Nahomi’s natural hair – She has been laughed and pointed at for her ‘fro’ but she LOVES it!

Nahomi's natural fro



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  1. Mary Welch

    Who’s pointing and for what? Girl you can give me that hair any day. You have beautiful hair.

    1. Nahomi Lemysh

      thank you! i was relaxed and over processed because of the chemicals from dyes and stuff, been relaxing since i was 5 or so, but by the Grace of God every single time, my hair stayed curly. I just cute off about 3-4 inches a few weeks ago.

  2. La-Shawn Hill

    The ignorance of some black folks when it comes to our NATURAL hair really sickens me. Keep rocking your beautiful, God-given hair!

  3. Karen Seward

    Great look, I love mine too. Hang TVin there… if they didn’t like it they wouldn’t keep looking. You are beautiful

  4. Maybell Lena Killion

    It’s so sad that it’s our own that are truffling and ignorant and most times jealous. So sad but keep it moving, keep your head up and stay on this journey! You never know, you might get one of the ignorant to see the light!

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