Beautifully straightened via @ashleighp_hairstyles




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Sonnia D. Parkinson

Thanks sis, this is nice. I’m thinking about cutting my hair next week.

Sonnia D. Parkinson

I like this bcus I don’t want to cut it too short since I wanna put a weave in it for December

Shemika Lewis

Yes sis I was shocked you didn’t do it yet.

Sonnia D. Parkinson

Shemika Lewis girl I’m itching to do it

Tahlleea Widow

Mykeyah Walker get your hair like this

Mykeyah Walker

You think it will be cute

Tahlleea Widow


Mykeyah Walker

Imma tell zeldia she gone wanna perm it ????????

Tahlleea Widow

U said u wanyed z to do something with your real hair

Tahlleea Widow

No u can get it pressed lol

Mykeyah Walker

Yeah but its gone get back nappy

Alisha Wallace

This looks beautiful and healthy

Kristin Williams

That cute

Virginia N Vicent

Very nice

Susan Iffrig Inglis

I wonder……. will M ever straighten his? LOL 🙂 I love his hair!

Phyllis Shaw

Nice look

Nikki Hudson

Yes I do

Weynshet Alemneh


Weynshet Alemneh


Nina Barnett

Kisha, this cut is super cute!!

Endenezjia Graham


Kari Benson

Kali Harrington this would look so good on you

Kali Harrington

Uh yeah right no thanks

Tashara Hunter

Vanessa Mccurdy…. One day

Ria MamasBabydaddysgirl Grandy

Love it!!!!

Debra Lyles

So pretty.

Janet Alexander

Very nice hair do like it

Ayye Meenah

I like the front n color!