Ghana Braids Shared By Jazmine Smith


Ghana Braids Shared By Jazmine Smith



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    1. Sharon

      My little Angel she too tightly and she have a lovely hair for dat I can really figure out style for her

  1. LaShaye-Shante Lynniece

    It’s braids are the edges supposed to be loose? I dont understand… is a child supposed to run around with raggedy loose braids? Then yal would be saying how her hair needs to be done smh.
    Lol anyway the style is cute, and i dont see a raised scalp, nor tension bumps so the pic isnt close enough for all that extraness.

  2. Tryaunda Logan

    Looks good to me. It doesn’t look too tight and its age appropriate. But I would keep it up in the bun

  3. Angela Byrd

    It’ll b to heavy on a small girl. Braid two down on the sides, so it want pull too tight going back.

  4. Pertunia Madisha

    Nice though it look heavy on her. She is still young for this hairstyle. Let’s. Grand them freedom to play and jump around as kids.

  5. Jen Kindle

    Too tight & too heavy for a small child. Her edges wil undoubtedly break :/. Whatever happened to kiddy styles?! Heather

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