Are You Saving More Money Now That You Are Natural?

Are you saving more money now that you are natural

Even though I would like to hear your thoughts on this, I understand this is a question that I can only answer from a personal standpoint. I think the best way to answer it is with a simple comparison on how much I spent prior to going natural and now.

I don’t think it’s fair to ask a new natural this question because back when I just went natural I spent TONS of money on different products trying to find my holy grail. But now, I’m pretty content with my stash and can say I’m no longer looking for the perfect mix.

So here is my personal breakdown…

Washing – I know I spend about the same on washing my hair as when I was relaxed. I used about the same amount and even though I no longer use the same brands I can make my cleansing conditioner last just as long as my shampoo back in the day.

Conditioning – Ok, I think you already know the answer to this question. 1000% more money is being spent on conditioner as most naturals slather it on to help keep our hair tangle free and moisturized.

I finger detangle primarily and for my magic fingers to glide through my tresses without trouble they need some help and there is nothing like a great conditioner that has slip.

This is definitely where the majority of my money goes on my natural hair. I go through tons of conditioner and I do not buy the priciest ones around. I spend about $7 – $10 on an 8 oz bottle of conditioner and it may last me a week.

Coloring – I never really colored my hair that often but when I did I would have someone else do it. Going to a salon would be expensive but I know I would get the color I really wanted without worrying about over-processing my hair. This luxury is pricey and whether relaxed or natural since a salon visit is order either way, it does not factor in.

Cuts / Trims – I spend wayyyyy less money as I don’t have to go to the salon for my trims. I learned early on during this journey that many hairstylists can only trim or cut hair while straight.

That is a no no for many naturals as we know a real natural hairstylist can cut our hair while in it’s coily/kinky state and that’s the only way to ensure enough is cut and that it is shaped correctly.

Chemical treatments – What do you think? No money spent for a natural in this area and we all know that relaxers are not cheap (for the good quality ones) and it’s a six to eight week expense that we do not incur. I am definitely saving on this one!

Styling products – I know I spend more on these as my natural hair needs assistance in staying moisturized and frizz-free. Gels (although, not all are expensive) and other stylers are necessary for most naturals. Even some butters and oils are necessary so I honestly can say that I spend more in this area.

The Conclusion

It depends on who you ask but for ME I am spending less money overall. I used to hit the salon every six weeks for my relaxer touch-ups and the prices were steadily rising.

Even with all the conditioner and styling products I use now, the savings I am making still far outweigh what I spent on the pricey salon visits. So, how about you, Naturals, are you saving more money?

Originally posted 2014-04-03 16:00:48.

About Sabrina Perkins

Hello all, I'm Sabrina. I'm a freelance writer and a full-time blogger at my site, where the focus is on Natural hair, beauty and style. I became natural 8 years ago at the tender age of 35 and love sharing my ups and downs as I master this thing called natural hair. Married, with two kids (one being a natural herself) gives me a different perspective on our hair and why I love being natural. I want healthy hair, long hair and sexy hair! I'm an older natural---that's right---I'm grown and sexy, and I have much to share. I love fashion too and recently opened a clothing shop for beautiful black women at

About Sabrina Perkins

Hello all, I'm Sabrina. I'm a freelance writer and a full-time blogger at my site, where the focus is on Natural hair, beauty and style. I became natural 8 years ago at the tender age of 35 and love sharing my ups and downs as I master this thing called natural hair. Married, with two kids (one being a natural herself) gives me a different perspective on our hair and why I love being natural. I want healthy hair, long hair and sexy hair! I'm an older natural---that's right---I'm grown and sexy, and I have much to share. I love fashion too and recently opened a clothing shop for beautiful black women at


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  1. Heather Roebuck

    Heck no! They charge double and triple or more for the natural hair products. I’m not natural, but I like the products and I also use them on my daughter.

  2. Trina Hawthorne

    Yes,, cheap products work just as well,,, the high priced ones are just a gimmick, ,,, plus I don’t have to pay someone $40+ a week to do my hair.

  3. Sierra Greer

    No & I’m not even a product junkie but since I have 4C hair I have to purchase some things time 2

  4. Sierra Greer

    Trina Hawthorne please share the cheap products you use so that I can save? Thank you in advance!

