Are Broke?


I guess we Naturalistas are broke as heck for daring to rock our real hair, right. My fiancé tagged me in a post on Instagram so that I could see the ignorant views some women have on wearing their real hair. The post is of a screen shot of a woman’s twitter message. It implied that the reason why we natural Sistas go natural is because we are broke and can’t afford weaves. She explained that her weaves are expensive and because we cannot afford it, we have no choice but to wear our real hair.

 My weave is expensive. I guess if you’re a broke basis b**** you got no choice but to wear your real hair

Clearly her level of intelligence and grammar is another story all by itself. We won’t go there. But, can you imagine the ignorance of this woman? Her prized hair is not the one that grows from her head but the hair that she paid lots of money for – that came from another woman’s head! How does this even make sense? I must state that I do not know if she was talking about natural hair or relaxed hair that is not in a weave. Wearing relaxed hair is surely not cheap, so I don’t know. Either way, it is still a very ignorant thing to say.

The words in this post struck a nerve with me because I know that this is what a lot of women think. A lot of our black sisters look down on us nappy headed sistas for wearing our hair the way God made us. I remember when I told people I was going to go natural. Some asked me why? What’s wrong? Ummm, nothing is wrong. I didn’t know going natural was going to be a lifestyle change – which I love btw. I simply wanted to not burn my scalp anymore to get straight hair that I was not born with.

Nor did I want to get my scalped pulled and sewn anymore to get long straight hair that came from someone else’s head. I was just tired of it all. Was it a money problem? Hell no! I been perming since I was 7yrs old and weaving since I was in high school and knew that it is just a part of a black woman’s life and so you had to pay for it the same way you pay for food. It was a ritual known to most of us black women.

We as black women need to rebuild confidence in ourselves.

That woman’s ignorant rant is evidence that there, under those expensive weaves that she so gloriously praise, lies deep self-esteem issues  She cannot see the beauty and power and luxury of wearing the hair that grows from her scalp. She cannot fathom the idea of learning to care for her real hair so that her crown can always sit high on her head with brilliance.

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About Shelly Ann Cameron

Hi, I am Shelly Ann Cameron, freelance writer for Jamaican born but call NYC home since 2005. When I'm not at my full time job as a Marketing Analyst, I am blogging about natural hair and lifestyle on my blog I created my blog to document my natural hair journey and share whatever I learned along the way. I am a promoter of healthy hair whether it's relaxed or natural. While I am no natural hair Nazi, since going natural in 2011, many of my articles are natural hair driven.

About Shelly Ann Cameron

Hi, I am Shelly Ann Cameron, freelance writer for Jamaican born but call NYC home since 2005. When I'm not at my full time job as a Marketing Analyst, I am blogging about natural hair and lifestyle on my blog I created my blog to document my natural hair journey and share whatever I learned along the way. I am a promoter of healthy hair whether it's relaxed or natural. While I am no natural hair Nazi, since going natural in 2011, many of my articles are natural hair driven.


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  1. Shanice Sahel

    Why would you post what trap god Lou has to say on here? Lmao look at her whole twitter page chick is a joke. So I suppose those white girls who poke fun are broke too. Madness

  2. Avis Gardner LBee

    Her facts are all wrong! Taking care of my real hair is expensive!! Good grief ppl need to think before speaking/typing

    1. solena williams

      I agree, either way it is an investment. Whether natural or weaved, depending on the products or hairdresser either one can be costly if you are not fortunate enough to have the skills to take care of, or maintain your own hair. I have diabetes and growing my own hair is very difficult. The older you get the more difficult it is to maintain healthy hair, the gray starts to take over and so does illness in some cases. I do wear weave, but I give my hair and scalp a break sometimes and wear a ponytail. When you do not have naturally long hair some women feel inadequate, I know I do, because I look awful with short hair and it is not flattering to my features at all. I love the looks I achieve with weave.

    1. Fay

      LOL And just because you wear a weave doesn’t mean you aren’t! I make decent money but I could never spend hundreds of dollars on weave!

  3. Ni'na Griffin

    Brokeee? Seriously my natural hair products are expensive.!!!! Why throw shade… You have no choice but to wear your “expensive weave” cuase you probably can’t grow your own lol

    1. Coco

      Right, right. she probably don’t have anty hair. That’s why she always rock weave. Truth be told I have tried hundreds of styles in my life and have enjoyed everyone that I picked. That’s every woman right try what you like. When I would see people I knew gluing hair in all the time then without the weave. The baldheadedness I knew then that that wasn’t the path for me. Wether my hair was long so short, grew fast or slow at least I had some growing from my own head. I like to change it up, but the one thing I never want to be is bald because of some hair glue. Just think the people who make this stuff don’t know or care to know about black hair what makes it strive or anything all they care about is getting paid and thanks to ignorant b’s like her black women are a dream come true. How can you trust someone just looking to make profit. How are they in control of what we NEED for our hair??? That lye has eaten most of your brain’s for good. Think if it’s burning your scalp and hair out it has to be seeping into your skin all three layers to the brain and becoming apart of your chemical make up. It’s poison. Not saying anything bad about women who perm but I WILL NEVER GO BACK. More power to you whatever you decide to do with your hair. Natural is long journey that only you can decide. I want to know what the perms are going to do when it all ends and there are no more beauty supply stores. We naturals will still be maintaining the way we are now and have been and the others will be in a panic….. I’m just sayn’ what side are you on????

