Cute Cornrow Baby Bun




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  1. Tara Roy

    Smh poor baby those braids are too tight her edges are holding on by a thread….

    1. Akeyla Monae

      Omg. This doesn’t look tight At ALL . You’re too dramatic. Comment positively or Not at all.

    2. Tara Roy

      Not dramatic at all just my opinion which I’m allowed to have..I did not comment && call the child a name or insult her in any way..I simply sympathized bc I know this hairstyle was painful..&& I can see where the braids are pulling her hair I’d appreciate you butting out of my comments && minding your own please && thanks

    3. Kalifa Charles

      it may seem tight because it’s braided neatly and from experience this is not tight at all and it will not damage her hairline.

    4. MizzBlu Dimondz

      Oh and by the way, her braids are not tight at all, I braid my daughter hair up similar to this style and she has all of her edges. Smh.

    5. Tara Roy

      Look I post my opinion where ever the hell I want && I’m entitled to it..I don’t care about your life story && what you do to your kid’s hair..I’m done w/ this post..I’m not silly && reverting to name calling like an ignorant child is definitely silly sweetheart..anyone w/ eyes can see that this child’s hair is too tight, so quit trying to convince me otherwise..&& by the way just because she has her edges now does not mean they will be there find someone else to bitch at for the rest of the day && begone from my s***..I made one comment && y’all are acting like I committed blasphemy..find something to do w/ your lives..

  2. Clare Liverpool

    I hâte When little girls are wearing this type of haïr style look beautiful but It suits someone more mature little girls should look like little girls.

    1. Brittany Non-chalant Briscoe

      this really isnt that bad, ive seen worse. she still looks like a little girl. its actually very cute and not too old for her age group, its simple and neat

  3. Akilah Smith

    It would be nice for people to JUST compliment the style and not worry about the negative. The girl looks pleased it’s a cute style for the age she looks. My niece is 2 with hair down her back and she loves her buns and edges are just fine

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