  5. Muriel Oduro

    Yes.. the cost of maintaining relaxer is high.. if ur hair is natural u can save money by managing ur hair urself. Make ur own products….Do the research..

  6. Grace Labelle

    Nope. Hoping that homemade products will help with the costs. Natural hair products are NOT cheap.

  7. Sheenana Sheena

    Yes no more monthly trips to the salon to get my hair relaxed and blow. For the product section, I keep it simple and it works for me

  8. Muriel Oduro

    Look at how much it costs to do a weave or relaxer. .. u have to go to the hair dresser.. u should be able to manage Natrual hair with less visits thus saving money… some people will always spend a lot on hair products.

  9. Evoni DeFreitas

    YES! I don’t buy every product that hits the store. I buy: shampoo and conditioner, natural oils, hair moisturizing lotions and sometimes grease. I have saved so much money its insane!

  10. Trina Hawthorne

    .gel, any oil moisturizer,,, suave coconut conditioner,,, aussie moist conditioner,,,miss jackies whole line,,, old school curl spray/moisturizer, ,,,and my curls are poppin

  11. Melissha Camp-Lindsey

    I think that Natural products are more expensive than buying home relaxers. But, as far as salon styling on a regular, the answer would be yes! But I relaxed my own hair because salons are just too expensive.

  12. Buhriyyah Nayl

    Yes, just olive oil si fine for me now, and water is the most important moiisturizer no saloon anymore

  13. Mariah Fletcher

    lol at the comments, i feel like its so much more expensive to be natural and healthy which is stupid.

    1. Irene

      Did you really respond by saying it is stupid to be “natural and healthy”?

  14. Dede Spencer

    Yes I am! Natural hair products may be expensive depending on what your idea of expensive is $7.00 for some moisturizer is not expensive to me because it last for months and months and months. I love natural hair products because after you buy it you wont have to go back for more for several months thus saving me lots of money in general.

  15. Tatanisha Nikia Pettes-Florence

    Yes… my conditioner is super cheap for me and my four kids. I use oils EVOO, JOJOBA, ALMOND, AVACADO, GRAPESEED which last a very long time and I don’t have to pay anyone to do my hair. Is it more time consuming. .. YES! Would I change any of it… NO! WE KEEP IT SIMPLE…

  16. Lynn Watson

    No, I can’t afford to go natural…I would like to know a brand that’s not so expensive. I have a daughter and buying for both of us is crazy!!!

    1. Sabrina Richmond Perkins

      I have fallen in love with Organix and it is only $8 at Walgreens and they had a sale last month for buy one get one free. I went crazy buying it up.

  17. Tashika McFarland

    Yes I am saving money. I used to spend 65 every six weeks for a relaxer and then 35 every two weeks for upkeep. Now I do it myself with the products that Ive found that worked. My favorite leave in is four dollars along with the curling cream which is ten. These products can last up to four months for a mere fourteen dollars…natural and loving the price.

  18. Latia Wilder

    Yes; my hair products aren’t at all expensive and they last a while so I’m not coming out of my pockets (for my hair) as often.

  19. Teah White

    I don’t think being natural has anything to do with how much money you spends. It has to do with your hair regimen. I’m relaxed and use natural products and I spend way more money now than when I didn’t have a hair regimen.

  20. Carla

    Yes. As a true monthly & annual budgeter, I have truly saved a lot of $$ since going natural. It appears that my biggest expenses were at the salon for perms and maintnenace. The extra spent on oils and stylers are what I used to pay in tips at the hair salon.This is such a win-win for me.

  21. Carrie Cowart

    I have definitely spent more money on my natural hair then the 4.99 for a relaxer. I still use most of the same oils but buying shampoos and conditioners and shea butter and picks and denman brushes and blah blah blah lol and definitely more time consuming the more your hair grows.

    I still love it though. <3

  22. Celena Williams

    Perming is way more expensive than natural….ladies you have to share info to help one another. I use lock n gel to do my twist outs and I co wash with conditioners that works with my hair. Olive oil, coconut oil, and you can google to by wholesale. Also youtube have alot of great ideas. I hope I didnt offend anyone just wanted to give you some ideas to save money and still look great.