  4. Sharmane Smith

    Such ignorance need not be acknowledged… I spend more money as a natural then I ever did when it was permed… Between my products, hair color, and my many protective styles.

  5. Keisha Banzai Blandon

    Natural hair care is expensive. You know how many products and tools you go through to see what your hair wants and needs? It’s a learning experience and sometimes is really time consuming. Any “basic” women could just buy hair to put on, in, and through their hair or relax it. It takes a strong, patient, persistent women to learn and care for the hair she (and all black women) was born with. Some black women can be SO ridiculous.

  6. Hi-mynames Alicia

    First of all its “basic” not basis…so she needa use the money that she buys her “expensive weave” with and buy some English credits!! Dumb ole dummy ass girl! !

  7. Hellen Kamau

    I go short and natural because it’s easy to maintain and I don’t have to try too hard to look good. I protect it with braids.

  8. Diamond Lee

    Did she ever think that maybe we are confident rocking our natural and she doesn’t have any confidence unless she’s made up with pounds of makeup and someone else’s hair?

  9. Ashley Watson

    Very ignorant and its not basis, it’s basic.. her weave probably covers up her insecurities.. I love weave but my hair is more important

  10. Caramel Kimmie

    Some of these black women needs to grow-up and the ones who chose to post this negativity invest your money in something more positive like education, spiritual trips ect nobody got time for that. Is that all we (speaking in general) got to talk about is

  11. Kristiana Bridges

    Smh… Being natural and embracing it is a process! It’s a beautiful but time consuming stage 🙂 I love my hair !! But I do wear protective styles if I don’t feel like doing it . Oh, were we supposed to address that nonsense above .. Nah, I.won’t even bother to entertain ignorance !

  12. Tiffany Nicole Roberts

    smh, this is so ignorant, i like wearing weave by choice, but wearing my own hair doesn’t make me broke, that’s more money in the bank i have !! clearly she’s broke for spending her rent money on Brazilian weaves !! lol

  13. Terry Matthews

    Us with natural hair who wear braids as a protective style broke? Do she know how expensive those damn breads are? I sometimes think that going back to perms would save me a lot of money because natural hair care is very expensive but in the end it’s all worth it. Bye Felicia!!!!

  14. Cee White

    This is the mess that kills me. I’m natural and the only reason I am is because I got tired of dealing with two textures in a deployed environment. Before then, I stayed having sew-ins because it was easier for my lifestyle and had I not deployed, I would still rock the sew-ins. Women would judge me because I chose to wear weave. For what? Some women, especially black women, are bitter and will find anything to bring someone down. Who cares if it’s yours or not? It doesn’t make you any better if you rock your natural hair or weave.

  15. Debra Manora

    wow, she clearly aint confident with her real hair. why spend so much money on fake hair instead invest in some products that’ll help yo real hair

  16. Candice Dollface Lewis

    Lol she sounds ignorant. She feels the need to brag about hair that she has to pay for? Well I guess. I love having my own. (Shrugs shoulders) us natural women are a “gang” according to some lol. So in that case tell her say it to our faces! Lol j/k but how sad and pitiful. I’m sorry I have to laugh at the madness.

  17. Lisa Scott

    This woman is so ignorant!!! You can’t laugh with her. You got to laugh at her. Smh

  18. Whittney Cain

    I have no weave, but I have a paid off home, 703 beacon score, but retirement accounts, health and life insurance and various bank accounts! Honey, what’s your status.. I’m sure she can’t get a prepaid credit card. Priorities little ignorant girl!

  19. Earlisha Jones

    WOW!! Well my hair was starting to thin so I decided to go natural and its been thick and full every since.. My choice had nothing to do with being broke nor was I following a fad.. I just wanted healthy hair.

  20. Miriam Correa

    I wear my natural hair because its long and I don’t need a weave to achieve length or volume. Thank you very much have a nice day.

  21. Gershelle Cunningham

    Well, from my experiences, many of women who are natural just so happen to be very rude and anal. ….particularly when its pertaining to hair. Its a complete turn off. I have unliked over five ‘Natural Hair’ sites because asking a simple question will bring all kinds of condescending comments from the woodworks. I think what she said was quite silly and to repost it is even sillier but I can understand her frustration. You dont have to have a chip on your shoulder because you’re rocking an afro. Stop being so nasty towards each other. …and how many of you who are natural have made ugly comments about women who wear weave? Far too many to count….dont make rude remarks about someone with a weave then get offended when she says something derogatory about you.

    1. Lilly

      Point well taken! We can be our own worst enemies!

  22. Dvine Lovin

    Don’t come for me is so corny.. Heard that before. I know I don’t wear weave cause I wanna rock my OWN hair for a change. I’m in my 30s and it’s time I acknowledged the hair I was born with instead of the hair grown out ofsomeone else’s head. Why praise another’s hair when my hair is just as beautiful and FREE.. I love me a good weave from time to time. Can’t stand self hate. Nothing wrong with our hair..

    1. Micole Spicer

      I agree! Black women must love ourselves and our hair. I grew my relaxer out. It has been a year and I am so happy that I did. I have had chemicals in my hair since I was 7yrs old. #naturalhairrocks.

  23. Dawn Elaina Jasper-Herndon

    I have this super power where I can grow the same hair she paid FOR FREE! I’ve had people offer me money for my hair…she was probably one of them. I still have my ponytail from my big chop if she needs it….

  24. MEshell Green

    Not all people with natural hair look great some people look a mess hair has lint in it, dry dull look. I have my hair natural but you have to take care of your appearance.

