Biotin Review Before and After [Video]




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  1. Muriel Oduro

    No difference. The woman already has beautiful hair with or without this product. The people cant be fooled with this type of marketing.

  2. Tawanda Lck

    It did grow longer from the cut style. I’m going to start taking mine & see what happens.

  3. Jekia Dowdell

    I saw a difference. I started back using Biotin because I want to grow my hair back out from my tapered cut.

  4. LaGuamya Wooden

    Well I have been taking biotin for 30 days and my skin glowing ,hair and nails are growing like crazy

  5. Shirley

    where did you get the Almond oil?

  6. Lisa Allen

    I want to use this, but when I did take Biotin in the past, I grew facial hair. I’m wondering does it come in different strength levels

  7. Sharvel Serenash

    Ive been taking biotin and multi vitamins for 2 months, my hair grow back to its normal speed it straighten n mad my hair a lot more healthy, less hair comes out when ever I comb or wash my hair .. My skin more clear n less spots

  8. Tiffani Ladybug Swinton

    Mo Williams Biotin is the best! Especially the Super Potency brand idk if you would need 5000mcg as your body won’t retain that much but I want u to try it!

  9. Muriel Oduro

    We spend soo much on whts on our head instead of whts in our head
    .. our dissatisfaction with ourselves. … hair, body, skin..etc is how they make money.. how much do we spend on whts in our head? Eat well..stay active.. love and accept self..
    Peace n love x

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