Nice extreme angled bob via @rockiej.styles




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Sharon Price


Cathleen Houston

I think you would ROCK THA HELL outta THIS Amanda’ Danielle!!!

Berkieda Boyd

That’s cute too.

LaToya Robinson

I love this style lol

Berkieda Boyd

Now I just gotta figure out where to go to get a nice cut

Sade Barr

It’s already in my phone lol

LaToya Robinson

What about the place on the corner of Hobart st

Berkieda Boyd

Yeah I use to go there for blow outs, I want some one skilled in ethnic hair

LaToya Robinson

True I’ll ask around for U

Berkieda Boyd

I don’t want them to tell me I need a perm

LaToya Robinson

Oooo Yea they love doing that some places try to sneak it in their shampoo

Kiashawna Whitehead

I love it and want it

Tameeka Luvnmeandmybabies Boyd

Tojanae Boyd Tatiyana Boyd cute or nah?

Tojanae Boyd

I like at ????.

Tameeka Luvnmeandmybabies Boyd

Yeah its cute

Lakeisha Numan

Nice looking like beautiful

Tonia Lpht

So extremely nice

Aja Sheree

(Lucy Lu) how do I achieve this look! like how many packs of hair it’s so full and curly and pretty

Latoya Marie Gilmer

2 just need to have some leave out

Aja Sheree

Latoya that’s all? But I’m bald headed lol

Latoya Marie Gilmer

Not for your leave out u just need some good hair

Moore Shneiqua

This is pretty

Sara RollTide Beasley

Nik Jones I want something like this.

Lynn Morris


Andrea Ray

Janae Davis I wanna get this

Janae Davis

You should thats can even dye the ends

Mary Poole


Stacey Bailey


Terrell Riley

That is pretty.

Alicia MissingmydadStevens


LaToya Lumar

I wanna my hair like that

Autumn Smith


Deja Classyfied Strong

Oooh yes I love it I just might get that but just a little bit shorter in the front

Laasia Chandler

LaDonna Gales BAM found my Grammy awards hairstyle lol

LaDonna Gales


Quel Faison

Ashley Andrea can you tell/show me how to do this well the cut