Another Version Of The Braidless Sew In [Video]

The first version we posted was this one

I am adding tracks without using any braids. Please subscribe and follow on IG @ Whatadohairsalon and Twitter @ 916samiam.. Thanks for watching



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  1. Novelette Phillips

    Nice method but wouldn’t there be a big lump in the middle of her head at the back where all the small ponytails lay one on top of the other. You could already see a little mound forming.

  2. Narlisa Carter

    This method will not last long or especially if u cut the rubber band u see how that track slipped when she pulled it

  3. Christina Albertus

    ís´nt that method only when you wanna to just fill up your hair that method can be use only for long hair like this girl model i can´t not do that with my hair my hair is short and i tried that and was´nt a nice result

  4. Samantha LaToya

    I like the idea. But I’m wondering how long it lasts. I can’t see it lasting long since it’s not really holding to something solid. Someone enlighten me that’s tried this method. I think I’m going to try it myself as well.

    1. Tina Berryhill Johnson

      I’m sorry….I don’t think I have ever replied to a comment…..but I was checking out ur page…..don’t you wear weaves or wigs or something sometime. Folks are so quick to judge others… have no real idea why a person might choose to wears a weave.

  5. Nisha NuthinNice

    Is it me but what happens when u brush your hair or get your hair pull a little to hard wouldn’t it slip out

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