Marie Claire Causes Uproar On Twitter For Crediting Kendall Jenner With Cornrows

Anybody been on twitter lately? You haven’t? … shucks, if you haven’t, then you wouldn’t know that according to Marie Claire magazine Kendall Jenner invented cornrows.

OK maybe I am exaggerating but they did say that she was rocking some bold epic new braids. Take a look:


Twitter had a field day with that one, causing the company to apologize 2 hours later. Quite frankly we did not find the style that epic or bold to say the least, I mean if they really want to see ‘Epic’ cornrows we can show them some.

This was kind of the sentiment echoed by twitter as the statement went viral. It was obvious that the style had finally received cool points just because Kendall Jenner was rocking them, despite millions of black women and girls rocking them daily for years and years and years.

Playing a little devils advocate here, maybe twitter is being too hard on the Magazine company, they just wanted to make sure we knew about Kendall’s new hair.

Hec we do that all day long don’t we? We talk about Kelly Rowland’s Bob, or Brandy’s Braids or even Nicki’s perm, so what’s the fuss about?

Honestly if we were to put a exact finger on it we probably couldn’t, maybe it was the use of ‘Epic’ and ‘Bold’ making the hairstyle somewhat of a new trend which is clearly not true.

Check out the view on twitter:

@ohitsbarbara white people invented cornrows in 2014, y’all. @marieclaire, we melanin-abundant call that “I can’t leave the house yet”

Why don’t you go to an elementary school with black girls & tell me once again how Kendall Jenner started cornrows as a trend? @marieclaire

Bold. New. EPIC! If only @marieclaire called any of the millions of brown and black girls rocking braids these terms with regularity.

Can we talk about @marieclaire crediting the Kardashians for everything “WE” have been doing for ages. Thx @TAJrani

As mentioned the magazine company did issue an apology 2 hours later in the form of two tweets, which was probably best for them, there was no wining that social media war. They stated:

We didn’t mean to offend or imply that cornrows were new. Our tweet was poorly worded.

We thought her hair looked great and recognize women have been styling their hair like this for ages.

Yep it was an epic bold outrage, what do you think about twitters reaction to Marie Claire’s tweet, over the top or nah?

About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.

About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.


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  1. Dante
    Dante' Nicole Miller

    If she would have kept her ignorant mouth shut she wouldn’t be having to apologize “white people created cornrows in 2014”. Child please go to sleep with that crap…

  2. Angela Williams
    Angela Williams

    Comedian Paul Mooney was right(I’m paraphrasing here): As far as the media is concerned, whenever a Black woman does something or has a particular attribute it’s ugly, but when White woman copycats & does the exact same thing it’s considered beautiful or unique/exotic. They also get credit for originating it, when Black women did it first, as though WE don’t count at all.

    1. Terri Greene
      Terri Greene

      They took our people from Africa in conrows, how the hell its a white people thing. Marie Clare’s head is too far up her a__ Sounse to me like she wants the Jenner clan to like her

    2. Yasmeen Wright
      Yasmeen Wright

      YEEEEESSSSSS This reminds me of a certain picture of a female of the white race who posted a picture of herself with marley twist extentions and another with box braids and proceeded to get an array of comments about how “exotic” and “beautiful” she looked.. Its like those people who borrow from cultures and when they do it its considered so unique and fresh.. PSH! ok..

    1. Lola Jackson
      Lola Jackson

      Couldn’t have said it better myself! OUR BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL! And they CAN’T take credit for that!!!

  3. Ahlecia Fields
    Ahlecia Fields

    I’m African-American, I wore my hair in cornrows before Kendall Jenner was born! And my styles was way better than that! Her head looks stupid, that’s not a style and if somebody told her it was, they LIED! They tried to pull that same mess with Bo Derrick in 1979, I was a child then and she did not invent cornrows! And her style wasn’t better than mines then!

