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    1. Schmidt We

      She’s right. It’s a weave. Take a look at @heatfreehair on Instagram.
      There are more pictures from their Instagram that has been featured on this page while they were weaves…
      Heatfreehair is a lovely concept tho’ and the hair they are selling is absolutely gorgeous!

  1. Tish Hornbeak

    Me too!!!Keianna Rae Harrison I also loved the weave I had seen that before but have been waiting to try it out on some body

  2. Stella Boamah

    Not sure if this is a weave or not, but either way her hair looks crazy nice! Vivian Boamah Longley

  3. Denise Segree

    Beautiful hair, maybe it’s not a weave Tychelle Graham some of us blacks has long hair like this. Before I cut my hair some times people would say it’s weave. My daughter had hair that passes her waist as a young child. Often times it’s runs in families.

  4. Lorna

    We have this texture in our Luxury quality virgin remy collection with closures:) Natural straight or natural kinky coil curls soft and beautiful, just shipped 30″ out and they are completely tangle free and natural looking and soft! Love it!

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