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Annalisa Thompson

Semone Brown-Mobley I need this

La'Tonya Anderson

Brittany Spivey isnt this Mara!?

Brittany Spivey

How they get my child lmbo looks like her!!!! Awwwwww

Brittany Spivey

IMA do maras hair like this ❤❤❤❤

Susan Cartwright

Aww to cute

Tashia Yevette

I really love this!!

Erica Harden Goodson

Pooh would rock it!

Martika Booker

Very cute, I now wonder why so many people & societies dislike curly hair so much, because it’s way beyond ugly, unattractive, messy, dirty, & disgusting!

Sandra Morris

Freaking cute! WOW

Juju La Kinoise Km

Chou ♥

Debra Benard

To much of a grown up look for this little girl… I like the style.. But not on this child.

Tianna Small

I know, got her looking like my 50 year old aunt that nobody likes.

Tiffany Greene

i agree was thinking the same thing

Carmella McCoy

I agree 1000%!

Chanette Staton

She definitely looks grown!

Dominque Johnson


Tomesha Champlin

Omg Melinda Marie look at this for vanna roo

Melinda Marie

That is to cute definitely doing this thanks

Joyce Jackson

Too cute

Debbie Meeks

I don’t like adding hair to children so young, but this style seems very age appropriate, cute.

Ayana Harrise Samuels

she is so cute

Justina Marilee Watkins

She so cute awww

Tameka Roach

Rayshaun Thompson hook mooka up

Susan Simmons

Very cute . Sort of like the style I did on my daughter♡

Typhani Mszunfuqwitable Baxter

That’s y i tagged you it reminded me of the hairstyles you be doing.

Pame Peyton

Beautiful little princess, she doesn’t need fake hair… Take care of her hair it will grow…

Kazia Urena

Kendra Staten I Luv it

Rodemirma Viljean

took grown. love the style and jewelry and all but when your like 17.

Cozzetta Coates


Selena Jeter Wardlaw

Love it!!!!! For me and her lol

Annie Marie

Angela Beckwith mari hair would be cute like this

Krystle Roxanne

This would look perfect on Phoebe Leeta RoxanneCross Brown

Dishauna Kirksey

I honestly cannot understand how grown women can wear 2 big puffs and it’s not childish but when a little girl has braids it’s all of a sudden too grown. Why can’t the girl have a protective style??

Lillian Argust-Green

That’s like a little white girl that wears her hair hanging long whether it’s down her back or shoulder length and not letting our little black girls wear their naturally long hear hanging down their backs or shoulder length in a bob.

Dishauna Kirksey

Yea double standards are truly annoying

Arlene L McCall-Poe

Latrice Fulton can you do Nissys hair like this?

Latrice Fulton

Yes ma’am that is to cute

Janata Jeter

Cool beans!

Denise Niecy Thompson

What a beautiful little lady

Talanda Grajeda

This is so cute on her I think

Suzanna Smith


Leandra Ramsey

Ashley Watts this should be MO next style

Ashley Watts

Yes I love this!!! Leandra Ramsey

Leandra Ramsey

Me too!

Nnika Cromwell

Cute. I don’t think the style is too grown on her. It’s more of the posing that gives the impression of age in appropriateness.

Lillian Ruffin

Such a big girl. Loving the look.

Erie Price

This little girl knows how to sit like a lady so cute

Gloria Becote

Cute, and such a beautiful child…

Kathy Bascombe


Pat Alston

Very cute

Sharon Griffith James


Katherine Butterfield


Danielle Osheakeeper Wright

Melissa Edwards I want u yo do Pooh hair like this…that’s so cute

Crystal Byrd

Lol smh omg that’s so kute

Crystal Byrd

And she is 2

Talisia KillaSway Jones

It is not too grown. Sheesh. She looks like she has some manners. TY. The only thing I don’t like is if the stylist added hair to create the style.

Lees Murray

Beautiful little lady….Love the hair 🙂

Kimberly R. Dillard

I love it!!!

Gennifer Bugg

Krissy Smith style for bunn

Lillian Argust-Green

SUPER cute Alert.

C Jeanette Jemilla Collins

Awwwwww supes cute

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