  4. Brielle Winter
    Brielle Winter

    Angela Williams, you hit the nail right on the head! black women been wearing corn rolls and braids for years, but when Bo Derek came out I believe back in the 70’s or 80’s wearing them all of a sudden its a fashion trend and everybody wants to start wearing braids and cornrows, and another thing that really blows me away is black women been having big booties since the beginning of time, now look who they have as the faces of big booties, Kim Kardashian and Cocoa!.

  5. Bernice Powell
    Bernice Powell

    wait wait…who cares!!! People are dieing of hunger and in poverty and we are worried about her hair???

    1. Angela Williams
      Angela Williams

      Ladies, There are FB pages devoted to “hunger and poverty” if those topics are so important to you.

    2. Bernice Powell
      Bernice Powell

      Angela if they are gonna put up celebrity gossip they should gossip about something that matters!!!

      1. Dee

        But…why do you get to determine for people that cultural theft doesn’t matter?

    3. Angela Williams
      Angela Williams

      I don’t like that she’s featured either, but she is wearing a Hair style that is typically considered a Black Hair Style(cornrows).


      She isnt featured actually, the core of the article really has nothing to do with Kendall, but rather the style and the ‘controversy’ surrounding it. I am sure if we did a post about world hunger on a hair website we would get a side eye there as well. Cant please em all! 🙂

    5. Shanice Goodridge-Flemming
      Shanice Goodridge-Flemming

      Kmmmmt no you would not get no damn side eye for posting poverty! Who need Marie Claire to tell us who started what style. Black feminist twitter is such a joke. Giving headlines to media designed to not include you what you under their ass for??? Cha!

      1. Dee

        Ooh…sounds like somebody got a little axe to grind. Guess you weren’t around when black feminist twitter was getting a George Zimmerman book deal shut down, rallying for Trayvon, Renisha, Jordan and now Shanesha Taylor. Please educate yourself.

    6. vonnie

      You missed the point entirely dear! If Black people never took the time address the issue then more publishers would try the same thing. That thing is taking due credit from black women. Or more to the point, African women. Everything that blacks have contributed to society especially in the U.S. is ignored and the credit is wrongfully awarded to people of other races. If African-Americans, Blacks or people of color do not stand up for themselves then who will. Do you think if a white magazine had a picture of a woman of color on the cover of their magazine with a hairstyle whites claim they created do you think they would imply a woman of color created it? No, they would make it known to the world at large that the article was incorrect. People of color should not sit back like children and give a pass to misinformation related to them as a whole. If we did what you suggest and say nothing then this lie or misinformation will continue. For every peace of misinformation related to people of color that goes unattacked then this practice will continue.

    7. Dee

      But…this site is about hair, and here YOU are. Why are you here on a hair site when you should be worrying about starving children? I mean, since it’s not possible to do both, apparently.

  6. Lynne Riles
    Lynne Riles

    Well said Bernice Powell by having this discussion we are giving her publicity let the brain dead celebs get on with it they are just ignorant

  7. Amma Debrah
    Amma Debrah

    I’m I the only one that didn’t take offense the bold epic new braids? They never stated that she invented them just that she was rockin them. Bold, epic and new for HER is how I took it. Of course they know she didn’t invent them. Khole was rocking them almost all of last year which to me means they aren’t trying to credit her race for inventing them. There are bigger battles with racism and stuff like this is what keeps the pot stirring when we are just trying to move forward. Silly. Petty

  8. Isabella Lewis
    Isabella Lewis

    It’s not right to says white ppl created cornrows !!!!but it’s just a hairstyle… Common it don’t matter nowadays if black or white … We should go on … White ppl try to curl there hair or have cornrows n black ppl straight their hair or bleach their hair (blonde) It’s 2014 n we should stop!!!!! There are beautiful black women out there and beautiful white women …black only can wear this n whites only can wear this … That’s not right … By the way my husband is black so what hairstyles for mixed kids

    1. Dee

      You don’t live in a world where everything tells you that the way your hair grows out of your hair is ugly. Having biracial kids doesn’t change that. These spaces where natural black hair is honored were created BY black women BECAUSE mainstream media has virtually shut black women out and maintained that white is the standard for beauty. Cultural theft by white people from black people has been happening FOREVER and it is blatant as ever now (hello Macklemore?) There is no colorblind utopia. If having biracial children created racial utopia, black women would have done that centuries ago when they were forced to have white mens children. We are NOT post racial. Look at TV and tell me who you see as the beauty standard. And if you can only name 1 or 2 examples of black women out of the thousands of white women, you lose.

