Beautiful Natural Curls And Color




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    1. Lauri Heard

      yeah because at that age childrens hair is not that thick. It may be think long but not that thick. That looks like old hair not healthy childrens hair lol

    2. Nefertari Azure

      Of course a bald whore and a bitch wearing a $40 lace front gone try to say it’s a wig smmfh that little boy’s hair is 100% his. Maybe you should try growing your own then you wouldn’t need to hate on a child smh

    1. Donna Chesser

      No it doesn’t who do you know who has black roots and hair gets lighter. My son is mixed and his hair doesn’t have that unnatural color. No ones born with that orange looking color. This page is always lying.

    2. Donna Chesser

      Dyed hair period. Even if what you said is true the the roots won’t be black with orange hair. This is not a natural red hair.

    3. Precious Nicole

      Red heads have ORANGE hair , not literally red . & yes they roots come out dark then they get light .

    4. Precious Nicole

      If you google red heads , they all have orange hair . We just call it red head for whatever reason .

  1. Marchitta Hunt

    I love it but is that her hair oh well I’m going natural it’s cute and I must say it turns mens head cause its natural beauty and men really deep down love that. So ladies let’s do it.

  2. Tammie Faulkner Taylor

    Cute..the two tone color doesn’t look “natural” to me.
    Yesssssss, we ALL know that kids/people can have natural highlights/streaks, but this looks different.

    1. Camella Rose Jones

      My hair and my daughter hair is this color she came out with a orange head and eyebrows did I dye her hair in my uterus.

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