This is wrong on so many levels. Since when do babies need hair extensions??



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  1. Shaquanna Clark
    Shaquanna Clark

    Lml you know them dolls you buy at 99c store, that’s don’t got hair in the middle????????????????

    1. Kimberly Davis
      Kimberly Davis

      Dominique Trent You can tell by her poor grammar and pronunciations what level she’s on. So sad

    2. Kimberly Davis
      Kimberly Davis

      Jennifer Barlow-Boatner, that was a typo dufus. Two words compared to a full sentence, try again! Now watch me correct it. I’m not ashamed of a simple mistake, *oh my bad two simple mistakes*.

    3. Kimberly Davis
      Kimberly Davis

      Jennifer Barlow-Boatner I’m not going back and forth with you lil girl????. You think you’re so clever and want attention!You be blessed

    4. Shaquanna Clark
      Shaquanna Clark

      Lmfaooo what’s does my age have to do with a damn joke? Grammar? WTF ARE y’all talking about? There is a difference btwn a typo and just being a dumbass… and I’m faaaaaaaarrrr from that sweetie. SOOOO REACH AGAIN MODASUKA!!!!

      Can’t have simple fun without that ONE super comment groupie that is always looking to shine thru a Facebook comment.

      And I’m very much real. Ain’t shyt fake about me. It’s just a damn profile pic. Stop trying to learn ME, and worry about how you just reached all the way to NOWHERE with that crap you just tried to pull. Dumbass

    5. Shaquanna Clark
      Shaquanna Clark

      Dominique Trent Kimberly Davis and Tikiasha Boone that post is for y’all reaching ass. It ain’t a fake post either. Enjoy your day. AND I ????DO ????GOT???? TIME???? TODAY????. so keep it coming. ????

    6. Kimberly Davis
      Kimberly Davis

      Shaquanna Clark Girl go hide somewhere. You sound like a clown, you are talking about having simple fun at the expense of a innocent child? Your response further proves your maturity!. You may have all day, I don’t! I have time for responsibilities not child’s play.. This is all I have to say. I know you’ll probably come back with some lil childish rant. But who cares! I’m sure you can occupy some of your time with your kids, instead of going back and forth about what someone said to you.

    7. Shaquanna Clark
      Shaquanna Clark

      Kimberly Davis girl bye. This picture been floating on fb for YEARS!!! STFU AND STOP REACHING. the sensitivity stage for this post has past the the 6 mth mark.

    8. Shaquanna Clark
      Shaquanna Clark

      Your the only one that’s caring. Ain’t my child, I wouldn’t do no dumb shit like this to my kids.

  2. Sheila Cason
    Sheila Cason


    1. Deanna L Smith
      Deanna L Smith

      Please stop categorically labeling “us” over a handful of misguided youth who aren’t raised right. The majority of black women know better than this and teach their daughters better. There are those in every race with questionable morals and ethics.

    2. Maison De D
      Maison De D'lila

      Deanna L Smith unfortunately we all as black people need more awareness of who we are and what is our place in the universe. Our history has been completely taken away but our colonisers replaced it by a culture of neglect and rejection of who we really are.
      Just look at men and women who are supposed to represent us all in a bigger platform? Fake everything and not to forget about the bleaching culture spreading across Africa and the Caribbean. We need more awareness and slowly but surely we will rise up to be who we were created to be. The truth is painful but we have to open wounds again, cleaned up so we can all be healed from the brainwash. Ubuntu sister. ✊????

  3. Cheryl Eugene
    Cheryl Eugene

    I REFUSE to believe this! Unless I see it in person with my own eyes, IT NEVER HAPPENED. I refuse to believe somebody thought this was ok..

    1. Sonia Aberdeen-Connor Williams
      Sonia Aberdeen-Connor Williams

      Estralita Givan exactly, me too, ???? this has been shown over the pass couple of years at least.
      Cheryl Eugene: you don’t have to believe hun, but that doesn’t make it any less true…… ????

  4. Cnc D. Cox
    Cnc D. Cox

    Tf is really going on here…leave that baby hair alone and let it grow it in without starting it off with chemically treated fake bs like this????

  5. Nthabiseng Keasley Mofokeng-Nhlapo
    Nthabiseng Keasley Mofokeng-Nhlapo

    Im my family, a little girl gets braids done after the age of 3. Until then the style is hair ties as if we gonna do Banthu Knots but they look like puffy little balls on her head.

  6. Sherri Williams
    Sherri Williams

    Wen they baldheaded like that ????????????????????………. first that’s too much hair second that’s not the right hair style third it would’ve been really adorable if done age appropriately ???????????????????? call that baby “lil bald spot”

  7. Diamond Cutter
    Diamond Cutter

    This is so dumb and stupid. And the mommy need her ass kicked.its a baby and its hair gotta fill in and grow. Dam

  8. Jones Ann
    Jones Ann

    Smh whoever did that should’ve waited until she was of age to that hair style..smh trifling ????

  9. Donna Washington
    Donna Washington

    Not sure if this is real or not but I have seen kids out just Luke this. When my daughter was little I kept her real hair braided not 100 braids but just a few. No gum bands not twist ties nothing to pull hair. I would always message her scalp. By the time she was 3 her hair was almost to her tail bone. Black babies grows like anybody else just leave it alone and stop always messin with it.

    1. Karen Cauthorne
      Karen Cauthorne

      That is so true. Once they were like 2yrs old I would wash and plait my girls hair once a week. By the time they were in 3rd and 5th grade their hair was down their back. No we are not a mixed race (except 4 or 5 generations ago) family.
      I hate that people assume blacks girls/women can’t grow long healthy hair and doing this to a baby is why this stereotype is perpetuated!
      And they look tight too! ????

    2. Donna Washington
      Donna Washington

      Love your comment Karen Cauthorne I didn’t use the word plait because I thought nobody would know what that was. My bad for making assumptions. Entire comment is my thought process exactly.

  10. Stephanie Tucker
    Stephanie Tucker

    this just pulls out her natural hair and let’s everyone know YOU are willing to do that to her because…{insert social anxiety, ill, dysfunction here}

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