  9. Ahlecia Fields
    Ahlecia Fields

    Bernice Powell & Lynne Riles your right. My issue is, when we wear our hair neatly done in braids, cornrows, locs, twist and the other natural hairstyle that we wear to work. We get warnings and fired just for wearing our natural hair styles, it hurts. And it really did happen lots of time and it still happens today. And did you know, in one of Whoopi Goldberg’s movie, they made her wear a permed hair wig or they was going to get someone else to play the part?

    1. Vee Smith
      Vee Smith

      i dont feel bad for whoopi or any actress. thats part of the job. to look the part but for everbody else as long as our hair is clean, nice and neat employers should not bother us

  10. Victoria Mackie
    Victoria Mackie

    This is petty. The people who are attacking her need to stop because she didn’t do or say anything wrong. The magazine didn’t say she invented it, they just called the style bold and epic, the same way magazines made a big deal about Beyonces “wob” even though it’s essentially just a short crunch and has been worn by white people since before I was born.

  11. Victoria Mackie
    Victoria Mackie

    I think there are other things that black people could focus that are real issues instead of nit picking nothing.

    1. Dee

      Some of us can talk about a whole range of issues. If you can’t, that’s on you.

  12. Artra Veal
    Artra Veal

    Although Marie Claire may not have meant any harm, it pissed a lot of us off. This white girl wears cornrows and ‘she’s taking it to another level’. Black women have been rocking cornrows and natural styles for centuries BUT we get criticized for our natural styles. Their have been many stories in the news where black women are being fired from their jobs or being threatened to lose their job if they don’t change their hair. Little girls have been picked on and bullied because of their natural hair styles. Black news anchors/journalists have been losing their jobs over natural hair. Why can’t these other humans just leave our hair alone? As long as we look presentable and the hair style does not interfere with our job, it shouldn’t matter our style.

  13. Yvette Spain
    Yvette Spain

    I think cornrows are good on any type of hair, let’s talk about something important like watching over our children of all color. We as human beings are beautiful, no matter what. Have a blessed day, and lets stop judging each other. Please

  14. King Que
    King Que

    Smh I don’t like the Kardashian hype, but that’s ridiculous. Epic ? Bold ? New? The hell….?

  15. Kourtnie Joi Sanders
    Kourtnie Joi Sanders

    WAY over the top!!!! If this is New, epic and extreme for her as an individual…then thats what it is for her as an individual. She is a child. leave her be!

    1. vonnie

      Way over the top?another woman who is missing the point! Noone is attacking her they are in flames because the author/publisher is taking due credit from the originators of many cornrow hairstyles. See the real point and go read about the numerous contributions of Africans/Blacks in this world and takenote of how their contributions or inventions have been noted as something a white person invented. If the publisher had written the captions with real thought before it was publishec then the controversy would not be as such. Tell us what white publisher has given credit of any sort to a black woman accidently or otherwise. They would not let it go rest assurd

  16. Toy Jaynell
    Toy Jaynell

    Even though this was a stupid statement,Kim actually was rocking braids before her lil sis Kendall.its funny that those little braids caught their eyes

    1. vonnie

      Did you pass your acheivement test for reading comprehension in fourth grade reading? Guess Not! Point of the article is that Kendall Jenner did not create cornrows or the cornrow hairstyles. Also, she did not make them stylish or famous! What it implies is a lie sweetheart! Do you know how many inventions Africans/Blacks have created in this world and that credit was given to a white person. Why do you think black history in scools focus mainly on slaves? Free your slave mind and see pass the picture on the cover! If we all thought like you then we would still be in the cotton fields and cleaning in the big house. Also, riding on the back of the bus.