  25. Tamika Rogers

    Ok so here’s something to think about… it sounds to me that this young lady is speaking to a specific person, so maybe we all shouldn’t get so upset! Secondly lets evaluate the real problem behind this post…. Natural vs Unnatural…! We all know that on both sides their are people whom fight to the death about which is better, and that leaves most people upset. On both sides we criticize the other…. SHAME! I have been natural for so many years that I stopped counting past 10! But for a whole 10 I kept my hair under weaves and wigs. I got so many nasty comments from natural’s it was sad… Then about 5 years ago I began to embrace my own hair and the dirty comments began to roll in from the weave wears and perm rockers! So lets be fair and honest we as natural’s can be a bit defensive about the situation, and we don’t know what was said to this young lady! I’m very much over these hair debates… to each its own… be happy and do you! However you rock your hair have some pride in yourself! We don’t all have to be natural! I will say this however, I have noticed that many of my natural counter parts are a bit more enlightened when it comes to self, however I think that’s what upsets me about this post… Reading most of these comments we sound just like what were kinda fighting against!

  26. Ni'na Griffin

    I’m natural I also wear a weave from time to time…I don’t see the big problem my weave is easy I don’t have to do anything but stick a wand through it…my natural is so precious and time consuming…so yea girl s/o to you cause you took the easy rode lol

  27. Catrenna Gregory

    Thats y women are so stupid now… Wtf does it matter? Blowing out someone else’s candle dnt make u shine no brighter. Ignorance. Perm, natural, extensions or braids… Do u.

  28. Aisha Johnson

    Why be proud you bouhgt hair? Proud youre wearing either someone elses hair or a man made material on your head as your own? I’m confused by the foolishness and ignorance of her post. Why be happy all your money is on top of your head? Have you paid all you bills? Are you kids taken care of, do you have a savings? I can go on but its pointless, women like this will not understand. Its not bout what on your head, its about what’s in it!

  29. Bianca Louis

    Wearing natural hair is healthier than relaxed or weaved hair and it’s just as expensive. #thatladyisignorant

  30. Funkz A Abz

    I think she’ in denial…. It takes just another somebody to put a humanly modified hair together but it takes a strong and respectable human to understand what natural hair is all about. It is very clear wat category she falls into. In addition the word ‘weave’ is singular which probably means that she only has one of it and recycle wen she needs to install ‘the weave’…. Now who is the broke BASIC b…?

  31. Rebecca Ashley Love

    Not all people that are weave and perm , have no confidence or self love hate when people say that because it was all of you at one point , I think it’s petty that the permed ,weaved and natural girls go against each other do what’s best for you worry about yourselves instead trying to tear each other down or tell the next what they should be doing with their hair or simply sharing an unwanted opinion about someone’s hair if she wanna walk around weaved up and bald underneath that’s her problem she’s ignorant

  32. Stacy-Ann Shreeves

    Wearing natural hair, wearing weaves, wearing wigs, wearing braids.. Who cares! That’s her opinion.. It’s ignorant, but it’s still her opinion.. The hate comes from BOTH naturalista and women wearing weaves.. I wear all if the above that I mention! I Iove my hair but I hate wearing the same look all the time and my natural lenght is not long enough to do the styles I want.. Eitherway, stop entertaining these nonsense! Wearing weaves and rocking natural hair are EXPENSIVE!! Let’s embrace one another!! Stop the hate!

  33. Tarsha Denverbroncosfan Webb

    I think that was ridiculous statement and came from someone who has different priorities and is materialistic. Why in hell would pay a lot of money for weave when you can grow your own hair. My sister hair is natural and has grew past mine after the big chop. To each its own. I don’t like natural hair. But, I’m not going to bash anyone for it. What if your rebuttal was your must doing grow and it would’ve been the same stereotype she’s using. I’m relaxed with close to arm pit length.

  34. Donna Coles

    Oh my goodness. Just when I thought I had seen it all.
    That poor misguided soul. She must have not seen the sights I’ve witness of women with barely a pot or a window sporting the most ratchet jacked up weaves on planet earth.
    To be honest I frankly don’t care how much money is spent on weaves. For the most part they look horrible. Helmet heads.

  35. Essence Wilcox

    Phss its more money taking care of ur real hair!…. I wear weave so I dont gave to spend money lmaooooo!!

  36. Leo Virgo

    I wear my real hair in a natural state because it is beautiful. Going to the salon to get my natural hair styled is not cheaper than when I used to get a relaxer. There is a lot that I can say about that post but I won’t because she doesn’t know me and it was not directed towards me. I just hope that one day she will build her self-esteem up to realize the hair that grows that from her head is much more valuable than the hair she buys in packs

  37. Maybell Lena Killion

    Wow, that’s just rat speak! With natural hair I spend lots of money. At $80 or more every two weeks or more THEN on quality products. It’s more than I ever spent on relaxers and weave styles years ago. In my opinion, weave is not the way to go and truly, if she or anyone had beautiful hair why would they need weave?! Also how does said rat know if people are broke or not?

  38. Penny Luster

    The level of ignorance in the post is amazing. When she learns to soell basic which I’m sure was the intent then I will consider a reply.

  39. Cap King

    We need to mind our own damn business if someone wants to go natural cool if someone wants to wear weave thats cool too!

