Ghana Braids Shared By Jazmine Smith


Ghana Braids Shared By Jazmine Smith


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Angeline Franklin

Nice&neat can’t go wrong with that style for my babygirl

Andrea Angie Tater

Pretty but looks tight on the edges…..

Jene' AllSmiles Patterson

exactly my first thought…

Chandradaughterof Janettegranddaughter Ofjames

Too tight


My little Angel she too tightly and she have a lovely hair for dat I can really figure out style for her

Kim M Lomax

Got my head! Lol

Barbara Tapia


Brianna Barksdale

I prefer it in a bun the pony tail looks kinda too high for her head

Crystal Brooks Jeffries

Very cute. Too tight on the edges

Kerri-ann Anderson

Cute but looks heavy and uncomfortable for a little girl.

Rhea Kelly-Evans

Too young. Mom needs to take the time….

Sheree RowellArmstead-Morgan

It’s cute, but she will lose her hair on her edges.

Delorce Ferrell

I like the bun, but the cornrows look way too tight on her edges.

Jamie Carter-Bailey

Way to tight too much tension on a child’s hair can give them premature aloepica, permanent balding.

Nicole Claiborne

A must-have

LaShaye-Shante Lynniece

It’s braids are the edges supposed to be loose? I dont understand… is a child supposed to run around with raggedy loose braids? Then yal would be saying how her hair needs to be done smh.
Lol anyway the style is cute, and i dont see a raised scalp, nor tension bumps so the pic isnt close enough for all that extraness.

Tryaunda Logan

Looks good to me. It doesn’t look too tight and its age appropriate. But I would keep it up in the bun

Jazmine LaShay Smith


Angela Byrd

It’ll b to heavy on a small girl. Braid two down on the sides, so it want pull too tight going back.

Tina Sweets Williams


Suzanna Smith


Jasmine Greene

Nice …wish I had a lil girl to do all this on ….. I do have nieces tho lol

Jasmine Greene

Could turn into bun when it starts to get messy

Pertunia Madisha

Nice though it look heavy on her. She is still young for this hairstyle. Let’s. Grand them freedom to play and jump around as kids.

Jen Kindle

Too tight & too heavy for a small child. Her edges wil undoubtedly break :/. Whatever happened to kiddy styles?! Heather

Karmen K. Rickman

so cute

Myrtle Githinji

Mama what was you thinking. Too much too soon. Tone it down then it’s all good.

Petrina Brady-Harper

Very cute.

Kesha Church Eldridge

That is too tight and heavy. Be careful

Krystle-gale March

too tight! yikes! looks near tho. I can’t do that tho, i’m too tender headed

Brenda Jensen Robinson

Looks too thick and heavy for a child, or anybody

Brenda Flowers

Whoa..!! Now,.. That’s Style…Love it..

Tee Pablo

Too heavy for her head

Stephanie Jackson

Neat and Nice

Netta Harper


Michelle Wilkie

That would be lovely x

Louise Lou Lou Gallacher

I love it x