Cute! by @kiabia87





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  1. Kim Jay

    The design is super cute, but I’m sure it was torture for the little girl.

  2. Cheryl ForevaJones Mitchell

    Eboni Hicks-Silver I love it but it would drive our stylist… Keir Ramsey crazy cus my girls don’t hold their head still enough to get this…lol. girl they act like bobble heads when they get their hair done…lol

  3. Kia Garrett Thanks everyone! And no I do not braid tight at all, most of my clients fall asleep in my chair lol

    1. Cris Evers

      I wish I didn’t have so much tension n my hands. My grip game is serious…. but I braid tight. U r very gifted…good job.

    2. Kia Garrett

      Cris Evers thanks I appreciate it! ????There are ways to braid neatly without grabbing too tight, not only does it make the client uncomfortable but after a while as Braider’s our hands can get cramped if too much strain is on them. I learned my lesson the hard way when I got trigger finger once.

    3. Cris Evers

      I can tell you now… I’m copying some of your styles????????…u can’t help but to adore them…
      The looser I grip the slower I get…lol…

    4. Kia Garrett

      Cris Evers please do! That’s why I post lol…just keep at it you’ll get faster and faster. I still move slow sometimes but as long as the style comes out nice that’s all that matters ????

  4. Annette Julien

    Miss Kia Garrett braids my daughters’ heads and the youngest has a tender head. She didn’t cry or squirm when she in the chair. Our heads don’t hurt during or after

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