Chunky Twist Out With Cantu Twist And Lock Gel

twist out



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  1. Monica Haynes

    I love cantu products. Will this make your twist out hard or will it fake when the twist are taken down?

  2. Enez Laurendine

    The real question is what is her hair type? This style is beautiful on her but someone with thinner hair like me would have top do a lot of fluffing

    1. lil_Tina

      My question exactly! It looks like she blew out though…but it could be the result of the product or just her texture not sure : (

  3. Patricia Mack

    Lo Dummett I hope it come out good. My hair is fine. The people in the vedio all have thick healthy mane. The hairdo look great on thick hair, I hope I can pull it off.

  4. Emma Jones

    I’m going get this tomorrow. I have a lot of Cantu products. They smell good and are very reasonable at Walmart.

  5. Angela Gaines

    I don’t like Cantu hair products, it doesn’t work good on my hair…Taliah Waajid natural have some really great products

    1. Charm Miller

      Sista it is amazing how are hair differs. I get definiion with TW, but by the end of the day my hair is a fuzzy ball.

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