  40. Jeaneen Alise

    No it’s because I’m smart… I don’t spend thousands on my hair anymore and it’s healthier than it’s ever been… Broke… Nope

  41. Aeisha Chocolatebrownsugar Beaufort

    It’s STILL just hair and if what someone else does with it bothers you that much then perhaps YOUR priorities dear sweet baby are not in proper order. Natural,weaves,perms it’s STILL JUST HAIR…

  42. Ni-Ni Henderson

    Seems like somebody copied her response to someone. I guess the other person initiated things saying something about her wearing a weave and more.

  43. Sherrie MissChief

    Ok I’m not gonna lie… One of the reasons I became natural was to save $ from going to the shop. As a college student living in the middle of nowhere, I had to make a change. If you don’t turn into a product junkie and do your research on styles/maintenance/care etc so u don’t have to go to those overpriced natural salons I think it can be less expensive. It’s still funny how women take pride in how much their weave costs. Paying to wear someone else’s hair all the time has got to be taxing…

  44. Jessica Jones

    Though I don’t agree with what she is saying I will defend her right to express it. Its a opinion we all have one

  45. Mariah S. Romero

    Forgive her lawd, she knows not what she says. Lol. But I am natural because I have too much damn hair to be doing a lot to it. My hair is down to my hips and it was super thick and curly. I mean I lost an entire trashcan of hair recently but hell I still have a fuckwad of hair. My hair has it’s own curl and length so why can’t I flaunt it? Natural hair takes time to cultivate. ..and it is expensive. For all of the shampoos, flexible rod sets, curling gels, detanglers, waxes, etc. Someone needs to educate her in history of our hair. The saddest part is, this wasn’t a white person saying this. Actually they love natural hair from my experience. Black people have the biggest problem with it.

    1. Sydney Shea Jacobs

      Right?? The most messed up comments come from other black women!! What’s that about?? I love natural hair and I LOVE seeing other women with natural hair. It’s beautiful! But if someone wants to rock fake hair or relaxed hair, while I don’t agree, do you honey. As long as you’re happy

    2. Mariah S. Romero

      Terri Williams, you and I were talking about this the other day. …and I personally believe that it comes from “our society”. I have always had a lot of hair but growing up I got told that my hair was nappy and I “needed to get a perm” or “do something to it”… To this day I still get mixed reactions. ” I LOVE your hair. Can I touch it?” To women mean mugging me or picking with me. …and I agree but the first time people call me on my hair, I will blow up any and all insecurities that I notice you have. Lol. I don’t deal with stupidity.

    3. Terri Williams

      Yes, it is definitely a societal issue. Some will accept it, some won’t. But the beauty of it is, as long as you’re comfortable with it it doesn’t matter what others have to say! Going natural was one of the best decisions I’ve made…growing locs was an even better one. My head and my wallet are both much healthier 🙂

  46. Mariah S. Romero

    ….and besides, if the only way you can feel pretty is with someone else’s hair on your head, you have issues. Yeah I said it! Whatchu gonna do about it? Lmao.

  47. Krisha DeShawn

    I use to spend $200 dollars a month to get my hair cut and curled EVERY Saturday. I could wear weaves, I just choose to embrace what God gave me and save my money.

  48. Audri Ruff

    To each her own…keeping making them Koreans rich….that Lye on your head cant handle the truth!!

  49. Tyesha Warren

    That is the most ignorant paragraph that I have read in a looong time. Smh. I wear my hair natural because I love my natural hair

  50. Kelly Nechelle Mcgruder

    I wear my natural hair now bcuz under all those wigz and weavez I didn’t realize how beautiful my own hair iz. I’m Not working az much az I used to, so now I can stop and smell the roses.

  51. Elle Odoba

    Looooooooooooooooooool! !!! I’m broke that’s why I wear my hair natural? !!! An utter twat!!!

  52. Keona Hughes

    I wear my natural hair because i actually have hair to put in a full ponytail and edges to slick down

  53. Ms Moneyca

    Lol at “basis”. She sounds dumb actually. My natural hair is BSL…the length of most of the weave she has in her head. Nobody cares how expensive hair is but the person buying it. She needs to have a stadium of seats!!

  54. Kristin Lewis

    Natural hair for me because I love my own hair. I don’t want someone else’s on my head…I don’t share hats or hair. Peace

  55. Cheneye Cousins

    I would rather put the money on my car note/ light bill/ IRA/Vacation/etc than throw it away by putting it on my hair! Now I can understand a 100-150 which is what I would spend on getting my hair done because its long. But women are spending 400-100 dollars! I just can’t fathom it..but I know I’m in the wrong business! Lol

  56. Tonya Alexander

    Honestly reading this message doesn’t say to me that she feels that way. It seems as though she was defending herself by what someone said to her.

    1. Sasha Hollomon

      I feel the same way. I feel like this article was a little on the messy side and out of context. We don’t know what was said about her to make her react that way.

  57. Locquetta Banks

    No every woman dnt wear weaves because they rather wear there natual hair so they can feel the wind blow through there hair unlike weave its to hot

  58. Latoya Aaliyah Small

    Lol this is pure ignorance. I’ll put it this way everyone had their reasons for how they wear their hair it’s not nobody business but theirs. I went natural over 2 years ago because I was tired of the relaxing thinning and damaging my hair. I was only relaxed a few years of my adult life was the worst decision I could make but I still wear weave along with other protective styles to give my hair a breather. #simplemindedpeople

  59. Lina Smith

    I wear my hair to teach my daughter and other ladies or young girls that our hair is beautiful. It doesn’t need to be covered by weave.

