Shrinkage is real and she’s only 1yr old! Shared by Andrea



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Izey Lundy Mclean

Just like my napp a long

Briggicurling Chamburrs

It is soooo real.

PJ Young

Shrinkage. Lol. #Napps.

Daisha Johnson

PJ Young you must not have anything else to do? #grownup Call it whatever you like. Her hair is long and beautiful! Bless your ♡

Andrea Rose Valentine

Thank you Daisha

Theresa Reese McClain

Who’s 1yr old?

Ronnesha Renay

Lol she’s able to sit Indian style…. that’s the biggest 1 year old I’ve ever saw.

Sophronia Sang

I have a pic of my then 1 year old, on the day of her 1st b-day party, sitting Indian style. It’s not a rarity.

Ronnesha Renay

Lol was saying it was neat. I also have a 16 month old

Andrea Rose Valentine

Lol yes she’s able to do many things with that being one of them…very bright little girl.

Karen Denise

She obviously jus a tall girl, im 5 11, my son it over half my height, it’s not that big of a deal.

Katelyn Mae Ripleyy

My daughters hair is that long also, but you would never know it. Haven’t found a child safe product that works well with her hair yet. *shrinkage&madTangles*

Danielle Bailey

Beautiful hair

Chanèl Johnson

Such beautiful hair 🙂

Tatiana Mckenzie-Brown

Her shoulders are far too developed for a 1 year old.

Chermine Belhomme

Yeah shrinkage is very real in afro/ethnic hair

Tasha Terry

Her hair is gorgeous

Diane Jones

Why does her age even matter lol she’s a kid. Nice hair. Have a nice day!

Andrea Rose Valentine

Lol thank you. I don’t see WHHAAAATTTT the problem is

Chanèl Johnson

Me either . This article is about this girls beautiful hair , not her size . 🙂 people on here focusing on the wrong thing

Andrea Rose Valentine

She’ll be 2 in April, she’s very smart and yes she is a very tall girl! Lol Thank you for the positive comments and thank you for the feature.

Linda Hutchens


Linda Hutchens

She has a strong hair growth.

Gina Liv

Has its advantage’s, very hot days short works so much better

Tiffany Marie Banks

“Grown” catty women (and men) will find anything to hate on. The baby has long hair, end of story.

Andrea Rose Valentine

Thank you

Lenore Wimbush

Girl have nice hair beautiful fr ,

Lenore Wimbush

Natural beauty fr

Lee Danielle

Man her hair is banging in hatin from jealousy lol

Sarahdoingmeallday Edwards

I thought this was chiydah for a min! Lol Yekiyleyah Yisrael

Yekiyleyah Yisrael

LOL Sure do looks like her har to

Ginger Grigsby

That’s a huge, perfectly postured, 1 yr old. … but anyway beautiful hair

Andrea Rose Valentine

Yes I am raising my 1 1/2 year old daughter to be a YOUNG LADY Lol thank you for noticing.

Danielle Green-valentine

Yes shrinkage! Lol at these negative comments.. This is a hair page right? Sad that “grown” people have the nerve to say mean things about babies. Good job Andrea Rose Valentine

Tiffany Marie Banks

I dont understand what difference it makes if she is 1 or 5 its still all her hair.

Donna Lipscomb

My granddaughter hair is too that long.

Danny Valentine

My niece is beautiful, stop hating ! Let’s see what y’all kids look like ?

Elvina Parker

My goodness!

Shalonda Lee Hood

She is a humongous 1 yr old

Tamiko Prescod

Pj young should be banned. He is obviously on here to cause issues.