Get Rid Of Itchy Synthetic Hair w/ QUICK VINEGAR RINSE – White Vinegar DEMO [Video]


A quick video showing you how I use White Vinegar or Apple Cider Vinegar to stop synthetic hair from being itchy! If you can’t stand itchy synthetic hair and are looking for a remedy, this video should help!

Products Used:


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Kim Jay

I do my of crochet Styles and I never skip this step.

Dwayne N Erykah Muhammad

Soak the hair in vinegar first, shampoo and let it dry then install no more itch!

Tina Harris

Thank you

Cynthia Amos

After the vinegar soak you can cut out the rinse steps by hanging the hair on hanger and using cold water shower nozzle to spray excess vinegar off of the hair.

Vee Forbes

Summer Battle

Eve Harris

Wash your head first of all lol

Valerie Ferguson

But, what’s in that hair to cause the itching… That’s the question!! This is me exactly… I can’t wear that stuff!! I Tried.

Yulanda Gupton

I love to use vinegar for product build up. Never tried it for itching……I use Tea tree oil for that….I think I will try this……js

Sherri Williams

Won’t it make your hair stink ????

Deeanna Aiken

Not if you rinse it completely till the water runs clear