Another Version Of The Braidless Sew In [Video]

The first version we posted was this one

I am adding tracks without using any braids. Please subscribe and follow on IG @ Whatadohairsalon and Twitter @ 916samiam.. Thanks for watching


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Novelette Phillips

Nice method but wouldn’t there be a big lump in the middle of her head at the back where all the small ponytails lay one on top of the other. You could already see a little mound forming.

Taheera Shaheed-Sonubi

She took the ponytails out when she cut the rubberbands

Novelette Phillips

Oh I didn’t see that!!

Kimi Sunflower Taylor

I didn’t see that in the video. It only showed her sew one track in. I was hoping to see the final results…

Raquel Hill

Yeah she cut the rubber band on the first row… And she started another row

Shadeye Smith

True but still the technique is cool

Sheryl Creary

This method been in for s long time

Narlisa Carter

This method will not last long or especially if u cut the rubber band u see how that track slipped when she pulled it

Christina Albertus

ís´nt that method only when you wanna to just fill up your hair that method can be use only for long hair like this girl model i can´t not do that with my hair my hair is short and i tried that and was´nt a nice result

Samantha LaToya

I like the idea. But I’m wondering how long it lasts. I can’t see it lasting long since it’s not really holding to something solid. Someone enlighten me that’s tried this method. I think I’m going to try it myself as well.

Meegan Cochran

I like

Shareefah Bailey

Check out one hour sew in on YouTube. I’ve had it before loves it

Vivian Israel

This is nothing new. I was getting my hair weaves like this when I was in high school.

Diane Fox-glasgow

Why don’t you all love the hair You were born with

Tina Berryhill Johnson

I’m sorry….I don’t think I have ever replied to a comment…..but I was checking out ur page…..don’t you wear weaves or wigs or something sometime. Folks are so quick to judge others… have no real idea why a person might choose to wears a weave.

Toy Watts

We do love our hair we’re born with…we just love wearing weaves too

Deborah Bryant

I love thanks for sharing !

April Gilliam

Won’t work for natural hair

Nyala Nan

Very nice! But wouldn’t this slide out if it got wet or even sweating?

Nisha NuthinNice

Is it me but what happens when u brush your hair or get your hair pull a little to hard wouldn’t it slip out

Amanda Bradley

B**ches getting better at bein faker lol

Mishka Elliston

Not liking it method. It look like it’s easily loosen up(not firm)

Diamondcutz Barbershopsalon

Will try

Estaluke Lalokau

Wow how long does this method last for ??

Latonya Newton Phipps

That looks good, I may have to try that.

Monica Johnson

Good information.

Bernie QueenBee Blake

coulnt bother looks like it takes awhile..

Jacqueline Akanke Nichols

Looks like it’s already slipping.