  17. Cee Turner
    Cee Turner

    It just proves that Black women’s hair, skin, beauty and style are irrelevant to these ‘Beauty and Fashion’ Magazines. We don’t count, we’re not included. So don’t buy read them and don’t buy them.

  18. Celeste Jackman
    Celeste Jackman

    oh my flipping word. people. it. is. not. that. deep. its a hairstyle thats been around since im sure ADam was a lad or somewhere close im sure. im certain they didnt mean she discovered that or the lighbulb. gosh #lightenuptwitterpeopleitshair

  19. Shirley

    I DO think Twitter people tend to overreact. I’m sure they didn’t mean to discredit the history of Cornrolls. People take slights like this to the extreme. They said sorry yet it’s still trending on Twitter.

    1. vonnie

      You are absolutely correct. Those who say the is not worth mentioning are so incorrect. White media thought it was ok to perputuate this lie because they believed we as a whole would not say anything.

    2. Dee

      Nope. Marie Claire was corrected, then clowned mercilessly. You must have missed that. And you also completely made up the part where anybody was begging Marie Claire for anything. Setting the record straight =/= begging or seeking validation.

    1. vonnie

      You are another negro that misses the main point. No one minds if she likes her hair style. The important fact is that kendall jenner did not create cornrows period. Don’t be a negro that gives whites a pass as they ignore the hairstyle as a contribution that Africans created and blacks worldwide have been wearing. Be a negro that thinks not just accept lies against your race. We deal with that everyday even with our African-American president. Cause baby they will make sure a black receives no credit.

    1. vonnie

      Yes, they took credit for the style. That is so disrespectful to the Black race and you house n****s saying it is no big deal. Those are the same type of n****s who in slavery told their masters they were better off being a slave or house n****! These are the same people who believed blacks should remain second class citizens but prosper from the strong Black people who marched for civil rights. To me these are some weak minded n****s!

  20. Jackie brown

    This is a shame. Black people stays divided on everything, that’s why we can’t move forward like all the other races. Sad but true. Can we please focus on standing together. Agree to disagree.

    1. vonnie

      Your so correct my curl friend. These negrorettes on here saying nothing is wrong with the article are showing their slave mentality. Kendall Jenner did not make cornrows popular nor create them. Whites take credit from blacks for everything. Hell, noone even wants to give President Obama his due credit for all that he has achieved.

  21. Cecille Taylor
    Cecille Taylor

    So what is the big deal, she is a human being with hair on her head. However it is style does not say black are white.
    A style is just a style, sometimes we need to get over ourselves as black people. No style is own by us

  22. Etherial Spirit
    Etherial Spirit

    I see white women every where. I like to come here to see beautiful hairstyles on black women. Could someone stop pushing these chicks down our throats!!!!! Ans the the ones defending this are the very ones praying to have a white girlfriend smh

  23. Ahlecia Fields
    Ahlecia Fields

    With clean hair, some places still have a problem with certain natural hair styles. The roll that Whoopi played, I didn’t see any reason for them making her wear a strait hair wig. If it was a bush wig, they would had said the same thing about that. I don’t feel sorry for Whoopi either, I said when African-Americans wear neat clean natural hair styles they were told to change the style or lose their jobs. And that’s not fair and it still happens today.

  24. Edna Dollarhide
    Edna Dollarhide

    it’s not so much of the hair it’s the principle and our history of HAIR period 😉 read between the lines……….

  25. Tabatha

    I like it, it looks cute on her. People tend to be so sensitive these days. Yeah I don’t care. There are so much bigger issues going on then A half Armanian chick sporting braids that chicks of every color have been wearing for years. No biggie. But Marie Claire just needs to write stuff as if they were the most overly sensitive person in the world with possibly OCD issues and hopefully that will help them out.

  26. Mimi

    White folk, especially white women can’t stand the fact that black women are so innovative with the way we can style our hair! Can’t stand that foolishness. The sad part is that there are some of our young sisters wanting to be like her, or them! If her mother didn’t pimp them all out, they would be a bunch of no one,doing nothing.

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