  60. Somuchstronger Morris

    I dont feel any kind of way about her post she wasnt talking about me. But I went back to being natural because the weaves were destroying my hair. It doesn’t have to be a financial thing just a personal preference.

  61. Kam

    She is stupid I feel like being natural is expensive as well you’re trying products that work for you. Natural products aren’t cheap.

  62. Kirby Drisdale

    I only wear my hair natural when I don’t feel like having colors like purple, pink, etc. Otherwise I wear some pretty rad wigs that I get awesome deals on. c:

  63. Makia Meadows

    This is the dumbest thing i’ve ever heard. I could be the richest person in the world and still wear my natural hair. The only time I wear weave is when I want a fast new look, or if I need a break from doing it….then I get braids.

  64. Kimberly Champion

    i do. my braiding hair costs less than $10 bucks a month and olive oil and coconut oil are inexpensive too. it wasnt the reason i started being natural, but it has been a reason iv stayed. im not ashamed

  65. Kacellia Patrick

    She is as basic as it comes. .. A real chic instead of buying expensive weaves would take the money in find some investments… A savings for a raining day… maybe a down payment on a home. . If you want to call me broke because I rock my natural go right ahead because when it’s all said and done while you spending all your money on $300 weaves every month or so I will take my little broke $300 and buy stocks and CDs and make sure my babies can attend college with no worries. …

  66. Davina

    I’m in disbelief.
    This girl genuinely has mental issues. No one should pay her any mind, all she does is tweet for internet infamy.

  67. Genette DeBose

    That girl sound so stupid. I’m natural and ” It ain’t cheap” she’s prob. One of those ratchets that buys hair before she pays her damn rent.

  68. Lashantae Harris

    i think instead of paying for that expensive weave she need to go spend that money on some english classes

  69. Bernice Reyes

    I agree that wearing someone else hair on your head is expensive. So either the fear of wearing her own hair terrorizes her or she is still stuck in the idea that women of color are not attractive unless they have a European/Asian inspired look to their hair. Taking care of natural hair is expensive and entails more knowledge than having a stranger hair mended to your own hair, which is a no brainer.

  70. Wendy Jean-Louis

    I swear to go I saw a comment exactly like thst under a YouTube discussion. It’s sad but whatever she wants yo believe. I mean she is no better than these natural hair Nazis who attack people for having a perm or weave. Sounds like she is defending herself but wrong word of choice.

  71. Rana Rouse

    If she knew what she was talking about, it isn’t cheap wearing your hair natural. It is costly and time consuming. Not that it’s a bad thing just the truth.

  72. Faith A. Carson

    It has nothing to do with money mostly. It’s more about how women who go natural think that they ate more brave or more black because they wear their hair natural. No, you just chose a different regimen. No more or less expensive, simply different.

  73. Kiela Evon

    there is nothing wrong with natural hair..this is what makes me hate the mindset of young females today because everything is about money. the only reason I wear weaves are because I don’t have the time and patience to struggle with my real hair. and I can do so many styles with weave. I would love to west my natural hair…if it wasn’t so hard to deal with.

  74. Sam Drigo Freeman

    am guessing she means “basic” not “basis”……maybe she should spend some of that money on some reading classes too.

  75. Maria Cain

    Really….I think u wear weave because you to cheap to keep it up your hair!!!

  76. Tammie Faulkner Taylor

    What an inflammatory post. I know plenty of weave/wig wearers and I know plenty of naturals. Have NEVER heard this sentiment from a weave/wig wearer.
    The person that wrote that OBVIOUSLY is of lesser intelligence and likely has a few baby daddies and is a welfare queen. Intelligent, employed, mentally mature people don’t think like that.

  77. Karen Cauthorne

    It really shouldn’t matter. I wear long, short, curly weaves, braids, my natural hair and my hair relaxed. I do this simply because I WANT TO!!! It has nothing to do with low self esteem or not being a proud black woman. I like changing my hair and my look. It kills me that we as black women are so quick to judge each other for our personal choices. Let’s uplift each other and use our forums to discuss real issues and not such superficial things like how we wear our hair! Not a sermon just a thought.

  78. Bianca Hargrett

    I personally wear my real hair cause I got a lot of it and it looks better than weaves. If she had the same than it wouldn’t be a problem.

  79. Shanae Monique

    Pure ignorance. I know girls who wear bomb ass weaves & bundles of hair but got beautiful healthy natural as well & wear it when they please. She’s the basic one. Maybe she wears weaves cuz her natural hair ain’t laid like that!

  80. Artra Veal

    You should wear your real hair anyway. Whether you perm it or wear it natural, let your head breathe sometimes. Weaves and wigs are a temporary thing. Not all black women have short hair honey. This is just another fool plight to keep you women brainwashed into trying to look like those other women.

  81. Carmella McCoy

    From the looks and sound of it, that “expensive weave” is causing a negative side effect on her intellect.

  82. Princess Meka

    Who brags about spending a lot if money on something that does not bring any value to your household smh I wear my real hair because it’s longer then her weave

  83. Rashema Hendrix

    I wear my real hair because I can and it’s long,beautiful and healthy. No need for weave #Longhairdontcare

  84. Nona Harris

    I think black women put too much emphasis and energy on hair; whether natural or unnatural. I see nothing wrong with either choice. Its just hair. I like wearing weaves but some people dont. But natural hair care can be just as expensive as weaves….