  23. Olga P. Butler

    Yes It’s more expensive to be natural, and time consuming, but it’s worth it to have health natural hair!

  24. Sinquetta Foxworth

    Heck no, since you have to find what works for your curl pattern, and find what moisturizes your hair best. Products cost….

  25. Tiffany AndersonHill-Dorsey

    It’s cheaper for me. Shea moisture conditioner is only $10. Tub ofv raw Shea butter is $10 which lasts a few months and a jar of coconut oil is $10. Oils are the only things that are a little pricey. All of those products last a few months though.

  26. Aceboone Coone

    It’s more expensive for me I use organic coconut oil, shea butter, argon oil, argon mouse, argon shampoo and conditioner, argon anti itch treatment, hot oil treatments in between. If I don’t keep my hair oiled it will break.

  27. Queena LittlebitSweet Williams

    No. Spending more than usual. All the companies that use to make relaxer products are now going natural products!! Trying to suck us in. Plus all the you tube vids.. Become sponsored and then start selling more products.. I just do my own thing!!

  28. Tamika Clark

    Heck no!!! Maybe once I have everything I need it’ll be cheaper but I’ve spent over $300 in the last 2 weeks on oils, butters, bottles, etc. But it will all be worth it 😉

  29. Portia Motsage

    If u r still a newbie, yes its expensive because you are experimenting and trying to see what really works. But i suppose if you know then it gets cheaper. Its so hard to find good products in south africa!!

  30. Tiela Lewis

    My hair not natural, but I save a ton doing my own hair for last 20 years!! #iaintgottimeforthebeautyshop

  31. Kourtnie Joi Sanders

    Yes, because I keep it simple: Water- for moisture- Shea butter, olive oil, cocunut oil, and castor oil -for sealant- and a regular shampoo and conditioner in bulk. Total about $60 dollars every 4 months….Hair Dresser $60 every 2 weeks ($120/month)…Now if time is really money then…heck I would be in debt. maintenance is work with natural hair.

  32. Charity BetterthanYesterday Richardson

    Once you find the the products that work for you and the routine that your going to use to maintain your natural hair then yes you’ll save money. .. but if one is still in search of “what product works for their hair ” then the answer is no. .. finding what works can be a very expensive journey but once its confirmed it will be a much cheaper experIence

  33. Iris Brock

    I’m saving a lot more money being natural, and I use quite a few salon brand products (Paul Mitchell shampoo and leave-in). I stick to simple, wash & go hair and I refuse to wear any hairstyle that requires maintenance in a salon. Plus I only buy my salon brand products twice a year. Tax time and the yearly liter sale at Beauty Brands.

  34. Deszion

    I’ve saved way more money. I learned what worked for my hair and stuck with it, and I make a lot of my own products and oils.More dedication, less money, better results for me.

  35. Malitia Head

    I know I have saved. I’ve never been the one to want pes or weaves in my hair when I was young. But because being natural was not a big thing didn’t know where to start. But at the same time I don’t wash and condition my hair everyday. I really wear it nappy. I thought being natural didn’t mean having to do your hair every note so it can be looking the same in the morning. But everyone is different. I’m just an overall natural person.

  36. Christine

    No, i am not! I spend more money on my hair now that i am natural versus when i was relax. I did some things myself when i was relax as i am doing now that i have natural hair. And even with DIY products, i still spend more.

  37. Veronica

    No. Not by a long shot.
    I find myself incessantly spending money on hair products especially conditioners. When I was relaxed I had long hair and it would take me months to go through a 8.oz bottle of conditioner and a year for hair stylers. It was due to my hair moisturizing itself due to my body’s natural oil production. I also relaxed my own hair from the age of 17 to 21 (I went natural at 21) so I didn’t have salon costs.

    Now I go trough a 13.oz bottle of conditioner in 5-6 uses and stylers in 3 months. And don’t get me started on how long it takes for me to maintain my hair. lol!

  38. Coililana

    Yup! My routine is really simple and affordable compared to the money I spent to maintain relaxed hair. The products rotate sometimes, but the regimen stays the same. Here’s what I use to style my 4A-C hair.

