How I get my 4c natural hair straight without heat damage! [Video]


blowdryer was set on high heat
flat iron was set on 400 degrees


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Phoenix McGee

I’m not buying a steamer.

Tatianna Wheezy Alexander

Her hair wasn’t that’s straight

Ariana Pierce

Is it wrong that I like my natural hair way straighter than this

Phoenix McGee

Good old hot six oil works on mine while I flat iron it.

Diane C. Dejean

Maybe if the temp of the flat iron was higher, i think?

Danielle Adams

I don’t think so, I agree it’s not that straight. As long as your hair is conditioned, moisturised, protected and the straighteners aren’t too hot you’re cool.

Jessica Myers Young

Too much work for those results, not very straight either

Nelson Porsia

I use my CHI straightener and it is definitely the truth. It gives my hair body also.

Let Us Go Natural
Let Us Go Natural

Good video if you blowdry and flat iron your hair. Last step, wrap and cover with a silk/satin scarf – will be extra smooth in the morning.

Danielle Adams

Good method if you blowdry and flat iron your hair but I agree it’s not that straight. If I ever straighten my hair again I’d probably (turn it down and) do 2 or 3 passes using what she refers to as the “chase” method (running I fine come just ahead of the straighteners) and (try to) allow time to wrap my hair and cover it with a silk/satin scarf.

Jeanette Allison

That doesn’t even look good

Renee Pritchett

I’m a newly natural and would love to wear my natural curls instead of flat ironing I just don’t know what to do with

Tina Waters

Why do ppl think they’re 4c when they aren’t?
Do they think that typing method stops at 4c?

Ameria Poseidon

Lol i agree

Milesha McDowell

Her hair looks extremely weighed down. And what did she do that proves she won’t have heat damage?

Gigi Elisabetta

You can actually go up to 400 degrees without getting heat damage. Just use a heat protectant and make sure your hair is detangle enough so that a fine tooth comb can glide without snagging. You also shouldn’t apply too many products and oil to your hair when flat ironing. You burn your hair that way. Think about hot grease on the stove… No. Just heat protectant and a light shining oil like biosilk or chi. Your natural oils will activate after a while and you won’t need too much product.

Shingirai Chimuti

I personally liked her vid and her results. To each her own!

Bev Smith

I’m an old fashion person I get a press n curl every so often. That’s right a pressing comb an curling iron

Camella Rose Jones

Nah that was not cute at all and had no movement was stiff as ever I would nevr not use the comb chase method when straightening my hair.

Olivia C. Jenkins

The protein treatment I think weighed it down but I did like the look. I prefer more body I only use one product to blow dry and flat iron my hair (the results are like my profile picture)