  85. Arishia Ato

    ignorance is a voluntary act. If you feed into ignorance and foul mouth individuals then that’s what your life will be about nonsense. Our legacy as being black women is not letting certain words spew out of our mouths. Know your real history and learn it. Queens respect yourselves and stop taring each other down that’s what the European society wants you to do and your allowing them to put a label of negativity upon you. remove that label start fresh and be a better you.

  86. Angel Higginbotham

    Lol….is somebody this ignorant & ratchet at the same time lmaoooo …please enroll her in the nearest community college & advise her to start with general ed courses 1st

  87. Sylvsz Laurence

    Loool at that comment… I think a lot of people wear expensive weave to try and have high quality hair like some of us… Hi Hater!!!

  88. Tamisha J Foster

    I wish i didnt have to wear weave…i follow this page and im not a natural hair sista..its your choice on what u want to do with your hair but to knock ppl for this is silly

  89. Nerissa Nicole

    Now..Now this is what many people talk about..when they talk about black people…i ve lived all over thw world…some people who are raised on certain areas believe one thing and others believe something different…example…more people on the westcoast wear weaves…cali,vegas where in places like NYC….DC.. you find more natual hair…do what makes u happy…bumb what the next chick is talking about… i was married to a hair stylist…i do my own hair..i rock a diffenent style everymonth

  90. Teena Headding

    I gotta tell ya….i have been more envious of the beautiful styles & versatilty of natural black hair than of the i-can-only-wear-it-one-way-weave…js

  91. Michele Terry

    Lol,,hey don’t be hatin on my naturally beautiful hair, i’ve wore weave several times,felt so smothering to my head,,didn’t like it. Love my natural hair!

  92. Joyce Hellaclassyandsassy Williams

    When you’re bald and look like s**t without a weave I guess she would pay all kinds of money to falsify the real. B**ch probably be late on her rent tryna hide the ugly lol…true bosses dont pay a b***h s**t and do their own hair, keeping then hundreds…she a basic b***h lol

  93. Q.U.E. QUIT Using Excuses

    No, b/c no child need to be forced to have their haircut just do I can have hair that I don’t need. Once I saw #GoodHair that did it for me. Haven’t worn a ponytail since.

  94. NaTasha Brown

    Okay, here’s my view. It’s deeper than weave, relaxed, or natural. It’s identity theft! Women wear their hair, (natural or relaxed) because they are confident and grateful with God has blessed them with. Hair weave is an accessory, it adds to your outer appearance, not inner beauty. Some women like distinguished authentic looks, not wordly and trendy , that fade away. For some women, they know the enemy. Even through hair weave—- rob, steal , kill, destroy, and create a new identity that is not truly who they are. It’s not about the hair weave or money. It’s an undercurrent.

  95. Crystal Brounson-Massey

    She needs help. I have money because i work. I can buy hair but i choose to wear my natural hair. Always have and always will. No offense to those that choose to wear weave but I choose to wear my own and not because i dont have money either.

  96. Lorenza Jackson

    I love my natural hair! Weave is Okay, but in the end not good to keep in. And it is expensive to have natural hair and time consuming to nurture it. My hair is not nappy, it is beautiful and many people wish they had my hair. While my hair is versatile, a weave is not and down right ordinary. No one should be coming for nor sending for anyone, but should be uplifting and supportive of one another. I love my sistahs. If someone feels a certain way about their hair that’s fine, but knocking someone about how they choose to rock their is not cool. I’m
    sure we have better things to do with our time.

  97. Donna Webb

    Folks are just confused. Whatever way you decide to wear your hair requires maintainence period. You just decide where your priorities are in terms of time and effort and the costs associated between the two. I personally prefer to invest the money I save towards my future so I give up my time and make the effort to take care of my natural hair (locs). Trust when I don’t feel like being bothered I’ll make that call and pay someone else to do it. Broke is when you spend money you can’t afford not to save. just know your priorities.

  98. Sharon Ross

    Natural hair is more expensive and hard work. I have been natural for two years and spend more money now than I did with relaxed and weaved hair. Finding what’s natural for you is harder than buying someone else’s version of what they think you should be.

  99. Kieonia Adams

    Wow she need to be slap with her own words. The person that wrote this must don’t have a clue. I think she need to buy some brains for that expensive hair. Smh

  100. Charlene Jeffers

    I bet her day to day living conditions are worse than what a roach lives but she rocking that expensive weave. Smh. Ppl nowadays put the wrong value on frivolous things.

  101. Kim Pennington

    I think she’s looking for attention. I’m more than happy with my hair. Why spend money on perfection when I was BLESSED with it. My hair is my pride and joy.

  102. Roneisha Monae

    Well that’s not that case for me. I just enjoy wearing my own hair. Never really been into weaves for myself. But I do like that I do save a lot of money by wearing and doing my own natural hair instead of buying that expensive hair and and then paying for it to get styled, but it’s far from the fact that I’m basic.

  103. Sandra Sahara

    Those ‘Natural’ Hair products are hella expensive. I don’t know what she is talking about!

  104. Nyota Ferguson

    My choice to go natural had nothing to do with finances and everything to do with just wanting to live my life. I was tried of wrapping my hair, tired of not enjoying the beach or pool, tired of fearing my new growth would show if I didn’t do my touch up in time. Going natural has been the most freeing experience! Also, I have to add, I spend a small fortune on haircare products to maintain my natural hair! :0)

  105. Nikki TaylorMade Taylor

    I just had this conversation with my sister. It cost $100+ to get your hair weaved and $100+ for the hair. You get it done and keep it in(for a few months) . Natural hair requires more maintenance and the products are NOT cheap especially If you are constantly going through trial and error and keep switching your hair products to decide which product is best for you. I wouldn’t even care about what she feels(or anyone else for that matters) …she rather rock a weave and that’s her prerogative as it is my choice(others) to rock their NATURAL…everyone is entitled to rock what make them comfortable…

  106. Kersha Beaver

    Weaves are self expression. Weaves give a variety. Allows you to change your look without the heat damage or change up color without bleaching

  107. Nyyota Holmes

    I wear my natural hair because it grows thicker and longer much faster. And in 30 years it will still be growing and healthy.

