Bald Spot Update – I Grew Out My Hair Fast In Less Than 30 Days [Video]

In this video, I reveal how I was able to grow back my hair from my bald spot. My bald spot was huge and devastating to me, but these hacks made it possible to grow my hair back in less than a month. Most of them are natural treatments, other than using the last hack. I understood how important it was to share this hair growth video since so many were suffering from bald spots, alopecia, and other conditions that results in hair loss. Please SHARE to help others and thank you for watching.

Top 8 Hair Growth Hacks | My Bald Spot Treatments

1. Leave bald spot alone & expose it to air for the first 3 days.
2. Apply 5 drops lavender essential oil on bald spot & massage for 5-10 minutes (Day & Night)
3. Wear low manipulation hairstyles & avoid pulling hair near bald spot.
4. Massage Cinnamon Spice butter mix for 5-10 min (Day & Night) – Recipe here
5. Do a Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse (AVC Rinse) 1-2 Times a week. This consist of add 1/3 of AVC to a battle and then 2/3 of water, rinsing your hair and scalp with this.
6. Massaging Jamaican black castor oil on bald spot for 5-10 minutes (Day & Night)
7. Massaging Cinnamon Castor Oil on bald spot for 5-10 minutes (Day & Night) Product: ZION Cinnamon Oil Organic Castor Oil
8. Masage scalp with Vanity Planet Scalp Massager 1-2 times a week, using this while shampooing and clarifying scalp/hair.

Q: When did hair grow in?
A: Less than 1 month

Q: How did you get the bald spot?
A: Consistent pressure from elastic strap for wig

Q: Did you apply product on top of product for day & night routine?
A: Yes

Q: Did you massage products separately or applied each product then massage together?
A: I applied each product seperately

Q: What is wrong with your scalp?
A: Scalp psoriasis



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