My Hair Story – Quecina “Pinkstarnute”

My Hair Story - Quecina

Introduce yourself …

Hello Friends of the Hair World, I’m Quecina an educator from Houston, Texas. For the last four years I’ve been natural. My hair is currently waist length so my results of proper hair care is working for me.

Are you relaxed, natural, texturized or texlaxed?

I’m a naturalista.

What’s your story, how did you get to where you are?

Almost four years ago, I started a new chapter of my life by getting married. Therefore, I thought it was the perfect time to begin a new hair journey as well. I’ve always been interested but was scared of cutting off all my long relaxed hair which I’ve had for years. Yet, I wanted fuller, stronger and longer hair and I knew that becoming natural would better assist me at reaching my hair goals.

So I did it…snip, snip…and here within only about four years I have thick, strong, and longer hair at my waist (whenever pressed)…I’m amazed at how quickly it came about…very thankful.

What is your typical weekly regimen?

My hair regimen is very plain but takes a significant amount of time. First of all, I only wash my hair monthly…I typically shampoo then follow through with a deep conditioning.

During the week, I keep my hair styled in a braided or twisted updos or hidden under a wig. I make sure it’s moisturized each day with creams/oils. Weekly, I test my strands and check my ends for splits. If I see splits I cut as needed. I rarely have weak strands but if I should I put carrot cream followed by almond oil to lock in more moisture.

Are you happy with your progress so far?

I’m ecstatic about the hair growth I’ve obtained and thrilled about how strong and thick my hair has became therefore, I’ll continue my hair journey to see “how low can it grow”!

What’s your signature style?

I’m most fond of the wearing my hair in the two strand twist-out. However, I don’t wear it down regularly. I usually keep my hair in protective styling usually such as updos (bun head) and hair units (wigs NOT weaves).

How do you ensure that your ends are protected from the elements and your hands?

I keep my hair up and out of the way daily…I touch less and when I do, my hands are clean.

Do you have a goal length or are you more concerned about the health of your hair?

I’m always looking for better ways to care for my hair… But since the results are doing just fine I’ll continue to do what I’m doing… I don’t like to manipulate my hair often…I would like to see if it can grow to hip length.

Is there anything that you hair hates?

It hates the flat iron because of the high heat of course…creams that are chalky are upsetting because it leaves behind residue…uggh

Do you have any favorite hair products?

My hair begs for the ORS line and NOW products.

Where can we find you online?

@pinkstarnute on IG … On Facebook at Quecina Burts Nute


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  1. Anita Meñeng Nseng Okomo
    Anita Meñeng Nseng Okomo

    Wau. Nice. Please can someone can tell me hoy to care an grow my hair. Please. And hoy can i have the product for my natural hair? Pleaseeeeee

    1. Blessedfrom Above
      Blessedfrom Above

      I can help you out…I found this product that is outstanding…its working!! I am on my own natural hair growing regimen…I have done many hours & hour of research and also used many many products…finally found some that actually work…inbox me….


      The wigs do not ‘grow’ your hair but they are a great way to lower manipulation and protect your hair from damage and normal wear and tear caused from constant exposure. This allows you to retain the length that you gain.

    2. Blessedfrom Above
      Blessedfrom Above

      Make sure u keep your hair moisturized using hair oils, such as JBCO, or olive oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, …

  2. Quecina Burts Nute
    Quecina Burts Nute

    Thank you all for the kind words… Yes wigs are excellent ways to grow hair (another example… Nikki Minaj natural hair) … I’m not a fan of weave yet it works for women as well like Porsha Stewart, Angela Simmons and more. Wigs are protective styling. Just be sure you moisturize your hair and clip your ends regularly. Check growth every two months 😉 follow me on Instagram @pinkstarnute I’m do for a wash/deep condition tomorrow and will be posting up new pictures of my hair…

  3. Quecina Burts Nute
    Quecina Burts Nute

    Yes only if you see splits… I check weekly just I case … The more you get rid of the less you will need to trim but I check weekly @Pru Sasha

  4. Laveda Williams
    Laveda Williams

    Beautiful healthy hair. I’m not a wig person, but do you think that your hair would have been this healthy without protective styling.

  5. Quecina Burts Nute
    Quecina Burts Nute

    @laveda no it would not have been super healthy w/o protective styling… It is very important … As a matter of fact that’s one of the top reasons my hair was very long even in my relaxing years but just not thick….and it’s vital to give your hair whatever it likes best and lock in that moisture.

  6. Nikki Cashmere Danzey
    Nikki Cashmere Danzey

    Some ppl hair can still grow with out protective styling. My hair likes to be free and seems to grow faster. When i do protective styling i get opposite results. Its best to experiment.

  7. Quecina Burts Nute
    Quecina Burts Nute

    Interesting… In a way my hair is “free”under the wig… No rubber bands nor tightness of any kind …just thick braids or twist loosely piled and organized in back of head… I don’t cornrow… I wear curly/wavy wigs to hide the bulk… Most Naturals that obtain great lengths of waist or beyond truly encourage updos… Updos can be loose and not tight….it also depends on what protective style one gets…I prefer particular styles bc when I spray my moisturizer I would like for all strands to get wet. Above the shoulder styles support strands from some damages. But by all means, if one can get his/her hair to grow healthy to waist length or beyond by wearing his/her natural hair down frequently that would be superb!!

  8. Maybell Lena Killion
    Maybell Lena Killion

    And I am afraid that I will be doing protective styles for the rest of my life. My hair loves NOT being touched. Twice a year I have it straightened and cut, nothing more than that! Me loves your hair!

  9. Pascha L. Lee-Linthicum
    Pascha L. Lee-Linthicum

    Beautiful hair!! I totally agree with this.. Wigs& crochet braids grew my hair along with me leaving relaxers alone.. But that’s what works for me.. My hair spoketh and I listened!!!.. Lol..

  10. Chappelle Déiare Brown
    Chappelle Déiare Brown

    has the old saying goes when you leave your hair alone it will grow and people are always knocking off wigs and weaves nothing wrong with them as long as you are taking good care of your hair underneath

  11. April Lovelady
    April Lovelady

    Do you have a preferred brand a wigs that you wear? I have been wearing Sensasationnel (specifically the HZ8010 unit) but I would like to branch out. Any suggestions?

  12. Nish Johnson
    Nish Johnson

    I do too..I got a few lol..I’ll be wearing them to the Dr..since I’ll just be In the house Bria Forbes

  13. Quecina Burts Nute
    Quecina Burts Nute

    I have 3 of these in different colors… I also have more but I really love these. They are only btw $30-40 bucks and easy maintenance…I cut mines to shoulder lengths.

  14. Shabria SuperStacked
    Shabria SuperStacked

    Thank u I’ve been buying or making my own wigs. Trying to get my hair back to the way it was before I relaxed and cut it a yr ago. I love my wigs they are so much easier. I do weaves occasionally

  15. Quecina Burts Nute
    Quecina Burts Nute

    @blessedfrom above indeed that’s why creams (the moisturizer) comes before the sealant oils) almond, coconut) … You’ve got it! Thx

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