Shrinkage The Deceiver!





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  1. LaDashe Farris

    HEY everyone!!! this is my pic! my name is LaDashe Farris and this pic has been floating around everywhere! its so exciting and humbling! thank you everyone!!! follow me on IG @LaDashe_Divine I think I’m going to be concentrating on my hair journey since I’m inspiring so many ppl!! thank you! and God Bless

  2. DA White

    Wow are you serious… That is ridic crazy! I hope I get there one day soon!!

  3. LaDashe Farris

    Dania yes!! I can’t believe it, I’m thinking of putting more concentration on my hair in my social media! thank you girl! its so exciting!

  4. Leo Virgo

    The hair is so pretty. It’s so thick and healthy looking. I wish my hair look that great

  5. Dania Britt

    You’re so very welcome LaDashe Farris, your hair is GORGEOUS DAHHHLING! You go girl! Keep it up, you never know who you inspire. Keep me posted on the social media hair stuff you do. You know I’m always supporting my sisters in Christ.

  6. Letitcia S. Herbert

    Love the color your hair is beautiful with shrinkage or straightened. I’m almost a year natural. Your pic is another inspiration in my hair journey!

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