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Apple Cider Vinegar Non metal spoon & bowl Warning: This is messy! Wear a T shirt you don't mind getting dirty and be prepared to clean up after lol ----------------------------------------­­------ ★ SNAP ME! paris_mechele ★ FOLLOW ME on INSTAGRAM!


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Momma Girl
Momma Girl

So what did you do after you removed the bag from your head. That was a lot of clay residue.

London City

I <3 ?

Ashley Willis

This is not a wash and go…. when you gotta put all that on your hair


Depends on your definition of wash n go. A wash n go is wearing your hair in its natural curl pattern. For me, adding a gel for hold and a cream styler for moisture is how I can achieve the best results for wearing out my natural curl pattern.

Jada Brown

I swear this won’t work on mine once it dries no curl all fro

Manana Maboe

With me it flakes so much, you would swear my hair is dirty.

Andrea Scott

Markeshia I want my curls to look like this!

Sarajanne Humphries

Mine never looks this good or defined what does she wash her with


I cowashed with As I Am’s coconut cowash

Ave Jackson

What do you do to your hair at night and do you have to refresh your curls. Because by day two I have an Afro again.


Yes pineapple with a satin scarf, no refreshing needed the gel provides a very strong hold. The curls last for 4-5 days

Lisha Mariee

Everything she put in her head is expensive????????????????