  108. Gi Wolfes

    1. I love my hair the way it is.
    2. My hair products are expensive.
    3. Even if I was broke I don’t have to be ashamed of it and it’s not your damn business.
    blessings all^^

  109. Nikki TaylorMade Taylor

    Kersha So is Natural hair. You can change your look without heat damage as well….and you can put in a RINSE….which is NOT Permanent…
    So what ever someone with a weave can do someone with natural hair can do as well…

  110. Porter Novelli

    I wear my hair natural because I love myself and don’t need to wear someone’s lice-treated hair on my head. I don’t have to pretend to be beautiful.

  111. Kerimah Rogers

    I don’t wear weave I wear my OWN hair!!! Even though I still relax it, I take good care of it and it GROWS and it’s THICK. Thank you very much

  112. Karen Johnson

    Ignorance!! I hope she has a house and a car. I hope she gets the best Brazilian Yaky hair lol

  113. Tehia Mason

    She’s ignorant, and need to educate herself on natural hair. Being natural isn’t cheap at all, but at least it’s my hair, and I’m not paying a mint for someone else’s hair. Why do some black women feel the need to try and tear other black women down?

  114. Kai McIver

    It looks like she was responding to a comment made towards her. That being said…it was still an ignorant statement. Natural hair does not equal basic. And if she wants to spend her money on a weave, who the hell cares? I wouldn’t spend $600 on somebody else’s hair, but that is my choice. And I have had several weaves in the past. Anyway…wear your hair however you want, and mind your damn business lol

  115. Robin Lovinme

    She is upset because a lot of people feel like naturals are in a clique and they are outsiders, she just want attention, I dont see relaxed women and weave women supporting each other like naturals do, girl have many seats

  116. Carol Denise Allen

    I wear my hair natural for a couple reasons:
    1. I Like my CURLY HAIR
    2. I DON’T want to spend all day in a salon.
    3. I don’t want my confidence based on whether or not I have a long hair weave are super long lashes.
    4. I’d rather save my money. Hundreds of dollars for hair seem crazy.
    5. Natural hair is beautiful.

  117. Tea Cake

    I am not about to entertain her comment because that’s neither here nor there! People say & do anything for attention these days. For the record, expensive weave doesn’t = great quality #myopinion now on to the next

  118. MsKat

    Ha, ignorant. I have noticed in my observations of people in general, there is a particular subgroup of people, of which she is one, who feel that having expensive hair from someone else’s head on theirs is a form of status, Same people who will purchase the most gaudy designer bag (or pay top dollar for a knockoff) in a designer’s line, just so they can be seen carrying it, to show everybody they have the “best”. Never mind that when they arrive home swinging their faux hair and their gaudy bag on their arm, their possessions are at the curb because they spent their rent money one time too many. To be clear, I’ve nothing against faux hair or gaudy expensive purses personally, to each their own. It only irritates me when someone flashes a false sense of superiority, looking down on others, just because of what they have that someone else doesn’t. In other words, this chick and her expensive hair needs to go someplace and just have a seat. In a grammar class would be a good place.

  119. Chana Johnson

    I have returned to natural, and how a woman wears her hair is her choice, but what I take offense to is the young lady equating going natural with the negative connotation of being broke; like if one chooses to be natural, it is some kind of punishment. I have been broke and not so broke, and through it all, I sport my natural hair.

  120. Vedejah Scroggins

    Lol no no no I’ve seen some busted up weave very busted up so I mean I know my hair is not the cutest at times but it still looks better than some busted up weave that somebody paid over 100 dollars for plus I want my hair to healthy and beautiful eventually that weave is coming out and what’s underneath a rats nest I’m sure

  121. Monalisa Temple-Bess

    I read this and I can’t believe how ignorant some people are. I would rather rock my own hair than someone else’s damn nasty hair any day. I never wore a wig nor a damn weave and never will.

  122. Doris Walkins

    Lmao!!! Is this a real question??? You know how much Miss Jessie’s and all that other natural hair care stuff costs??? Lol

  123. Ranina Bolton

    So not the reason for my natural hair. She just doesn’t feel comfortable enough in her own skin to rock it & making excuses to feel good for not trying it maybe.

  124. Kathryn Leger

    I love natural hair. I went to a school where I could learn to care for and style it. Be proud of it. Love it.

  125. Lisa Allen-Cruz

    I agree it’s a ignorant thing to say. It also is a slap in the face of black women altogether.

    Now..i admit I’m Not Natural! But it’s because I’m lazy! Lol

    However, I applaud those of you who are. It’s shows confidence, strength, self appreciation, pride and courage to go against the “norm” of what white society says is beautiful.

    Weaves & braids are expensive.
    We are paying into a industry that won’t allow blacks to own a part of! Humm.. If I didn’t want to cut off all my hair, to go natural, I would.
    So sad she put that nastiness out in the open.

