My Co-Worker Asked Me If I Was In Witness Protection Because I Change My Hair Styles Often

co workersThe other day at work as I was sitting at my desk doing my job, one of my coworkers came into my office to shoot the breeze. I already had two of my supervisors in the office and they all started sparking up with normal work gossip.

I typically do not like to engage in that sort of conversation, so I tuned them out, until my named was mentioned by the lady who joined the conversation last. She said she was just talking about me the day before and with that statement she immediately had my attention.

She proceeds to say that the topic was my hair. I was giving her a quizzical look, or at least that’s the look that I hoped I was conveying, and not the annoyed look that mirrored how I was feeling because my hair should not be a topic. She then asks me if I was in some sort of witness protection program because I change my hair so much!

Even though I smiled and laughed it off, I really thought the comment was a bit disrespectful and slightly ignorant. Granted, she’s caucasian and doesn’t understand anything about my hair, I still think in general, no matter your race, what you decide to do or don’t do to your hair is your business.

My supervisor, who is also a naturalista, quickly came to my defense and then the topic of discussion changed back to work related topics.

Even though they were talking about something else I couldn’t really let it go in my mind. I really wanted to inform her on the ins and outs of black hair, and how it isn’t always as easy as waking up in the morning, washing it daily in the shower, blow drying it, and going. And sometimes, I just like to try different protective styles because I get bored easily.

So no, I am not in witness protection. Even though her comment really annoyed me, I’m not going to stop changing up my styles. I’m not going to do it any less or any more than usual. Lucky for me other people’s comments about my hair don’t dictate how I style my hair, and I hope if you’re reading this and went through something similar, you don’t let others opinions move you either!

About Brittany Waddell

Just a Southern girl taking life by storm in NYC! Oh- and I'm natural too:) Be sure to check out my posts to learn some tips and tricks on how I tame my natural hair!

About Brittany Waddell

Just a Southern girl taking life by storm in NYC! Oh- and I'm natural too:) Be sure to check out my posts to learn some tips and tricks on how I tame my natural hair!


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  1. Valerie Johnson

    I change up my style every day too because I get bored. I don’t know how people stand wearing the same style day after day…your coworker is committing a microagression because you are doing something that doesn’t fit with what she feels is acceptable or the norm in her world. People do that in hopes that they will embarrass you and you’ll fall in line.

  2. Nelly Arroyo

    Are you serious?! I would have told them off with my impression of Kevin Hart. Why do people think it’s ok to not mind there own business .

  3. Tracy Mendoza

    Honestly this would not have offended me I would have laughed and then explained how black hair works. The truth is most other cultures don’t have the same hang ups as African American women about hair. And they are ignorant to how our hair and hairstyles can be a touchy subject for some.

  4. Raqueleta Edwards-Darnell

    You should have said “yes, I am a witness to my strand’s awesomeness and so I am protecting them.” Not every remark requires a defense. Live your awesomeness and extol the versatility of of your hair.

  5. Gwen-wiggins Kinney

    I love when I go from braids or twists to my own hair then all I hear is omg you cut all that hair off I can’t believe you did that and I always explain but now I can’t I just laugh

  6. MsCurlyKat

    More than slightly ignorant. Downright stupid. If she were in witness protection changing her hair would be the least of her worries, she’d have changed her identity instead.

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