Shrinkage is real and she’s only 1yr old! Shared by Andrea




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  1. Daisha Johnson

    PJ Young you must not have anything else to do? #grownup Call it whatever you like. Her hair is long and beautiful! Bless your ♡

    1. Sophronia Sang

      I have a pic of my then 1 year old, on the day of her 1st b-day party, sitting Indian style. It’s not a rarity.

  2. Karen Denise

    She obviously jus a tall girl, im 5 11, my son it over half my height, it’s not that big of a deal.

  3. Katelyn Mae Ripleyy

    My daughters hair is that long also, but you would never know it. Haven’t found a child safe product that works well with her hair yet. *shrinkage&madTangles*

    1. Chanèl Johnson

      Me either . This article is about this girls beautiful hair , not her size . 🙂 people on here focusing on the wrong thing

  4. Andrea Rose Valentine

    She’ll be 2 in April, she’s very smart and yes she is a very tall girl! Lol Thank you for the positive comments and thank you for the feature.

  5. Danielle Green-valentine

    Yes shrinkage! Lol at these negative comments.. This is a hair page right? Sad that “grown” people have the nerve to say mean things about babies. Good job Andrea Rose Valentine

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