    I shampoo once a week (barely co-wash anymore because my hair is less frizzy and more moisturized when starting with a clean base)
    -Pre-poo to detangle and buffer the shampoo: a cheapie conditioner with slip and no silicones ‘Tresemme Naturals’ + extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil (I like Nutiva)
    -Shampoo: Giovanni Smooth as Silk diluted with water and added to a spray bottle
    -Deep conditioner (when needed): Shea Moisture deep treatment masque or Eco-lesterol
    -Conditioner: Giovanni Smooth as Silk (has protein which healthy hair does not need lots of so rotate when needed with Tresemme
    -L.O.C. (Liquid, Oil, Cream) method on damp hair: Shea Moisture detangler, Sweet Almond oil, As I Am double butter
    -Styler: Ecostyler gel with argan oil

  39. Lady Nina

    Yes, I’m transitioning and I use the KISS method. Shea Moisture shampoo, conditioner and deep conditioner which get on sale from whoever has it. I use olive, coconut and grapeseed oil from Target, also on sale. Target also recently had a sale on Carol’s Daughter so I purchased the black vanilla leave in and smoothie to alternate with my deep conditioner. Eco styler is cheap and for me lasts a long time. I regularly check for sales and I put $ away every pay for when I start to run out.

  40. Andrea

    Way cheaper for me. I never self relaxed so $70 a pop. My hair prefers natural ingredients so most stuff I buy at the health food or grocery store and make. Honey, banana baby food, acv, flaxseed ect is supercheap. I make gel, dc, spritz. I buy Tresemme, Trader Joes, vo5 all cheap. and I buy from my ayurvedic stuff from Indian store. poo bar was like 3 bucks. Shea moisture always bogo somewhere.

  41. Shante Willnevasettle

    When i was natural hell nawl…hair stayed thirsty. Had to use a lot and more often. It got to the point i used my groceries and made my own hair products but i got tired of it all.

  42. Alisha Peele

    That stuff for natural hair is more expensive, my daughter hair is natural and I spend way more on her hair than mines

  43. Delorce Ferrell

    Lindsey & Taelor what you think???
    I say nah. I also turned Into a product junkie since going natural.

  44. Deondra Davis

    Yes! I stretch my products but protective styling for a month at a time so I don’t have to buy products for 6 months to a year at a time.

  45. Lindsey Martin Oliver

    I think its cheaper Now that I’m natural.. I pay $7 to keep it cut low..I shampoo and condition my hair once a month..I condition only… Once a week and when I want that curly look I wet my hair and use talia wagid (spelling) and to grease my scalp of it gets dry o use doo grow or begenot grease

  46. La Toya Taylor

    Yes I definitely am!I love it cause my hair is healthier,thicker,stronger,and longer.I have blonde highlights and I just deep condition it with a protein conditioner every six weeks at the salon which is only $25 for a rollerset wrap.When my hair was permed I use to spend $100 getting it braided now and then at African Hair Braiding Salons.

  47. Shinelle Brutus-Franklin

    Actually I spend more being natural, put your weaves on u part wigs and the investment would be great, but I barely wash my hair because the conditioners I use are pricey and im cheap

  48. Jamelia K. Fynn

    HELL NAW! Waayyyy more money is spent now! Lol, but I don’t mind because I see spectacular results!

  49. Nicolé Moye

    No…natural hair products are expensive- a small cowash is $7,moisturizer is $3 and I have to buy at least 4 of those for a full head..curling custard is high too

  50. Shanquala NoLove McDowell

    No! Being natural sent me into this whole “natural product” world that cost arm and a leg (I’m cheap now) and hair my was still dry! I said screw it, went back old school #grease

  51. Andrea Angie Tater

    No I’m a moisturizer junky but I love the waves and curls my hair gives I could only put my relaxed hair in a ponytail it was too straight and dry with split ends.

  52. Brittney Muñez Williams

    Once you find out wat works for your hair, you can. I use to buy a lot of stuff but now all I use it conditioner, raw shea butter, oil, n water. That’s about $15

  53. Angel Woodberry

    Yea, but that might change during the winter time when I want braids and sew ins. Gotta pay to play.

    1. Malakah Angellia Gladston

      $200 a month??????? Damn what are you putting on your hair? Lol wow. I probably spend about $20 a month (if that much). Oils, water and conditioners for me and my hair has never been this healthy and long.

