Yes I see the tension but it’s still cute

braids and twists


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Camella Rose Jones

Ain’t s**t cute about this style.

Lynnette Kyle Bradley

? ……ouchy

Aquarius Love

It’s a different style.

Nakita Moore

It’s cute but those edges?

Albertine Williams

That swelling is gonna turn into bum

Penny Mcintosh

Bye bye edges ✌?️

Latonya Jacob

She will have no hair on the top of her head by the age 30

Angel Bailey

Yep, call the coroner those edges will be dead soon.

Roberta Stokes

Nice…looks like it hurt though!

Brianna Barksdale

I like the caption nothing else needs to be said lol

Jamie Carter-Bailey

Its so hard to say goodbye to her edges wooooooo ????

Lynnette Kyle Bradley

Great minds think alike I didn’t even see your post til… I said the same

Tre'shore Tani

I wouldddddd neverrrrrrrrrr ! But its cute tho

Adina Jenkins

Poor girl isn’t going to have any edges left…

Iboro Ebong


Monique Archer

Awesome hair style

Emily M Mickens


Salin Lachole

Her sides are pulled tight…he’ll no.

Lynnette Kyle Bradley

It’s so hard to say goodbye to those EDGES!!!!!!”””

Dama Renee

Very cute

Lovasia Mckenzie


Sylvia Ponga

Wow!!!! reaalllly cute….!!….but if it hurts, my dad would tell me to undo it the same day it was braided # 🙁 #Though, it does look very Ouchy!!!! LoL

Bobbie Rae Tilley-Patterson

Looks painful

Ebony Boyd

Yes I like it

Kenya KiKi Greene

I use to love my hair twisted out like that

Thasha Jackson


Kamilah Stapleton

Cute,but what loose your hair.

Susan Brown


SC Bryant


Dana Woods


Arielle J Holmes

Oh wow!

Jeanine Jennypooh Pinkney

To Cute!

Iron Willed

Ohhh cute but nooo thanks. I feel a migraine coming by just looking at it.

Denise Lester

What? No pain, no gain!! Lol #BeingBeautyfulnotworththepain!!

Nyca Anthony

Rip to her edges?

Benenia Cox

Cute but looks very painful an wat abt those edges

Typhani Realize Wharry


Joyce Bell


Veda Davis

Love this

Davida Hann Brotherton


Christine Atchison

Cute repercussion after this is not going to be too cute, that would be harmful on ones natural hair far too tight!””

Shannon Denise Tony


Tafara Tapfumanei

Its not all that tbh

Tiffany Furr

WOW looks great but yeah I would be afraid of the edges! !!!!! But man it really looks good! !!! 🙂

Paulette Toffie Mokka Bartley-Royster

It looks hard to sleep on and will flatten down…..

Nai McLamore

Cute but she about to be STRAIGHT OUTTA EDGES!

Msladybug Mindurown

S**t she hurtin look 2 tight for me

Nay Kai


La'Toya Crayton

It would be cuter if we could see her hairline at ease?

Cathy Joiner

What kind of braid are they?

Nay Kai

She wont see her hair line when those come oit

Lanier Green

Oh my goodness

Nay Kai

She may as well have a funeral for her edges now

Sharon AlwaysaDiva Jones


Khristine Dawson


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