Kami’s foam roller set on her natural hair


This is a how-to photo on one of my go to styles, the foam roller set. This particular style is a ponytail foam roller set. The ponytails help to stretch the roots. I did the top section of my hair without ponytails so as it give the top more volume. frobunni.blogspot.com



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  1. Cristen Moore

    Lol..glad to know I’m not the only one still using foam rollers ….the roller set had been one of my go to styles lately….

  2. Tk Tatum Richey

    Foam rollers dont give the hair enough body or keeps the hair taut while rolling I CANT STAND foam rollers

  3. Bre Reasby

    im a relaxed girl but ive always used foam rollers every night..just place tisse around it so it wouldn’t pulled out strands of my hair lol

  4. Kami Guiden

    Hey ladies! Thanks! I just moisturized my hair with giovanni direct leave in and sealed with a mix of coconut and olive oil

  5. Myla Rayford

    Well get the plastic ones if you don like foam they have magnetic or the ones with the snap attachment

  6. Kami Guiden

    I’ve personally never experienced dryness on my hair with foam rollers. It definitely helps to try it both ways, everyone is different : )

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