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  1. Nikesha Drummond

    I don’t know about yall but growing up all the girls wore their hair like this. Now a days black women act like they forgot how to comb their own heads let alone their kids. Don’t take affense but weaves, creamy Crack, and extentions in a child’s hair is teaching self-hatred.

    1. Tk Tatum Richey

      I liked your comment then read the end part about perms and extensions teaching self hate it does not teach self hate but it does teach a child how to grow up too fast those are adult things meant for adults weaves,relaxers etc ppl dont hate their self if they get a relaxer what you all dont understand is natural(speaking on adults) is not for everyone some ppl simply can NOT manage their hair in its natural state which causes more harm than good more damage,more breakage so again before you say its self hatred look in the mirror or let your words linger in your mind before you speak them

    2. Jenny JackJack

      Your message was great before you messed up with the creamy crack lingo….Its so rude. I was a child with a relaxer and long thick hair…Now im a women with tailbone length relaxed hair and i definitely don’t hate myself smh.


      Not sure about that tbh. A child’s hair should be groomed regularly for sure but braiding is really not necessary. My daughter wears a wng with clips or headbands daily. She would never sit down long enough for this style 🙂

  2. Quecina Burts Nute

    The style is cute! But please be careful with using those hair accessories at the ends of the twists … It causes hair to weaken, become thin and break… Love you’ll! Pinkstarnute “The Natural Hair Advocate”

    1. Tk Tatum Richey

      Ok sow what should be used because barretts,rubber bands,beads and ribbons are accessories what oh what should be used

    2. Quecina Burts Nute

      If used… It’s okay… Just limit use… My daughter has had long hair her entire 8 yrs… Just as I… And I’ve watched and studied the signs of breakage… A barrette is better at the ends without the rubber bands holding the barrette in place yet I know it would be difficult to keep that barrette on the ends so I just don’t use..

  3. Nikesha Drummond

    I apologize for my not so thought out ending. I too wore relaxers for an extended period of time. But most of my experience with them were extremely painful and damaging to my hair so my biased opinion wasn’t necessary, your right.

    1. Tiffany Nicole Roberts

      i understand, i did diagree on the last part, everybody hair is different, not all women can have relaxers and not not can handle natural , to me hair is just hair as , wear whatever makes you happy

  4. Nikesha Drummond

    It’s just crazy how wigs used to be a thing old ladies wore now ten year olds with no illnesses are rocking them like that is the norm. You cannot tell me that isn’t crazy.

  5. Ericka Kelly

    I’m curious but for the women who said that their little girls wouldn’t sit long enough for this hairstyle. Do you mean young kids like four and under? When do little girls get to the point where they can sit for a long period to get their hair done?

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