Wouldn’t Wish Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia On Anyone :(

You can learn more about the condition and what causes it here



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  1. Gabrielle Montgomery

    My oldest daughter has alopecia..sucks but we’ve helped her feel comfortable with her body.atill ups and downs when it comes to doing certain hairstyles but it’s progress..

    1. Mari Lashea

      My friend has alopecia as well and was very depressed really bad over it. I told her she better make it her business to be like Cynthia Bailey and learn how to work those wigs with different looks and she did!!! Help your daughter turn her condition into a way to create different looks and when she gets good at it she’ll love it!

    2. Gabrielle Montgomery

      It’s funny cuz she actually has a lot I mean alot of hair on her head too..but there are times when she would have huge to small bald patches.. I use to do cornrows and other braids but she’s going on ten now and in that stage where she doesn’t take much care of it.at least I think it’s a stage..i brush it and braid it before bead and she has beautifull silky pin straight thick polchahontis hair.i dont get how it gets so matted.but she’s slowly starting to take care of it again..she just doesn’t like putting it up.but she does have alot of attitude lol

    3. Jolie Jade Kabwe

      My oldest daughter had alopecia from age 10 to 12. We tried everything but nothing worked! Until i found a Chinese doctor, she prescribed some natural pills which i still have the box just help people with similar problem; and ginger juice from the root. Her started to grow after 2months of use! She is now 16 with a full head of hair! Hers was alopecia areata where you lost all of your hair. I wouldn’t wish this to anyone!!!

  2. Kimberly O'brien

    Went through something similar to this and had to see a dermatologist for scalp steroid injections – on 3 different occasions- plus the use of a topical steroid foam called luxiq and the daily use of rogaine for about 6 months and it all grew back – I hope whom ever this is , I hope she seeks medical attention asap

  3. Wyteshia Tippie

    Its not painful more embarrassing then anyting mine is in the back and around the sides it grows then come out again it’s stressful

  4. Yolanda Ammons

    clearly looks like someone did a bad quick weave and the lady tried to take it off and her hair went with the cap…

  5. China Jones

    Why glue the hair itself on your head if u have alopecia…get a wig don’t u think that’s better jeez

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