  126. Tiana Silas

    Lol, ignorance at its best. Like Kanye said (before he got all weird), “The things we buy to cover up what’s inside.”

  127. Hannah Okorafor

    That’s ridiculous as you still need to by products to keep your hair in great condition. Everyone knows what happens when you leave natural hair to Mother Nature! It becomes unmanageable.
    Plus, weave has a cheap range as well as an expensive one. I know people rocking £10 weave in their heads, so yah know! 😉

  128. Hailey Humphreys Rush

    Obviously the person who wrote the message is classless, not because she wears “expensive weave”, but because of the manner in which she presents herself. & I wear my natural hair because I love it and choose to just as she chooses to wear hear “expensive weave”

  129. Karlii Mae

    Ppl are so stupid in the day in age where stupid can be passed around and made popular…lml….i wear weave I’m poor as hell lmao….

  130. Tay Diosa Caliente-roja Simmons

    I totally do not agree with her ignorant comments, BUT I’ve seen even worse comments from some of us naturals. The comments on some of these natural sites are not just against relaxed or weaves hair, but against other naturals. I’m a baby natural only about 8 months old. I have “liked” a lot of sites in this time. The comments made when pictures of natural hairstyles are atrocious and filled with hate. Have you made such degrading comments on a hairstyle you deamed beneath you??!

    I never wore weaves, and have never been a fan of them. But that’s my choice. Women in general find a way to demean and berate one another one way or another. Be it hair, clothes, skin color, looks or men, some women are heartless. On social media, there is no filter. Ask yourselves how many times you’ve said something nasty to a woman just to be NASTY. How many ignorant comments have you made because you’re no longer relaxed. Hell, the natural community is even divided….which hair type is better (good hair vs bad hair), whose not natural/natural enough, etc. It’s all ridiculous! We’re our own downfall. We’ll always divide ourselves no matter what type of hair we have. Some women are just naturally mean and hateful….natural or not. Sound like she’s retaliating. What’s the difference in hate filled words other than who spews them? They all hurt.

  131. Armella Ijustwantedastupidlongnametoo Fikes

    ^^amen! I am NOT broke. Ive worn every expensive weave type there is. But whenever it came out I still had to deal with the unhealthy damaged mess underneath….which is what promted me to go natural and focus on growing my hair out naturally healthy. So yeah mizz thang does need to sit on down and maybe read a book or something

  132. Goddess4Life

    This thinking is truly sad, I import all sort of luxury weaves from around the world, But I RESPECT a women who wear her own coils of curls kinky natural , even if its in-between your weaves, my daughter is also natural and its hard teaching her to appreciate her natural beauty, while am permed and sell weaves, but every time I see a woman natural I show her and it give me HOPE, so now my daughter is 14yrs and she can walk outside with her big beautiful tight curly kinky natural and I am so proud of her, I think natural women are very brave, not only to stand up against society but to accept oneself as they are is one truly FREE in my book!:) I feel many ladies have expensive weaves and have forgotten about taking care of their own hair so they are unable to rock their own, I think weaves should be an accessory and not a necessity … #I Take off my expensive weave off to all Naturalist!:) , #Blessup #Goddess4life

  133. Catessa Neal

    Sooo I’m basic because I wear my beautiful natural hair??? B*tch bye! This is proof that the struggle of self hatred and identity crises is real

  134. Catessa Neal

    Plus she must be broke and basic cause she can’t even invest in her own hair….. be bold and wear your hair!

  135. Marie Bush

    Hair texture, style, design, etc., is a “choice” that every woman can make to suit herself…its not necessary to try and put others down because they don’t do your choice for whatever reason! Goodness! Just do ‘you’ and if you’re happy it shouldn’t matter what others choose to do. Keeping watch over “what’s on your plate” will keep you busy enough to have ‘nothing to say’ about anyone else’s business!

  136. Angela Thomas Smith

    Wow ignorance at its best!!!!…anyway natural sistas are gorgeous. One of these days I will get where you beautiful women are….

  137. Asha Lewis

    I don’t get offended by people who wear fake expensive weave and probably can’t afford a nice quality steak from The Ivy. A BASIS b****? BASIS? Really? She needs to take several seats. In an English class. For 5th graders.

  138. Marjorie Edwards

    I think everyone should wear what they want. I get upset because everytime a black women has long hair everyone including our own think it is a weave. I am natural but flat iron my hair and I don’t get upset because some rather wear it natural. Let’s be happy with however we want to wear our hair, the main thing is, that it is our hair

  139. Brittney Amera Cruz

    I think it’s the fact that some natural women can be just as disrespectful!! Calling someone less black because they choose to go a different route is just as ignorant. It’s ok to give advice but some of these natural sisters think they are in a dictatorship and they are the dictator. Let’s all be respectful to one another.

  140. Brittney Amera Cruz

    And just bc she has a weave does not mean she isn’t natural underneath. I was lazy doing my hair with a Perm and im lazy picking out my fro. I’m a work in progress im just not a hair person either way around.

  141. Ta-Tanisha

    Just plain stupid if you ask me! I really feel as if she’s jealous of our boldness and natural beauty! I’mma pray for her…… poor thang. She’ll be on our team in the long run…. WATCH!

  142. Sibo

    Let me put it this way. After I went to Nepal and saw how they dedicate that hair to their gods as a sacrifice and then their unscrupulous priests sell that hair to black women, I would rather appear broke then let that hair that you are being ripped off to wear off a dead or if you are lucky living woman but full of evil spirits. Where does this self -hate come from?

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