    2. Ashley Rose

      It’s not the stuff I’m using (molasses, oils, honey etc) but the styling. Unfortunately, I’m no good at doing my hair so I still see my stylist a few times a month. Otherwise I’d be spending next to nothing but 200 is a far cry from 1k lol I’m getting there!

  54. Lauraine Braithwaite

    I definitely spend more on products. Also, because I’m taking better care of my hair it’s growing faster so I’m going to the salon more often to color the grey!!

  55. Hope Venetta

    Yes. I am saving hundreds more now that I don’t get a full sew in on the regular. I am a wash and go gal now.

  56. Serena Chrissette

    Only because I am a recovering PJ. I am spending less with time. I was very excited about becoming natural!!! BUT my hair is finally healthy & growing.

  57. Karen Johnson

    Yes I buy products on sale and I don’t over use products. If you maintains hair styles that last longer you won’t use as much products

  58. Tiffany Farmer

    more people saying no than yes…I am in the process of going natural now I need to rethink this

    1. Malakah Angellia Gladston

      Let me say this. The majority of people saying “NO” are the one who have NO IDEA what they’re doing. They haven’t gotten it right. Please don’t let that discourage you hun. I started of clueless and now I GOT IT! 🙂

  59. Leslie Melton

    Yes, I do save money by having locs;
    I only have to see my loctician every 2-3 months, (depending on how fast my hair grows), and I also do my own color, and having locs means no bad hair days!

  60. Libby Edwards

    Different products for different types of hair, Cantu Shea butter leave in conditioner n some Shea moisture products working for my TWA stage, Shea moisture is a lil more&&&

  61. Cb Sampson

    Oh yes I do spend money on product but I always did along with visits to the hair dresser and I love my natural hair the absence of chemicals makes me a healthier person and that is priceless

  62. Malakah Angellia Gladston

    Absolutely YES! The money I spend on natural oils would’ve been spent anyway because I cook with it. And I but cheapie conditioners. I use honey on my hair but I also eat it so technically I’m not spending more. Oils, conditioners and water….That’s all I use

  63. Ree

    I buy shampoo and conditioner and wash once a week, and one good moisturizer/leave-in. I can only use a wide tooth comb, so I only have two combs. That’s it. and I have HUGE healthy hair. I don’t get as many trims because I don’t get even a quarter of the amount of split ends, and I’ve never been a hair colorer, so that’s not a thing for me. I can’t use anything that has petrolatum or mineral oil because it causes a lot of dandruff, so the one product is cool for me. I’m considering dropping it and using shea butter instead. I use so fewer products and spend less time doing my hair that it’s ridiculous. I’ve been thinking of getting locs because my hair is crazy thick to the point that it annoys me sometimes (I cut my hair really short every 2 to 3 years because it’s overwhelming), but I don’t know if it’s expensive to care for locs or not. But afros are hecka cheap.

  64. BiscuitBunny

    My sister is relaxed. I am not. I spend no more on my hair in a year than she does. If girls want to buy all these products targeted at the naturals these days, that’s their business. But they have to know they are being ripped off. I do not buy Shea Moisture, Cantu and the rest. Not only can I not buy them in a store here in the UK, but there are cheaper alternatives on the high street. My sulfate free shampoo costs a third of the price of Shea Moisture and I get more product in the bottle. I have no beef with silicones and mineral oil, therefore I don’t spend money on expensive conditioners which exclude them. I use tresemme conditioner (which is regularly on sale at Superdrug) and get a litre of conditioner for £3. There is now a good value silicone, paraben, colorant free conditioner by Herbal Essences as well. My natural oils (I use 3) are inexpensive and last me over a year at a time. My styling product expenditure is low as I wear braids and twists for half the year and haven’t been doing curly styles as much. My only real expense is silica for £12 every 3 months.

    There are many lower priced products out there doing a great job on my hair. I don’t spend more money than a relaxed girl getting her hair done every 2 months and I’ve never been to a salon in my life. If being natural is breaking the bank, you’re doing it wrong. Simple.

  65. Shanika Eastman

    Yes, to get my hair done was $50 now I just wash it and leave it. And if I run out of something I will just use natural stuff I have in my kitchen for shampoo and conditioner

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